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Suju Fanfic : A Thousand Beautiful Things (11/22)

Title: A Thousand Beautiful Things
Main Pairing: Kangin x Leeteuk
Side Pairing: Siwon x Kyuhyun; Yesung x Ryeowook; Yunho x Jaejoong; Hangeng x Heechul
Rating: PG 13 for now, NC-17 in later chapters
Warnings: male x male relationship, slightly violent language
Disclaimer: I do not own either Super Junior/DBSK/JYJ
Summary: Mafia AU. Kangin didn't expect to find a child when he led his Family in an assault towards a rival family. He also didn't expect the child to be someone he treasured most of all.


A Thousand Beautiful Things
Chapter Eleven
By: Sharl/Zielddhy

It was supposed to be a good day; it was Jungsu’s birthday after all. Somehow a harmless trip to amusement park resulted into a disastrous trip with bombing incident. Kangin looked at the still burning car, the car he was supposed to ride in if it wasn’t for Yoohwan telling them it wasn’t safe to ride back in the same car they used when they got there. The young member suggested that they should exchange cars with some other members, just to be safe. The Don first thought it was such paranoid notion but in his effort to make Yoohwan feel more welcomed in the Family, he had agreed.

And fuck, he didn’t regret it.

The bomb blew up when they were about five or six miles from the amusement park. Jungsu had too much soda earlier and he wanted to pee. They had stopped in a fast food restaurant, Yesung was buying some fries and chicken wings so that Jungsu could go to the restroom with Kangin. And suddenly the bomb blew up. Glasses were shattered, people were screaming and Kangin had just enough time to snatch Jungsu away from nearby windows and hugged him tight. His own backside got hurt, few glasses scratched through the leather coat he was wearing but at least nothing was imbedded. At least he hoped so. However being so close to the blown up car had side effect: his ears were now ringing like crazy.

The police was here. Unlike Hangeng and Heechul’s incident, this time it involved civilians so the government had to act. Several medic trailers were scattered around the area and few ambulances had taken some victims to nearest hospital. Kangin knew it’d be a bitch later to deal with the government. They never opposed the existences of the Families so far, in fact they were hoping for co-existences. After the Families were the one who had big income sources while government always needed more money. Moreover corruption had rooted to the core in government body, even to the lowest bureaucracy level and so all the higher-ups chose to turn a blind eye.

But this time it was a different story altogether. Every Don from every Family had sworn an oath not to hurt civilians. Street gangs, however, was another case. They usually terrorized civilians in dingy neighborhood and although there were few Families that actually employed street gangs to do their dirty works, most chose not to. Simply because there was no loyalty in street gangs while for them, Family always come first.

Nobody knew yet who had placed the bomb, but Kangin hoped it was not one of the Families. It would trigger the government to use different approach to deal with Families. The government might use military and armed forces to subdue them, so to speak, and with all the conflicts between Families that happened nowadays it would be a piece of cake before there were no more Families. Definitely not something Kangin was hoping for.

Sighing, the Don decided he needed to focus on matters at hand. He could worry about the government later but right now he had duties as leader of Kim Family. He approached a sergeant from police forces and asked, “What are the casualties?”

The sergeant seemed to know who Kangin was and answered without hesitation. “Four members of your Family were dead sir, they were in the car that blew up. Twenty civilians and eight Kim Family members were injured. Twelve of them are in critical condition.”

Kangin nodded tightly. “Some of my main members are on their way and they might want to ask you and your men for some help. We need to work together to find out who placed the bomb. I’ll personally talk to your inspector about this,” he glanced at the man’s nametag, “Sergeant Han.”


The Don turned around to see Yesung stood behind him. The man looked like he had gone through hell and back, but at least he was alright. “I’ve called the others; they’ll be here in fifteen. Yunho has gone straight to the hospital.”

“Good. Where is Jungsu? Hangeng?”

“The boy is inside with Heechul. And yes, he’s alright,” Yesung added before his boss asked, “I think Yunho should check him later though, just to be safe. Hangeng was out there looking for the bomb fragments, hopefully they’ll be able to get some clue from that.”

“Where is Yoohwan? I want to thank him personally for saving my life.” Kangin hadn’t seen the younger man and he wondered where he went to. It was so chaotic back then after the bomb exploded and in the midst of everything else he could barely keep track of where his members were.

Yesung’s lips tightened. “He has an internal bleeding. They took him to the hospital just now.”


There was nothing Siwon hated more than standing in the midst of casualties, and the fact that this was his Family that was the victim made it more unbearable. Moreover they had targeted Kangin, the Don, the highest pinnacle on Kim Family. If it wasn’t for Yoohwan suggesting the car-exchange Kangin would be dead by now and the Kim Family wouldn’t have a leader. It was so easy, so simple, so close. They had been careless.

And Siwon was determined he would get to the bottom of this. Even if that means he had to patiently talk and ask the police for cooperation and information –a rare treat considering they hardly work together and preferred to ignore one another.

“Anything on surveillance cameras?”

Sergeant Han shook his head. “The cameras did capture two persons placing the bomb under your boss’ car but they wore hoodies and plain clothes. There’s no way to identify them.”

“Can we see the footage?”

Sergeant Han frowned. “We have protocol-“

“I’ll talk to your inspector,” Siwon cut him off, “don’t worry about that.” The Consigliere inwardly scowled. Typical of government employees: bound within protocol and rules and refused to cooperate with anyone outside their leagues until you slipped them something underneath the table. Siwon was sure Kangin would need to pay the inspector a lot just to get him give them the footage.

He then walked to where Hangeng and Kangin sat, they were talking in low voices and inspecting some of the bomb fragments Hangeng managed to recover. Not much of them left, but few things like detonator and tubes that might have contained the explosives could still be recognized. They would need to reconstruct the bomb later on to figure out how it worked; it’d give them clues on what kind of explosives those bastards use and hopefully who they were.

“Any luck?” Siwon crouched down to get a better look at the burnt pieces.

“No, they’re smart enough to use gloves so there’s no fingerprints, Ryeowook has checked it earlier.” The Don scowled. He still refused to leave the place although it was clearly dangerous for him to be there. He was the target after all. But then again it was just like Kangin. The man wouldn’t leave his Family no matter how many times Siwon had asked of him to get into safer place and it was just one of the many reasons why all his Family was so loyal to him.

“We need someone with enough expertise to examine it further,” Hangeng gave Siwon a pointed look.

“I’ll call Changmin.”

Siwon was about to go but Kangin’s voice called him. “Siwon, this is an order. Changmin needs to come back. I don’t care how you do it, get his ass here to rejoin this Family. I won’t accept no as an answer. If he refuses, I will personally see to it he wouldn’t find Xiah. Ever.”

The Consigliere stopped in his tracks. “You wouldn’t.”

Kangin narrowed his eyes. “Watch me.”


Changmin frowned. He had in front of him pieces of bomb fragments Hangeng had given him earlier and if he was given the choice, he wouldn’t give a damn about the bomb. In fact he wouldn’t even be here.

It wasn’t that he didn’t care about the Family, of course he sympathized about them. But when Siwon mentioned Xiah, Changmin knew he was being blackmailed and there was nothing he hated more than blackmail. He loath them. Always have and always will. Unfortunately he wasn’t given the luxury to choose this time.

He had agreed. And so he was an official member of Kim Family again.

But right now he needed to focus on task at hand: examining the bomb fragments. They had run every tests that might pinpoint any DNA to no avail. Whomever made this clearly smart enough to be careful.

On the other hand when Changmin joined forces with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, the trio made formidable team. Combining ideas and knowledge the three of them managed to come up with an idea. It’s a long shot, but it was a shot. They had gathered all the main members except Yunho who was still in hospital, to explain the idea.

“This bomb was ridiculously simple to make. In fact, anybody –literally anybody– could have access to every tools and ingredients. For example, this detonator,” he took a small rectangle with wires hanging out from it, “the bombers could have bought this detonator at any old toy store. You take a remote control car, plane, boat, attach a detonator like this to the motor, press the remote, boom. Instant New Year celebration. The way they construct this bomb is also relatively easy.”

“What about the explosives?”

“Yes I am getting to that,” Changmin shot Hangeng an annoyed look. “Aside from the usual explosives, they intentionally use plenty of sharp ends objects to increase wounds probability on the victims. In this case they use nails, glass fragments, those kinds of things. From the type of explosives and materials that are relatively easy to access, I’d say this is no finesse work.”

“Changmin,” Kangin growled, “What’s your point?”

Changmin leveled the Don with a glare. “Why? If I don’t get to the point immediately, you’ll kill Xiah?”

“Min-“ Jaejoong interrupted.

“It’s a work of street gang,” the young genius cut him off. The scowl he previously sported had completely gone, leaving unassuming and disinterest façade as if he didn’t just challenge the Don of Kim Family. Fortunately Kangin didn’t seem to take any offense to that attitude. “I don’t know which one yet,” Changmin continued, “but Kyuhyun and Ryeowook should be able to find out whom. Just check the database and crosscheck that with known street gang members and those who were caught in the surveillance cameras.”

“I’m making a software that can compare digital perspective analysis to render these two figures. So I can know the exact body proportions of them, their height, weight, body mass. Let’s hope we can narrow down the suspects that way,” Kyuhyun explained.

“It doesn’t exactly solve the problem though because street gangs usually have members with similar complexion, but at least it’s something we can start with,” Heechul nodded. “But how can we know exactly which one, was the next problem. We can’t just wiped out every street gang with members that are suspects, there’s too many of them.”

“I suggest we ask for the police’s help. They have lots of undercover cops and street gangs always talk. They don’t have loyalties like we do, somebody will spill the dirt eventually. And the police sometimes asked for information from these people as well so there’s a good chance they can get this work done much faster than we can,” Yesung suggested.

It was a sound strategy and the Don quickly gave his approval. “Okay, let’s start with that. Kyuhyun, start designing the software and Ryeowook can crosscheck the database. I’ll talk to the Inspector to ask for the police’s cooperation later. Meanwhile Jaejoong, check on Yoohwan’s condition with Yunho. Yesung and Heechul, get the men prepare for later assault, I want those men who have attacked us dead by tonight.” He stopped for a moment as if debating whether to continue or not. “I’ll send Jungsu to a safe house. The kid is not safe with us anymore. This is my final decision.”

Jaejoong watched his boss’ departing back with a frown. Kangin was acting too hasty, even to the point of blackmails and evacuated to safe house. Goverment’s police was notorious for their slow work and Kangin knew that. And still he wanted this to be over by tonight, it was downright impossible. He was too careless and there was only one reason why: Jungsu.


It felt like such anti-climatic. It had been four days since the bomb exploded and now they had the suspects in government’s custody. Kangin had been furious when they heard the police needed more time to investigate but there was nothing he could do. The Don had reluctantly agreed to wait. This morning they finally found out which street gang was responsible for the attack, they took action immediately.

The street gang was no match for Kim Family and they surrendered almost at once. The police wanted to question them further before the Kim Family wiped them out,they said this was the standard procedure. Turned out the gang was bribed by anonymous call to placed the bomb in a car with specific plate number (the Don’s car) and the pay offered was just too tempting for the gang. They stupidly agreed without checking who was in the car. By the time they knew whose car that was they were terrified but it was too late.

The gang couldn’t pinpoint who the anonymous call was from but the Kim Family already knew who was behind that: Choi Family.

Unfortunately, just like the case with Jung Family, there was no direct connection with them and so the Kim couldn’t do much rather than just sit back and fumed. One thing remained unchanged. Kangin was still convinced it was much better for Jungsu to grow up without being involved in the Family’s business. The boy had been in the safe house for three nights now with some of the junior members.

However the kid refused to eat anything and Jaejoong had an incline why. And so he tried to speak with his stubborn boss but the man was firm in his decision a d refused to budge.

“Kangin, if you’re thinking to let Jungsu experience normal childhood…” Jaejoong frowned, “I’m sorry but it’s too late for that.”

“What the hell do you mean?” the Don growled.

But Jaejoong was undeterred. He looked straight at his boss and replied, “This boy was locked in an underground bunker by his own father for god-knows-how long, he was treated worse than a dog. After that he already got kidnapped once and now he’s personally experienced a bomb blown off in front of him. Too many bad things have happened and whether you want it or not, those experiences will leave him traumatized. He can’t go back to normal childhood like normal kid anymore.”

“Then what the fuck you’re suggesting,” the Don snapped.

“The only thing we can do right now is to make sure he’ll grow up safe from harm.”

“Which is why I sent him away!”

Jaejoong shook his head. “That is not the way, believe me. Jungsu hasn’t eaten anything in four days. His last meal is when he’s with you at the amusement park.”

Kangin frowned. “What do you mean he hasn’t eaten anything?”

The author crossed his arms and scowled. “what do you think happened?” he snapped back. “I suggest you to come and see him for yourself. Whatever I say right now won’t make a difference, you need to understand what you just did.”

Fifteen minutes later the Don was in the safe house about twenty miles from the city. The junior members were obviously glad seeing their boss arrived. “He locked his room sir,” one of them said, “no matter what we said he won’t come out. He only drinks water and won’t touch any food.”

“Why didn’t you just break the damn door?”

The member looked sideways and mumbled, “He’s crying all the time sir. Either that or he’s asleep.”

Feeling frustrated Kangin knocked on the door. For few minutes no one answered. Maybe the boy was asleep. But when Kangin was about to leave, the door clIcked although it remained closed.

“Jungsu?” the room was dark and he couldn’t see anything. “Are you here?”

There was a sniff from somewhere across the room. Kangin switched the lamp on and there was Jungsu, sitting on the bed with tears and snot all over his face. He had a blanket draped over him but the one thing that was really shocking was the pure fear in the boy’s eyes. The Don felt like he was experiencing a déjà vu, a horrible deja vu: when he found Jungsu for the first time at the underground bunker.

It was so heart-wrenching how similar the situation back then with current night. “Hey,” he couldn’t say anything else and to his horror, Jungsu scooted back to the wall.

Kangin was shocked. What the hell had he done? In just few days he had revert Jungsu back to this kind of condition: wild, terrified and so unsure of himself. Where did the mischievous and smiling boy go?

With careful steps the Don made his way to the bed. He sat down as nearest as possible to Jungsu without intimidating the poor child. “Hey,” he said again in pathetic attempt of repetition. His mind whirled, thinking about what to say. He finally opted for the safest topic. “I heard you haven’t eaten anything, aren’t you hungry?”

For a brief moment Kangin was afraid the boy would bolt away, just like what he had done at the underground bunker. But fortunately Jungsu only shake his head although a bit unsurely.

“But why? Don’t you like the food?”

Jungsu’s eyes watered again. Small sniffles escaped the tightly bitten lips and Kangin unconsciously reached to part them himself. “Hey it’s okay, talk to me, don’t bite your lips like that, they’ll bleed.”

The boy sniffled some more before he finally replied, “A-are you mad?”

The older man felt his heart bled. “Of course not kiddo, why do you say that?”

“B-because you send me away.”

Kangin swallowed. “You don’t understand. It’s for your own go-“

Jungsu whimpered. “P-please don’t send me away, hyung. I’m sorry for making you mad or for anything I did wrong, I promise I will be a good boy, I won’t play hide and seek anymore, I will do whatever Jaejoong-hyung wants me to, I’ll do anything I promise but please... please don’t send me away. I will take care of everything Yunho-hyung gives me, I won’t play computer games with Kyuhyun-hyung anymore and I won’t-“

The Don couldn’t take it anymore. He hugged Jungsu immediately, enveloping that small scared boy in his strong arms. He finally understood what Jaejoong meant earlier. When he said the most important thing was to make sure Jungsu grow up safe from harm, he didn’t only mean physical harm but also emotional danger. The kid looked at Kangin’s effort of providing normal childhood as an act of abandonment which actually wasn’t that far-off. He had taken the boy away from everything he was familiar with and in a sense it was an act of abandonment.

Listening to Jungsu talked about the members one by one and his promise to please them was the final proof that they were the most important thing for the little kid and how could Kangin took that away from him? Growing up means that he needed to be in the right environment and in this case was where he was happiest. “I’m sorry,” the older man croaked, “I’m sorry for making you feel that way. I won’t send you away I promise. Ever.”

“Promise?” Jungsu mumbled to Kangin’s clothes.

The Don held the boy at arm’s length. “I promise,” he entwined their pinkies together, “if I ever break this promise then I will... be banned from eating chocolates for the rest of my life. Not even chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes and those delicious chocolate muffins Jaejoong made last week.”

Jungsu giggled, “That’s silly. No one can say no to chocolate, especially Jae-hyung’s chocolates.”

There was nothing more relieving than seeing Jungsu happy again. At that moment Kangin swore he’d do anything to make sure those smiles remained there forever. He stroked the boy’s soft cheek and said, “But before you come home with me, you need to eat something okay?”

“Chocolates?” Jungsu perked up hopefully.

“Umm, no, something more nutritious.”

Kangin chuckled when the kid pouted. He ruffled the boy’s hair and stood up. “Come on,” the Don lifted Jungsu, “I bring some food and then let’s go home.”

-End Chapter 11-

Author’s note (PLEASE READ):

Thank you very much for reading chapter eleven. I would like to use this opportunity to explain few things and maybe rant a bit. I know some might find this annoying and I’m not usually the type to rant about things but I really feel I need to let these out.

First of all I plan to finish all my fics. I don’t know how long it will take me but I will finish it so if you’re commenting on one fic please don’t ask me to update other fics. I’m perfectly aware which of my stories are finished and which one haven’t. I’m really happy that you are waiting on some particular fics to be updated but please understand if I don’t reply on comment that only leave words such as: “when will you update xx fic, I want to read that” or “why are you updating this one instead of that?”

Second of all please try not to ask for sequel. I have so many things to write and my list of ongoing projects is getting longer and longer instead of shorter. Yes I do make sequels when the idea hits me on some one-shots but not all of them. I really don’t have the time nor the capacity to make sequels for every single one of my one-shots.

Third of all and this is the most important, I write stories as I see them. There is a reason why I put explanations on who were the main pairings and the side pairings. I cannot even begin to express my frustration when I receive comments that ONLY put words like: “Where is xx?” or “I want more xx” or “I thought you are an xx shipper so why are you making you so much yy?” I really can’t help but feel frustrated when I receive such comments. In fact I might lose interest to ship xx when this happens. I have lots of bias and the priority among them changes from time to time but please try not to coerce your bias to me.

My stories have been plagiarized, they have been translated into other languages without my consent and I can accept that. I understand that when you have posted something on the Internet it won’t remain yours and only yours forever. I don’t lock my fics and they remain opened to everybody who wants to read it. But if there is one thing I honestly cannot take is when people demand more from me without appreciating my efforts.

Alright, enough from me and hopefully this would be the last time I rant like this. If some of you feel offended or can’t agree with my belief and you don’t want to read my stories anymore I completely understand that.

Best regards,

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