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DBSK Fic: (Not So Planned) The Bird and The Bees

Title: (Not So Planned) The Bird and The Bees
Pairing: Yunho x Jaejoong
Genre: Comedy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: pure smut, bondage
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: In which Yunho came home and was pounced a horny Jaejoong the second the stepped through their bedroom door. Serves as a companion fic for 'A Thousand Beautiful Things'


Author’s Note: Hi guys, this is yet another one shot companion fic I’ve made for ‘A Thousand Beautiful Things’ which I haven’t abandoned, not at all. Please expect an update on March 17th :D The timeline for this fic is somewhere between Chapter 8 and 9. For those who haven’t read it, I suggest you might want to read it first because otherwise some of the conversations/references here won’t make sense.

But if you don’t really care about all that, this one-shot can be read separately though because it’s pure Yunjae PWSP (Porn with slight plot) xD Anyway, happy reading and enjoy!

A Thousand Beautiful Things
(Not So Planned) The Birds and the Bees
By: zielddhy/Sharl

It was supposed to be a light day, Yunho thought as he massaged his temples. After the whole fiasco with Hangeng and Heechul got shot plus the Jung Family incident, Yunho had thought that the hospital would be his refuge, somehow. A place to be away even just for a day from the Kim Family business, a welcome respite when said business had taken its toll on him and not in a good way. But boy, how wrong he was.

As soon as he stepped into the hospital this morning, one of the staffs had hurriedly came towards him, explaining that food poisoning case had broken out in nearby elementary school and now they had almost thirty children in the emergency wing. After that, there was an accident between a bus and two other cars and the victims were on their way to the hospital.

After performing three surgeries in a row, Yunho was more than exhausted and he drove back to the mansion. He staggered into his room, wanting nothing more than just flopped down the bed and sleep. However the fatigue suddenly evaporated when Jaejoong practically pounced on him the moment he opened the door. Lips touching, tongues dueling and all Yunho could process was how good Jaejoong felt on him.

His fingers moved on their own around the author’s waist and Jaejoong moaned because he chose that time to press their cocks together. Yunho broke away from the kiss and despite everything managed to say, “Jae, wait wait. Jungsu is…”

Jaejoong let out a sound that was a mix of huff and growls. “Playing with Ryeowook. Now shut up and kiss me again.”

He grunted as Yunho pushed him towards their bed. “Clothes off. Naked now.”

Yunho smirked, “I like it when you’re this wild, baby.” He licked Jaejoong’s ear slowly, loving the feeling of shudder that went through the other’s body. Jaejoong retaliated by biting harshly into Yunho’s neck, making the surgeon hissed at the pleasure and the pain it caused.

Both their cocks were hard now, and they discarded their clothes in record time. Jaejoong was clearly not in the mood for slow fucking, but then again this was such a rare occurrence ever since Jungsu came into their life. Don’t get him wrong, Yunho loved Jungsu a lot, but you’ve got to be honest: having kids around was one of the most efficient cock-blocking ways of all time. And although after they moved back to the Kim’s mansion they had had more help with taking care of Jungsu, juggling between their normal jobs and the duties as the Kim Family members were no child play’s either.

And so, Yunho was more than happy and damn if he’s going to waste this chance. He groaned when Jaejoong pressed down again, leaving no space between two naked skins. The surgeon ran his hands down his partner’s smooth cheek and whispered, “Jae I love you, you know that?”

Jaejoong looked torn between impatient and guiltiness. “Yun, I know that and I love you too but I really your cock inside me now.”

Yunho chuckled, his eyes held a lusty gaze in them, “But I want you to suck my cock, to feel my long hard cock sliding down your throat while my fingers preparing your tight hole and touching you in the right place,” he whispered the last three words into Jaejoong’s ear, feeling the satisfaction when the novelist shuddered in his arms as a result.

“Oh God. Yes please, I want that,” Jaejoong moaned.

He scrambled off Yunho’s body to turn around, lips now hovering on Yunho’s long gorgeous erection while his knees were on either side of the surgeon’s head. Jaejoong deep-throated the man in one go, groaning when he felt it slide down his throat smoothly. Yunho moaned out loud, “Fuck Boojae, ever heard of foreplay?”

Jaejoong moaned when he heard the nickname. Yunho only called him that when he was horny, really really horny. Instead of answering the question, he chose to skillfully sucking the cock in his mouth, licking the vein underneath it and fondled one of the balls. Thankfully Yunho was not idle either. Jaejoong felt familiar hands touched his smooth ass cheeks, spreading the globes. Lust shot through him, and the novelist braced himself for fingers that would soon penetrate him. Would Yunho use the lube this time? Because although he wouldn’t hurt Jaejoong, he knew that Jae sometimes had a penchant for pain and now was one of those times.

However he was totally unprepared for the feeling of tongue licking him down there.

“Ah!” He moaned, Yunho’s cock slipped out of his mouth at once. It was lucky he didn’t bite it. Yunho wouldn’t let him come if he did. But then again, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Maybe he could just –ohgodyes– all coherent thoughts flew out from his brain when that sinful, sinful tongue slithered inside.

“Of fuck, Yunho,” Jaejoong groaned. He tried to muffle his moans by focusing on something else but it proved ineffective nonetheless. “Yunho, fuck.”

“Yes yes yes, I know, we’ll get there baby, just be patient.” Yunho seemed amused by his reaction.

Jaejoong growled and nearly snarled, “Fuck patience. I want you to fuck me now.”

“We have to prepare you carefully Boojae.” Oh god, that word again. “And besides,” Yunho continued, leaving kisses on Jaejoong’s quivering thigh, “I want to make you come at least twice before I fuck you.”

As if to prove his point, Yunho sucked on a finger, making sure that Jaejoong heard all the indecent slurping noises he made. However he didn’t put the finger in, not yet anyway. Instead he circled the tiny entrance, moving it slowly to tease the man. Jaejoong shuddered on top of him, hips moving to search that naughty finger and somehow got it inside. But Yunho placed both hands on the other’s ass cheeks and effectively stopping the movement. He continued to play with the entrance, licking it again and again, sliding his tongue inside and moving his finger around it until finally Jaejoong gave up and screamed, “Push it in!”

Yunho chuckled again, but did as he was told. God, Jaejoong felt so tight. Granted the last time they fucked was three days ago but the thing about Jaejoong that always amazed Yunho was that no matter how many times he had fucked the man, Jaejoong always managed to feel so good. It was like he was made to be fucked over and over again. His finger wiggled around the channel, moving in and out while at the same time searching for that one spot that would make this beautiful man saw stars. Fortunately he knew Jaejoong’s body better than Jaejoong himself. Yunho found the prostrate quite easily and pushed.

“Fuck Yunho! Damn it, no teasing, I want your cock now!” Jaejoong wailed.

Once again Yunho chose to ignore the man. He continued fingering Jaejoong, adding one finger so that two were inside now. Jaejoong’s cock was red and heavy and it was just in front of his face so Yunho did the first thing that came through his mind: he sucked it.


Yunho would have laughed if his mouth wasn’t full with cock. Instead he showed his amusement by sucking harder and pressing deeper, loving the feeling Jaejoong sobbed on top of him. “Yunho Yunho Yunho…” Jaejoong chanted his name like a mantra.

He felt the other’s cock grew harder and realized that Jaejoong must have been close. Yunho redoubled his efforts and thirty seconds later a hot spurt of come slide down his throat. The surgeon moaned, knowing that the vibration was too much for the still so sensitive organ.

Jaejoong collapsed on top of him. Yunho rolled them over and smirked, “That’s one.”

“One what?” Although still out of breath, Jaejoong couldn’t help but ask.


“Oh hell.”

Yunho laughed. He rearranged them again so that he faced Jaejoong now, taking the time to appreciate the flush on those cheeks, the damp hair that stuck because of the sweat and finally those red lips, remembering how good it felt just minutes earlier when they were around his cock. The surgeon couldn’t resist the temptation; he wanted to fuck Jaejoong’s mouth again but first, he needed to make the man came again. And so he put butterfly kisses on the neck all the way down the six-packed abs, leaving bites and red marks as he did so. When he finally reached the place he wanted to, Yunho smirked in satisfaction seeing the other’s cock was hard again.

“Yunho…” Jaejoong growled in warning.

“Yes Boojae?”

“Don’t you dare trying any dirty tricks because I want your co-ah damn it!” the novelist didn’t get a chance to finish his threat because Yunho chose that moment to slammed in three fingers inside him without any warning whatsoever. The lube he used made a dirty squelching sound and as weird as this may seemed, Jaejoong got turned on even more hearing it. Plus Yunho began to talk dirtily about it, “Ooh, did you hear that Boojae? You hear how this lube made those dirty sounds? Can you feel it baby, how those lube slide inside you, my fingers stretching you to make sure you’re stretch enough? So that you can take my big cock inside?”

Jaejoong clawed at the sheets (the first thing he got a handful of) and moaned. Yunho’s deep voice always succeeded making him feel hornier and hearing that voice talked dirty to him was… god, Jaejoong wanted to hear it over and over again. Those long fingers rubbed and pushed at his prostrate, it felt so damn good. But then Yunho sucked on one of his balls, hands fisting his hard cock and the pleasure quadrupled.

“Yunho please, oh god please, fuck me,” he begged.

The surgeon made a muffled sound that sounded like a negative.

“Please please Yunho, I can’t take this anymore.”

Yunho growled deep in his throat, “Don’t make me gag you now, Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong fought down a shudder. Yunho had gone from ‘Boojae’ to ‘Jaejoong’ during sex and it was never a good sign, especially when he said that using his impatient tone. Jaejoong had better obey the man and just take it, hoping that he wouldn’t put a cockring on him if he did so because god, he was ready to come again.

Yunho hummed in satisfaction. “That’s a good boy,” he said before getting back to sucking and fingering. The novelist twitched in response, fingers flew to tangle themselves on the surgeon’s hand, wanting him to deepthroat him again. Unfortunately Yunho didn’t take the hint, or maybe he just chose to ignore it because instead of taking Jaejoong’s cock down his throat, he licked the slit teasingly, collecting the pearly drops of pre-cum on it while pushing at the other’s prostrate repeatedly.

“Fuck Yunho!”

“I said, patience Boojae.” Oh good, they’re back to ‘Boojae’ now.

Jaejoong could only sob. A familiar pleasure coiled through his belly, he was about to warn Yunho that he was so close to coming but all that came out from his lips were moans and sobs. Yunho’s long fingers twisted again, moving in and out in amazing speed, slamming on that sweet spot just right and Jaejoong came with a cry into Yunho’s waiting mouth for the second time that night.

He should feel boneless by now, having coming twice in such short amount of time, but strangely he didn’t. His cock was still hard, maybe because he hadn’t had Yunho inside him but although he was still hard, Jaejoong was unable to move. He just lay there, catching his breath while watching Yunho swallowing down his come and smirked. God, this man was so sexy. He thanked every god and deity he knew that he had Yunho as his partner. The man was not only handsome as hell, but he was also a beast in bed.

Before Jaejoong knew what was happening, something nudged on his lips and he readily opened his mouth wide. Yunho’s cock was shoved inside and Jaejoong fought down a gag. He didn’t want to make the other man mad after all. So he took a deep breath and let the other fucked his mouth in harsh trusts.

Yunho moaned. “Fuck Boojae, your lips look so pretty around my cock.” He gave a particularly hard trust so that his cock was all the way down Jaejoong’s throat. The novelist swallowed and hummed, not really caring that he might have a raspy voice later because all he wanted right now was for Yunho to fuck him. If he needed to suck the other’s cock and deepthroat it, he would do exactly that. The hum sent delicious vibrations throughout Yunho’s body, making the surgeon moaned again and fucked that mouth faster.

When he felt he was close to coming, the door was suddenly opened and barged in Ryeowook. “Hey guys, have you seen Jung- OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY TO INTERRUPT!!!!” the technical analyst went out as fast as he came in, but the damage was done. His orgasm suddenly retreated and Yunho fought back a frustrated growl.

He slipped out of Jaejoong’s mouth, feeling his partner glaring at him. True enough, as soon as his mouth was free, Jaejoong asked, “Didn’t you lock the door earlier?”

“Hey, you jumped me the second I came in, I didn’t have the chance to lock it,” Yunho defended himself.

The word ‘came’ might not have a double meaning here, but to two horny and lust-filled brains, it suggested something else entirely. In no time at all, they both were panting and ready to fuck once again, especially since Yunho hadn’t had his orgasm yet. Jaejoong lifted his legs, bending them and spreading them wide. Yunho slicked himself up, not wanting to cause Jaejoong even the slightest pain and positioned his cock on the other’s entrance.

He pushed inside, groaning at how good Jaejoong felt around him. God it should have been illegal feeling this kind of pleasure. Jaejoong made a keening noise and bucked his hips upward. Yunho chuckled at his impatient lover and began to move. The bed creaked and protested because Yunho set a fast pace but neither of them cared.

“Oh gods… you’re so goddamn hard, so big… and so good,” Jaejoong writhed, “fuck me Yunho, fuck me harder!”

“As you wish Boojae,” Yunho leaned forward; hooking those pale legs on his shoulders and making Jaejoong bend even more. He could feel his cock slide in deeper and fucked his partner harder, making sure he slammed into that prostrate over and over again.

Jaejoong screamed. “Fuck Yunho! Fuck that spot again!”

Yunho kissed Jaejoong hard. It was sloppy, their tongues dueling and teeth clenching but it was perfect to the fast-paced rhythm they set. “Touch yourself for me, baby,” Yunho whispered on Jaejoong’s lips. The novelist obeyed the command. He raised a shaking hand and fisted himself, matching with Yunho’s movement fucking him.

“Yunho, Yunho, I’m so close,” he sobbed.

“Yeah? You’re close? Go on then Boojae, I want to see you come all over yourself,” Yunho said dirtily into his ear. As if triggered by the command, Jaejoong cock swelled and he came into his own hand. Some of the cum landed on his stomach but he couldn’t care less. Yunho moaned when Jaejoong’s channel became impossibly tight and in just few more thrusts his body shook, orgasm rolling through him like a huge wave.

But Yunho was never satisfied with just one orgasm. Especially not after seeing how sexy Jaejoong looked post-orgasm underneath him, those doe eyes gazed tiredly but still held a wicked glint in them. With a groan, he rolled them over so that Jaejoong was on top. He forced the other to bend down and kissed him deeply. Jaejoong moaned and with a few strategically placed touches, he and Yunho were hard again. The surgeon slapped that delectable ass and said huskily, “Ride me.”

Jaejoong smirked. “Yes doctor,” he replied. Calling Yunho ‘doctor’ was always a major turn on for them and true enough, Yunho immediately growled, “Fuck Boojae, you know that’s what my colleagues are calling me right?”

“Of course, doctor,” he said the title again purposely before lifting his hips up and down. Yunho groaned appreciatively, squeezing Jaejoong’s ass and bucked his hips up, meeting the other’s movements time and time again.

Jaejoong felt his legs were on fire, but the pleasure that came with the feeling of Yunho’s cock deep inside him, touching his prostrate repeatedly was more than worth the pain. He didn’t, couldn’t, think of anything else and he didn’t want to either. He just wanted to feel this pleasure forever. Suddenly Yunho’s lips were on his and Jaejoong froze. This time the kiss was not fast, it was soft and sweet and just perfect. He could feel all of Yunho’s feeling in it: appreciation, honesty, gratefulness, dependence and tremendous, tremendous amount of love. By the time their lips parted, Yunho stroked his cheek lovingly and whispered, “Thank you for staying with me, Jae.”

Jaejoong smiled, “Thank you for letting me to stay with you,” he whispered back.

Yunho returned his smile and Jaejoong felt like his heart wanted to burst. He loved the man, he just did. He couldn’t imagine a life without Yunho because it would be devastating and like hell and just unworthy. Unconsciously he squeezed Yunho’s arms, wanting to hold the man and never let go.

“Jae,” Yunho said in his ear, “I hate to break the mood, but I really need you to move.”

Jaejoong snorted into the other’s shoulder and laughed. Trust Yunho to be so unromantic during romantic times. But then again, it’s one of the reasons why he loved this man so much. Lifting his hips, he began to ride him again, setting the pace steady before gradually becoming faster and faster. Yunho nicked his neck and left marks there, sucking the flesh and Jaejoong moaned. Fingers wrapped themselves on his cock, fisting it in the same rhythm. He could feel Yunho’s cock swell inside him, a sign that the surgeon was close to coming and Jaejoong rode him faster, harder until finally he could feel hot cum filled his channel again. The combined feelings of being filled, his prostrate being abused so thoroughly and his cock was jerked off so deliciously were more than enough to make Jaejoong come once again and collapsed on top of Yunho.

They both lied unmoving for the next few minutes, catching their breath and were contented to enjoy each other’s company. Yunho was the one who broke the silence, “That was… awesome.”

He could feel Jaejoong’s smile. “Yeah,” the novelist replied. “Aside from that interruption from Ryeowook.” Yunho chuckled but didn’t say anything else. Jaejoong asked again, “Do you remember what Ryeowook was saying earlier?”

Yunho frowned. “I think he mentioned something about Jung-“

Two pair of eyes, one almond shaped and one big doe, widened simultaneously. “Oh shit. Is Jungsu missing?” Jaejoong asked in panicked tone.

Suddenly a child’s giggle was heard in the room and the two adults froze. They looked at each other, both thinking the same thing: Fuck. They scrambled off the bed, looking for the previously discarded clothes and got dressed in record’s time. As if on cue they began to search every nooks and crevices around the room: under the bed (please don’t let Jungsu be down there), in the bathroom, behind the mahogany table, but the child was nowhere to be found.

There was only one place left: inside the wardrobe.

Yunho prayed to every god above that he had moved all his and Jaejoong’s favorite toys from there to the bedside table yesterday and hadn’t forgotten or leaving anything behind. Jaejoong appeared to be thinking the same thing because he grew paler than usual. He exchanged look with his partner and silently mouthing, “Open it.”

“No, you open it,” Yunho whispered back.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes at his lover’s antics. With dreadful steps, he approached the wardrobe, opened it, and felt like his worst nightmare came true. Jungsu was sitting on the bottom of the wardrobe, Yunho’s and Jaejoong’s clothes flowing over him like a huge wig. Leon the Lion was in his arms, appearing to be in good shape and still resembled a lion.

“You’ve found me!” Jungsu said enthusiastically, but neither of the adults shared his enthusiasm. Instead, they both felt the same trepidation when they realized what they had just done in front of such innocent kid.

Yunho was the one who found his voice first. “How long you’ve been hiding there?” He already knew the answer though: long enough before you and Jaejoong-hyung started fucking. But then again Jungsu didn’t know anything about fucking, yet, so he might put the answer in more innocent sentences.

“Umm,” Jungsu scrunched his face adorably, “I didn’t remember…. Oh! After lunch Wookie-hyung asked me to play hide and seek with him so maybe around that time?” he smiled at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong gulped. Lunch was served around 12 PM so that means Jungsu was hiding inside the wardrobe for at least four fucking hours. And that also means that he had seen all the things they did, heard all the things they said and oh fuck. This was just so screwed up.

Jungsu seemed to misinterpret Jaejoong’s silence as not-a-good-sign, which he actually wasn’t all that mistaken, but he frowned and turned his puppy eyes to Yunho. “I’m sorry Hyung, but I was playing games with Wookie-hyung and you and Jae-hyung looked so busy (Jaejoong and Yunho literally squeaked hearing this) so I thought you will be mad especially since Jaejoong-hyung has already told me not to peep on people anymore.”

Yunho still looked confused, there was one puzzle piece missing from this whole bizarre incident. “So… why are you hiding here?” he asked carefully.

The child beamed, obviously glad that the adults are speaking to him again and answered, “As I said, I was playing hide and seek games with-“

“No I mean,” Yunho cut Jungsu off, “why are you doing here?”

“Oh!” Jungsu understood the question now. “One of the hyungs told me that this is a perfect place to hide because Wookie-hyung won’t even guess that I’m here!” he said with a proud voice.

Jaejoong rubbed his temples in irritation, “Let me guess, Heechul?”

Jungsu visibly brightened. “How do you know that? You’re so smart, Hyung!” The boy didn’t seem to notice that Jaejoong’s eyebrow twitched, an unconscious habit every time he was feeling really angry at something or in this case, someone. But thankfully Yunho did. The surgeon put a calming hand on the other’s shoulder and whispered, “I’m going to deal with him. You just focus on Jungsu for now.”

“I’m going to kill him,” Jaejoong muttered under his breath while making sure that Jungsu couldn’t hear him. “I’m going to fucking kill him, Yunho. I don’t care that you’ve just released him three fucking days ago but I’m going to hurt him and butcher him into tiny little pieces so that even your pathologist would have a hard time recognizing his cause of death.”

Yunho gave his partner a grim smile. “I don’t think Kangin will allow you to do that.”

Jaejoong let out a growl that sounded like frustration and something like ‘watch me.’

The surgeon was about to say something else that might calm his partner, when Jungsu’s voice broke the tension. “Hyung, are you angry? I’m sorry I won’t do it again. But Heechul-hyung said –Jaejoong growled again at this– that this is a really good place to hide and I really want to win but I won’t do it again if it makes you angry,” by the end of the sentence Jungsu was near tears. “I’m sorry hyung, I’m really sorry.”

Jaejoong sighed and crouched down on Jungsu’s level. “It’s not your fault baby, don’t worry I’m not angry at you.”


“Hey, Jaejoong has said that he’s not mad at you so it means that he’s not mad at you, okay?” Yunho also crouched down this time. “Now, you must be tired from hiding for so long. What about taking a quick nap until dinner time? Would you like that” he ruffled Jungsu’s hair when the boy smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

“Come on,” Jaejoong scooped Jungsu in his arms, “Let’s get you to bed.”

“Can I sleep on your bed, hyung?”

“Umm, no kiddo, you’d better sleep on your own bed,” Jaejoong replied uncomfortably.


The novelist knew that Jungsu was disappointed and possibly thinking something stupid like ‘they are mad at me, that’s why they don’t want me to sleep on their bed’ when actually it wasn’t because of that. The reason was because well, rather obvious. Still, he kissed the kid’s cheek and said, “Let’s go to your room baby. After I get a quick shower, I’ll sleep with you there, okay?”

Jungsu nodded, laying his head on Jaejoong’s shoulder while holding Leon tighter. Meanwhile Jaejoong glared at Yunho and mouthed, “Find Heechul.” Yunho gave his partner a scout’s honor gesture and watched him walked out with Jungsu. The surgeon stepped into the bathroom, getting a really quick shower before changing into fresh, clean clothes. He needed to find Heechul ASAP, preferably before Jaejoong does because he was sure the novelist would carry out his words if he find him now. Hopefully after napping with Jungsu, Jaejoong wouldn’t be so mad and Heechul would be saved and Kangin wouldn’t grill their ass for a) murdering Heechul and b) performing such exhibitionist acts in front of Jungsu.

He found Heechul lounging in the living room reading a book, a book that Yunho was sure he hold just for show and to appear intelligent because there’s no way in hell Heechul would read something like ‘History of Ancient Egypt’ in his leisure time. True enough, as soon as he stepped in front of Heechul, the man put down the book and smiled innocently, “Enjoying your time with Jaejoong? I asked Ryeowook to play with Jungsu you know, so you owe me this time.”

The surgeon scowled and looked not in the least grateful at all.

Heechul on the other hand, seemed unfazed by the obviously angry man in front of him. He made show of inspecting his nails and said casually, “By the way, why are you not surprised with the fact that Jaejoong suddenly become so wild like that?”

Yunho frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Remember those chocolates Kangin gave to Siwon? The one that Kyuhyun ate and they contained-“

“No. Way.”

Heechul smiled. “I receive thanks in form of Versace or Dolce and Gabanna Men Spring Collection. Feel free to choose between the two. Oh, and just so you know, in case you don’t send me those, well, you know how Jungsu always looking for new places to hide during his hide-and-seek-game?”

“….How did that bullet not kill you?”

“I’m just that awesome,” Heechul countered with a smirk.

-End Story-

Author’s Note: Wow. Jaejoong came four times xD. And I know that it’s impossible for a child to hide in a wardrobe for three hours straight without experiencing some sort of oxygen-lacking condition, but please I’m going to play with my artistic right and imagination here okay? :D

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