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Suju Fanfic : A Thousand Beautiful Things (10/22)

Title: A Thousand Beautiful Things
Main Pairing: Kangin x Leeteuk
Side Pairing: Siwon x Kyuhyun; Yesung x Ryeowook; Yunho x Jaejoong; Hangeng x Heechul
Rating: PG 13 for now, NC-17 in later chapters
Warnings: male x male relationship, slightly violent language
Disclaimer: I do not own either Super Junior/DBSK/JYJ
Summary: Mafia AU. Kangin didn't expect to find a child when he led his Family in an assault towards a rival family. He also didn't expect the child to be someone he treasured most of all.


A Thousand Beautiful Things
Chapter 10
by: Sharl/zielddhy

There was something about mornings that made Ryeowook hated it. Maybe it was the bright light that came through the windows (he forgot to pull the blinds down again last night), or maybe the sounds of birds chirping outside he didn’t know; he just hated mornings. The few hours he got for sleep last night didn’t help either, Kyuhyun was mysteriously missing for the whole day yesterday, leaving all the works to Ryeowook. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have his own work damn it, he needed to get those database done as soon as possible. Who knows when the Choi Family might strike again? It could be today, or perhaps they had attacked again yesterday but they just didn’t know it yet. All in all, Ryeowook was not pleased when he found out that he would be doing all the work alone and without help. He would seriously hurt Kyuhyun when he saw him today.

He was still mumbling angrily, eyes refusing to open when he felt familiar fingers played with his hair. He couldn’t help but smile; now this was the only thing that made mornings tolerable. Waking up with Yesung besides him always made his mood better, especially after having a mind-blown sex the night before.

Ryeowook blushed remembering what had happened last night.

“Are you thinking of dirty things?” an amused voice asked him and Ryeowook glanced up to see Yesung was looking at him with a smirk on his face.

He threw him a playful punch. “Of course not, you’re the one who has to take your mind off the gutter,” Ryeowook countered.

“Then why are you blushing?”


“Because what?”

“Just because.”

“That’s not an answer,” Yesung smiled; Ryeowook was just too cute sometimes.

Ryeowook raised an eyebrow. “I really don’t care,” he said with a playful tone. He then hopped down from the bed, ignoring Yesung who groaned because he had to wake up as well now that Ryeowook was not in bed anymore. He had hoped for some quick morning fuck, but apparently his lover was thinking of different things.

Yesung watched the other man’s naked form slipped into their bathroom. Moments later he heard the sounds of water running. Ryeowook must be in shower now. A brief thought of joining occurred to him but Yesung quickly dispersed the thought. The last time he tried that, Ryeowook had not only thrown him out, but he also refused to give him any good fucking in the next ten days. Definitely something he’d like to repeat.

Twenty minutes later, the two of them were on their way to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Hangeng was at the stove, cooking something that smells wonderful while Heechul and Kangin sat on the stool, reading some papers.

“Are you making breakfast?” Yesung asked as he peered over Hangeng’s shoulders to look at the pan, “Fried rice, awesome. I’ve missed your cooking, Geng.”

Hangeng chuckled a bit. “Heechul wanted some earlier so I thought I should just make it for everyone for breakfasts. Ryeowook, can you prepare some side dishes? I know these guys won’t be satisfied with just one dish.”

“Sure,” Ryeowook replied. He began to open the fridge and rummaged through some of the leftovers from last night’s dinner. There were some kung pao chicken, moo shu and fried noodles. With Hangeng’s famous fried rice, these should be enough to feed a bunch of hungry mafia members early in the morning. “Does anybody know where Kyuhyun is? He’s been ditching his work,” Ryeowook complained to nobody in particular.

“Shanghai.” Kangin was the one who answered him.


“Siwon is there.”


On a second thought, it might be a good thing not working with Kyuhyun at the moment. He knew what a bitch Kyuhyun could be when Siwon was not around.


Kangin grumbled under his breath as he signed yet another copy of insignificant paperwork, or at least that’s what the thought. If Siwon was here he would’ve disagreed though. The Consigliere had insisted since long time ago that no paperwork was insignificant. But then again Siwon was still in China and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow so most of the paperwork goes directly to Kangin as the Don. Hopefully things could go back to normal tomorrow and Kangin was free to do whatever he wanted. His fingers had been itching to practice at the shooting range for few days now.

Slamming his pen down, Kangin huffed and leaned back into his chair. Alright, this was it, he couldn’t take this anymore. Surely the paperwork could wait if only a day; besides he had finished the ones that he considered as important and urgent. Deciding that he deserved a break, Kangin stood up and walked out from his office. On his way to the shooting range, suddenly he heard Jungsu’s laugher and he couldn’t help but feeling curious what the boy was doing.

He found Jungsu at the parking lot near the training facilities, playing basketball with Hangeng. The Don raised an eyebrow; it was a brand new basketball hoop for children, one that he never saw before. It must have been Yunho again, he really spoiled the kid with gifts. Rolling his eyes, he walked past them to enter the shooting facility. Yesung was there, shouting orders as he trained a bunch of younger members. Nodding at his subordinate, Kangin stepped into the side where the shooting range located.

There was only one other person at the shooting range and Kangin immediately recognized whom it was. It was Park Yoohwan, Park Yoochun’s brother. Yoohwan had only recently joined the Family, following his older brother’s footsteps much to the disagreement of his parents. It was perfectly understandable, especially since what happened with Yoochun years back still haunted even some of the main members today. And it was also the reason why Changmin refused to rejoin the rank of main members again, or at least that’s what Yunho had told him.

From where Kangin stood, Yoohwan seemed to be having problems with his shooting skills and the Don briefly wondered where the hell the senior members were. Someone should taught this young man, took him under his wing, not just because he’s Yoochun’s younger brother but also because that was just how Kim Family was. A new or younger member must have at least one senior member to be his mentor. Kangin watched as Yoohwan dejectedly put down his gun.

“Where’s your mentor?”

Yoohwan was clearly surprised at seeing the Don there. He immediately bowed low but Kangin quickly waved him off. “No it’s okay, I’m not a big fan on those kind of formalities, so you can relax. Where’s your mentor by the way, he’s supposed to be here to teach you.”

“Err,” Yoohwan shifted uncomfortably, “I don’t have one yet. No one is available aside from the main members but I heard they’re all so busy. They can’t spare the time.”

Kangin raised an eyebrow and sighed. “I see. Well, it’s true the main members are all over the place and I’d rather not have them give you half-assed attention. It’s worse than not being trained at all. But don’t worry, I’ll look into it, alright?”

The younger man looked visibly relieved. “Thanks, boss.”

“It’s nothing. Now, what kind of gun are you using?”

“.25 caliber.”

The Don nodded. “It’s the right type for beginners. After you’ve mastered this gun, you can start training using those with higher calibers because this one is too common, can’t be shot from long range and doesn’t do too much damage. But you can use this for now.” He looked at the target type, “And don’t use the bulls-eyes, it’s harder to be focused on. Can you change that to the one that outline people thing?”

“Sure,” Yoohwan replied. He pressed a button and the bulls-eyes were removed, changed into the one that Kangin requested. He reloaded the .25 caliber with new shells and put on the eye protector and headphones. “Try shooting at the chest,” he heard the boss said.

Kangin put on his own set of eye protector and headphone and took a step back. Yoohwan began to shoot, twice and each of the bullets landed on –Kangin winced– the target’s crotch area. Well, it’s not a bad idea actually, but… ouch.

“I can’t do this,” Yoohwan said in low tone.

The Don disagreed, “You just need to practice. Let me show you how it’s done,” Kangin said. He pulled out his own gun, a .357 magnum and started to shoot, three times, and they landed exactly at the chest area, just like how he wanted them. “Three easy steps to do this: One – front sight. Focus on the front sight and not the target. Two – controlled trigger press. Three – follow through. After the shot you come right back to the target. You didn’t do follow through just now, you came off the target to see where you hit. That’s why you’ve missed.”

Yoohwan tried again, this time he hit the stomach, still not hitting the chest area but it was closer. Kangin praised him approvingly, “See, you can do this. You just need to practice some more, alright?”

“Thanks, boss. I really appreciate the help. People expect me to do well with guns because, well, I’m hyung’s younger brother. But the thing is as you can see, I’m not with guns, if only I am, maybe hyung won’t be-“

Kangin cut him off immediately. “What had happened to your brother is not your fault, not your parent’s fault, not even Junsu’s fault. And definitely not Changmin’s either. Don’t you dare blaming yourself for that, you hear me?” Yoohwan still looked unsure and so Kangin added, “That was an act of madmen Yoohwan, of the enemy. Do you think one additional hitman would’ve helped? They’d find another way to get to Yoochun, trust me.”

Then a brilliant idea came to him. “Listen, do you mind if you are trained by somebody else? I mean what if I asked someone who used to be in the Family but not anymore, to train you? I assure you he’s not bad with guns.”

“I don’t really care who train me, really, just as long as somebody does,” Yoohwan shrugged his shoulders.

“Great. I’ll have him contact you, alright?” Kangin smiled. “Now, practice some more,” he said before leaving the shooting range, mentally noting that he should ask Yunho and Jaejoong to talk to Changmin. Maybe by training Yoohwan, Changmin could be persuaded to rejoin the ranks again.

Yesung was standing outside the parking facilities, watching Jungsu who was still playing with Hangeng and Kangin soon joined him. Together they watched Jungsu tried to shoot the ball, and the boy immediately pouted when it only touched the ring and bounced back to him. Hangeng laughed before chasing down the ball and gave it to Jungsu. He then picked Jungsu up, holding the boy and let him shooting at the hoop from that height.

“Hey, can you help to cancel all my appointments for Wednesday?” the Don suddenly asked to Yesung.

The man in question raised an eyebrow. It was not an unusual request from Kangin to take a break now and then, but never for a full day. “You know we have a schedule to meet with Hiroyuki Family. They flew all the way from Japan.”

“I know.”

“But you want me to cancel it?”


“They have been waiting to meet you for six months.”

“Then a few days more wouldn’t hurt.” Kangin spared a glance of annoyance at his subordinate. The latter took the hint and dropped the subject. The Don then turned around, preferred to watch Jungsu shoot down few more balls into the hoop, deliberately missing the smile on Yesung’s face.

This Wednesday would be Jungsu’s birthday.


Jaejoong smiled in satisfaction as he placed the cake to the dining table. It was a four-layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, some strawberries and even more chocolate shreds crowded the top; a cake that was truly every child’s dream. Jungsu would be so happy when he came home from the arcade. Kangin had taken him there (yes, Kangin, the fearless Don of the strongest mafia Family went to an amusement park today) so that everybody else could prepare the surprise birthday party.

“Jae, where does this go?” Jaejoong turned around to see Kyuhyun holding up a tray of cupcakes that Ryeowook just baked. “Preferably somewhere on the table,” Kyuhyun said sarcastically as he looked at the huge the dining table that was full with foods.

The author rolled his eyes; alright he might have gone overboard a bit with cooking today, but this was special, today was Jungsu’s birthday. He cocked his head and replied, “Kyu, Kangin have sent you all the way up to Shanghai to get fucked and you still have a stick up in your ass?”

Heechul snickered from the other side of the room as he tied together few balloons. “Maybe it’s because he went to China, he had too much stick up in his ass,” he said mischievously.

“Hyung!” Siwon protested. The Consigliere who had been busy arranging piles and piles of gifts threw Heechul a withering glare. “Hangeng is not here yet, so behave.”

Just as Heechul opened his mouth to reply, Yunho beat him into it. “Can we please stop talking about sex? Both explicitly and implied? We have a kid in the house, guys, so restrain yourselves a bit,” the surgeon said. Seriously, he started to think that it might be a mistake bringing Jungsu to live here at the Kim Mansion. The kid was safe, to be sure, but it was not only security that surrounded 24/7, there was also a house full of testosterone and horny gay males and the combination of the two was not a good thing. Yunho had a good mind to just take the boy back to their apartment. But then again Jungsu was here at the request of the Don himself so it was impossible to sneak Jungsu out.

Thankfully after that no one spoke about sex anymore, but not before Heechul made one last smart comment of, “like you’re the one to talk,” that he muttered under his breath. Yunho wisely ignored him, fully aware what the other was talking about but he chose not to say anything.

“What do you think they’re doing at the amusement park?” Yunho asked to no one in particular.

“What do you mean? It’s an amusement park, what else can they do there?” Jaejoong replied absent mindedly as he carefully rearranged few dishes so that the cupcake tray Kyuhyun brought can be fitted in somehow.

Yunho shrugged his shoulder, “I mean, isn’t it going to be weird? A bunch of grown up guys and a kid travelling together would definitely attract attention. Especially in amusement park. And we’re talking about the boss here,” he added. “Can you imagine our boss riding a rollercoaster? Or going into a haunted house?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve asked Yesung and Hangeng to take some pictures,” Heechul answered rather cheerfully, “And as for the haunted house, I imagine nothing in there can be scary for Kangin. He’d rather shoot the ghosts there before screaming.” He paused for a bit, “On a second thought, his reflexes are very good. If one of those ghosts suddenly appears and surprises him, Kangin would’ve reached for his gun before the ghost can even say ‘boo.’”

Siwon looked at him in horror. “Let’s just hope we don’t have a dead body by the end of the day.” Right at that moment, his phone rang. He looked at the display and saw Yesung’s name blinked at the screen. “Hello?” the Consigliere answered, “are you on your way back? Wait. What are you-“

Kyuhyun watched as his lover’s face went from a smile to concern and upset in mere seconds. “Shit. So where are you guys now?” he heard Siwon asked worriedly, “Okay. Yeah, they’re all here. We’ll go to the hospital now.”

“What’s wrong?” Jaejoong asked the second Siwon ended the conversation.

“We need to go. Something’s happened. One of their cars had a bomb in it, it blew up six miles from the amusement park. It was Kangin’s car.”

-End of Chapter Ten-

Author's note: Well, that's it for Chapter 10! Oh, and I've made a Yunjae smut one shot, another side companion fic for this main story line so those of you who wants to read it, below is the link. I have to say that I'm very very proud with this particular smut, especially after Jaejoong posted those selcas *perverted giggles*

Thank you for reading! The next chapter is scheduled to be posted on March 25th, but I'll try to post it earlier :D Hopefully my writer's block won't be coming anytime soon ^^

Disclaimer: The scene where Kangin teaches Yoohwan is inspired from Criminal Minds' LDSK episode. Some of the dialogues I took from it as well.

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