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Suju Fanfic : A Thousand Beautiful Things (12/22)

Title: A Thousand Beautiful Things
Main Pairing: Kangin x Leeteuk
Side Pairing: Siwon x Kyuhyun; Yesung x Ryeowook; Yunho x Jaejoong; Hangeng x Heechul
Rating: PG 13 for now, NC-17 in later chapters
Warnings: male x male relationship, slightly violent language
Disclaimer: I do not own either Super Junior/DBSK/JYJ
Summary: Mafia AU. Kangin didn't expect to find a child when he led his Family in an assault towards a rival family. He also didn't expect the child to be someone he treasured most of all.


A Thousand Beautiful Things
Chapter Twelve
By: Sharl/zielddhy

Jungsu had begun to realize what his guardians actually were when he was around middle school age.

He was walking down the hallway when he heard a scream. He had immediately run towards the door that Ryeowook-hyung always told him to stay away from. Curious, Jungsu had opened the door slightly and his eyes widened.

Standing in the middle of the room were one man, his hands were chained to the ceiling ahead. Hangeng-hyung was holding whips, Heechul-hyung had a knife in his hand while Yesung-hyung stood in a corner, calmly observing everything that happened.

“When you’re tortured, especially with people like us, there’s no end in sight. I can cut off each of your little toes until the only thing you can stand on are the palm of your feet and ankles. I can also ask Hangeng to put that whip into use until your skin practically fall apart from your backs. Which one do you want first?” he had heard Heechul whispered as he slowly runs the knife down the man’s thigh, caressing it almost sensually.

Jungsu could only watch as the man let out a terrified whimper, but before he could see anything else his feet had carried him away. He had run and run until he reached the tree house Yunho-hyung made for him a couple of years back and stayed there until dinner time, too scared to do anything else. Kangin-hyung was the one who found him, but he didn’t ask Jungsu to step down. Instead he had come up to the tree house, bringing plenty of food for dinner and a couple of blankets. When morning comes the next day, everything had looked better and Jungsu wasn’t so scared anymore.

Instinctively he already knew beforehand that he was different compared to his school-mates. He didn’t have parents but he had ten men who took care of him personally, and countless bodyguards. When other children were probably living in apartments or houses, he was living in a mansion somewhere in the upcountry where the security was tighter than presidential palace. But then again, perhaps those other children didn’t spend the first few years of their childhood in a bunker like he did.

Contrary to popular belief, he remembered that part, in which he was treated worse than a dog. He remembered the cold nights where he had to survive on moldy bread and little water. Where he had never seen sunlight, the only ventilation was a small window at one corner. He wouldn’t, couldn’t forget those moments.

Neither could he forget the first time he met Kangin-hyung, The Don who literally saved his life.

And for Jungsu, it was enough to ignore the fact that they did dirty works, killing and torturing other men. It was enough for him to look over the fact that his Hyungs were actually the bad guys based on novels and books he read.

They had cared for him, they showed kindness more than anyone else ever did to an unwanted orphaned child, and it was more than enough for Jungsu. The fact that he loved one of his so-called parents more than he should might also played a part in that.



Jungsu turned around, stopping in his tracks to the school’s audio visual room just to see Taemin sprinted full speed across the hallway. The boy was panting heavily by the time he reached his friend. Jungsu bit back a smile. His friend wasn’t what you would call a normal high school student. He was too young compared to his classmates because he had skipped few years and it might be the reason why he was so child-like and cute, all girls (female teachers included) loved him.

“Hi Taemin, what’s up?”

The younger student was still panting, it was a couple of minutes later before he was ready to speak. “Few of us are going to Reds after school, do you want to come?” Reds stands for Red Mill, a popular burger joint among high school students around the area. It served excellent burgers with affordable prices and outrageous decors, making it a favorite among the students.

“Sure, I’ll text Yoohwan and I’ll see you guys there, okay?”

“You can always ride with us.”

Jungsu smiled grimly. “Believe me, I’d love to, but I can’t. My Hyungs will get mad at me once they found out, you know that.”

“Oh come on,” Taemin pouted, “Minho brought his father’s Mercedes, it’s going to be so awesome!”

“I can’t,” Jungsu gave his friend a pointed look. “Besides I need to do something in the AV’s room anyway, Han-seonsangnim wants to have these papers categorized correctly,” he gestured at a stack of papers in his arms. “I’ll see you guys there.”

He gave Taemin one last smile and continued on his way, ignoring Taemin who was still shouting. Jungsu had lost count how many times he had refused his friends’ offer to go in the same car with them, but thankfully none of them felt offended. They just thought he had overly-protective-disgustingly-rich guardians that wouldn’t allow him riding in other cars than the ones they had prepared. They didn’t know that his so-called guardians were a bunch of guys from Mafia family. Not he wanted them to know either. He tactfully didn’t mention anything about the fact that his Hyungs did background checks on everyone in his school, including teachers and even the janitors.

His friends got special treatment, the Family not only did very thorough background checks, they profiled them and even checked their calls and credit card purchases. They probably knew about Jonghyun more than his own parents did, or at least Jungsu thought because there’s no way Jonghyun parents’ knew that their precious son spent nearly eight million won at the game center last Thursday. Some people would call that an invasion to privacy but Jungsu understood why it was necessary.

Jungsu was still allowed to hang out with his friends sometimes and for that he felt grateful. He only needed to tell to Yoohwan-hyung first, the member The Don had specifically appointed to keep Jungsu safe from harm or in other words: his main bodyguard. Yoohwan-hyung would do any necessary security measures and Jungsu would join his friends and enjoyed all the things any normal high school students usually did. Except for the cars. He wasn’t allowed to ride in other cars than the Familiy’s cars. But Jungsu knew exactly what the reasons behind that are. Ever since the car bombing incident, Kangin-hyung had taken drastic moves to assure his members’ safety.

Which reminded him, he needed to tell Yoohwan-hyung. Jungsu took out his cell phone and sent a quick text. The reply came almost immediately: Confirmed.

The student rolled his eyes. No matter what he said, Yoohwan-hyung was always uptight, all thanks to Changmin-hyung’s tutorial who probably gave him false information about the Family’s structure and communication method.

Two hours later Jungsu found himself sitting among his friends, eating Red Mill’s famous cheeseburger with chilly cheese fries on the side and a tall glass of soda. Yoohwan was standing at the corner and Jungsu was glad his friends were already accustomed to the other’s stagnant presence now. They had given up few months ago trying to get Yoohwan to sit with them.

“…and then she said I have to take remedial classes every day until finals! Can you believe that?” Jonghyun pouted as he told the group what an awful teacher Han-seonsangnim was.

Onew snatched a chilly-covered fries from Jungsu’s plate. “You’re spending too much time at game center, dude, that’s why you got a D minus on Algebra.”

Taemin gave his friend a sympathetic look. “I’ll help you study, Hyung, don’t worry.”

It was like Christmas came early for Jonghyun. The conversation then turned to the upcoming finals. In few months they would be seniors, a point where all students needed to think really hard about what they were going to do after graduate, which universities they were going to apply to. But that all could wait, right now Jungsu was happy to be with his friends, doing normal stuffs despite abnormal things going on back at the mansion.

“So,” Key said, “any plans this weekend?”

Minho looked excited. “There’s this new club opened downtown and I heard it’s totally awesome. The chicks are hot, the drinks are mind blowing and the décor is just amazing. My friend is one of the bartenders there and he said he can get us in this Friday.”

“That one on 5th Avenue?” Onew jumped in, “My cousin told me about it.”

“Yeah that one,” Minho agreed as he snatched an onion ring.

“Cool. Let’s go there.”

“You’re coming too right?” Key turned to look at Jungsu.

“Sure,” Jungsu answered with a smile. He heard Yoohwan snorted from the corner, but by the time he looked at him, the older male had resumed his usual stoic expression. Jungsu smirked, Yoohwan would need to cover for him again; there’s no way Jae-hyung would allow him going to a club.


“Got a minute?”

Kangin looked up just in time to see Jungsu casually opened the door and walked into his office like he practically owned the room. No matter how many times he had told the younger man that this office was off limits especially if he was working in it, the student always ignored it. The fact that he was the only person in the world who dared ignoring it also didn’t help Kangin one bit. Focusing back on the report he was reading, the Don replied, “If I said no, would it stop you?”

“No,” Jungsu answered cheerfully.

Kangin had the decency not to roll his eyes as Jungsu plopped down on the sofa, “So here’s the thing. I’ve been invited to Minho’s party this Friday. I can go right?”

The Don eyed the young man in front of him and felt a bit sense of proud. Jungsu had grown up well, he was very different with the small child he found at the bunker all those years ago. Although remain lithe, Jungsu was very good looking. He had light brown hair that was really soft to touch, pale skin that refused to got tan no matter how many hours he had spent sunbathing, and of course: a gorgeous smile that just melted anyone and everyone who saw it, Kangin included. Add a beautiful dimple to that and it was the most perfect smile in the world.

He was in his second year in high school now, a private school in downtown Seoul. Jaejoong had successfully convinced The Don to let Jungsu experienced things as normal as possible, and they enrolled him to schools instead after two years of private tutoring. It made Jungsu considerably older than his classmates, but it was all worth it. The boy was kind and everybody loved him, a bit mischievous at times but that was expected, he was in his teenage years after all. Soon he would even have a girlfriend.

Or maybe a boyfriend because Jungsu had spent his life growing up in a house full of gay males and testosterone. But all in all, he was good. He remained incredibly attached to Jaejoong and Yunho in particular, but he’d seek Kangin’s help sometimes, especially if it involved something that would probably not get approved by Jaejoong. Apparently this was one of those times. Kangin raised an eyebrow, “Why are you talking to me, you should ask Jaejoong or Yunho for permission and not me.”

“But you’re their boss,” Jungsu pointed out, “If you said yes, they can’t say no. Hence, the permission.”

“Which one is Minho again? And why is he inviting you?”

Jungsu gave his hyung a condescending look that made Kangin hid a smile. “He’s my friend, of course he’s inviting me. So…. I can go right?”


“Jungsu, are you sure this is wise?” Yoohwan cautiously asked in the car. They were on their way to that new club downtown, and so far the student hadn’t listened to any warning words he had said. He had tried to dissuade the other from coming, especially after he heard the name of the club, unfortunately Jungsu was adamant in his decision.

Trouble –the club’s name– was literally a trouble for Yoohwan right now. Sure the club was young and hip and the new ‘it’ in town, but this was also Kangin’s newest club. He was sure that the Don didn’t know that these underage highschool-ers would come here or otherwise he wouldn’t have given Jungsu his permission. Yoohwan was so dead if somehow the Don knew about this. And let’s not even talk about what Jaejoong and Yunho would do.

Jungsu shrugged casually, “You worry too much, Hyung. We’re just going to a club, that’s all. It’s not like this is the first time we’re going clubbing.”

“Promise you won’t get drunk again? And leave before 1 AM?”

The student rolled his eyes. “Yes yes yes, I promise. Oh look, we’re here!” He hopped down from the car excitedly and joined his friends who all stood together waiting for him.

Yoohwan crossed his fingers and began praying to every deity above that Jungsu wouldn’t get any trouble tonight. Well, try to think on the bright side here, he thought to himself, at least he’s not going to Choi Family’s club or something. He then approached the bouncer, and nodded when the bulky man acknowledged him. With few well-placed words, the bouncer agreed not to tell any of main members and especially not the Don about this. Fortunately Jungsu didn’t seem to notice the exchange as he was still engrossed in heated discussion with Minho about a new online game.

Fifteen minutes later they were all inside. Jungsu looked around him in awe. Minho wasn’t joking when he said this club was popular, it was packed with people everywhere. Thankfully they managed to get a booth at one corner and Minho’s friend promised them one round of free drinks. Yoohwan tried not to grimace when he saw them all took down tequila in one shot, but Jungsu flashed him a smile. “Don’t worry hyung, here, drink up,” he said as he pushed a glass towards Yoohwan.

The bodyguard simply shook his head. “I don’t drink during working hours.”

“Oh come on,” Key protested, “you need to relax man, nothing can happen to Jungsu here.”

“On the contrary, all sorts of things can happen here.”

Jonghyun rolled his eyes. “Seriously dude, don’t you ever smile?” When Yoohwan didn’t respond and simply gave him a look that said: mind-your-own-business, Jonghyun tactfully said, “I’m going to buy us some more drinks.” And with that he went to the bar.

“I’m going to dance,” Jungsu suddenly said and got up, “Don’t follow me Hyung.”

Yoohwan sighed. He knew that Jungsu was a bit irritated at him for refusing the drink and not relaxing. It wasn’t as if he didn’t understand what the young man gone through. Contrary of what people might think, having a bodyguard following you everywhere wasn’t as amazing as it seemed. Jungsu was a teenager after all; in a period where defying parents, sneaking away and staying out late were considered cool and having Yoohwan around kind of put damp into it. Jungsu never complained however, he accepted his fate without getting cranky like any other kids might have and he never goes somewhere without telling Yoohwan first. But sometimes his puberty emotions got the better of him.

“I’ll go with him,” Onew said and Yoohwan shot him a grateful look. Onew was responsible enough, and despite being younger than Jungsu, he would keep Yoohwan’s charge out of trouble. Besides Yoohwan always eyed Jungsu so if there’s something suspicious going on he could always step in immediately.

Unfortunately it seemed that Lady Luck was not in his side tonight. All his prayers and hopes were dashed to the ground when he heard a commotion somewhere on the dance floor exactly twenty minutes after Jungsu started dancing; a fight broke out.


One hour later, Yoohwan was standing in front of a very tall, imposing and angry Yunho. He fidgeted a bit, feeling like a young kid all over again who just made biggest trouble in school or something. Which he kind of technically was; this was his biggest trouble yet.

Apparently some drunken asshole tried to grope Onew and Jungsu, being a good friend that he was, saw that as a totally offending gesture. Add that to an awful mood he had before and all hell broke loose on that crowded dance floor. Cursing words and insults were exchanged and the asshole’s friends came over to help. Yoohwan didn’t get there in time because he had to push through thick crowd and by the time he got there Jungsu was already sporting broken lips and few bruises.

Few burly securities broke up the fight immediately and threw asshole and asshole’s friends out from the club. However as per club policy & Kim Family’s rules, they needed to report this in the club’s log documentary and it would only take minutes before this incident reported to the Family. Yoohwan had every hope that somehow none of the main members would know about this, but Siwon the Consigliere –by a very twisted and worst misfortune in the world– was checking the club’s records this very night. When he saw the footage of the fight, of course he’d recognize Jungsu immediately.

One phone call to the Don and Yoohwan was doomed.

Fortunately Kangin was in a business meeting and thus was unable to come himself. In his place, he sent Yunho and Jaejoong. Yoohwan honestly didn’t know which one he preferred to take: the scary Don or the angry ‘parents.’ But looking at his current condition, he wished Kangin was the one who came.

Yunho definitely cut a very terrifying figure when he was angry. He didn’t throw tantrum or screaming his voice hoarse like Heechul or throwing tables over like Kangin. He just stood there, arms crossed, eyes glaring –promising a painful death– and exuded anger from every pores. This was the scariest kind of angry in Yoohwan’s opinion. The younger male cleared his throat uncomfortably. “I apologize for what happened tonight, Sir. I was careless in my task.”

After few agonizing moments, Yunho finally replied. “I don’t understand, why is it so hard for him to understand his situation?”

Yoohwan knew it was a rhetorical question and he wisely remained silent. It wasn’t his place to give opinion, if Yunho wanted to know the answer he needed to talk to Jungsu himself. Yoohwan was only a bodyguard and his job was to protect the boy, a task he failed miserably tonight.

“I don’t blame you,” Yunho said again, “he needs to understand it himself. I’m sure you’ve done your best. But… tell me honestly, is this his first time coming to nightclub?”

“Yunho, I’m not allowed to discuss the behavior of my protectee.”

“I can assure you, he’s not in any kind of trouble. Well Jaejoong would give him a punishment of some sorts, but that’s all. It’s not like he’s grounded or anything.”

“I understand, but I’m not allowed to discuss the behavior of my protectee,” Yoohwan repeated. The older member gave him a look, and so Yoohwan felt the need to explain further. “Hyung, I can’t protect him if it feels like he has to do things behind my back. I’m not allowed to discuss the behavior of my protectee.”

The doctor sighed. “You’re right, I’m sorry about that.” Yunho ran a frustrated hand through his hair and began pacing around the room. He finally stopped before plopping down on a sofa. He glanced at the closed door across the room, where Jaejoong was also having a discussion with Jungsu. So far there was no shouting so maybe that was a good sign.


Jungsu pouted at the older male in front of him, but Jaejoong simply narrowed his eyes and glared back. The young teenager had a cut lip and bruised cheek, but Yunho had applied some to reduce the swelling before Jaejoong dragged Jungsu away to have very firm discussion.

“Tell me again why you did this?”

“He was groping Onew!”

“Not that!” Jaejoong snapped back, “I mean what the hell you were doing there? And the breathalyzer shows that you’ve been drinking by the way.”

The student looked away and mumbled, “Yes I have.”

“Do you realize that you’re still underage?”

“I know that Hyung!” Jungsu was shouting his voice now, “I’m not that stupid, I know that I’m underage and I still did it anyway, so what?”

The novelist massaged his temples, feeling a full blown headache coming his way. “Do you even know the gravity of this situation? You’ve sneaked out, you’ve been drinking, you’re going clubbing, what’s next? You can get killed out there you know that? You’re living with The Don of Kim Family, a lot of people are looking for ways to kidnap you for ransom or favor. Have you forgotten those times when you’ve been kidnapped by the Kang Family?”

“…I haven’t.”

“Then why are you still doing it?!”

“Because I want to, alright! I want to do what my friends do, why is it so hard for you understand?” Jungsu looked at his guardian pleadingly. “I know that I’m not normal okay? I’m the only kid who’s been locked up by their own parents in a fucking bunker. But despite that I still want to experience normal things like my friends, I want to try doing new things with them. Some of those things might be stupid and completely idiotic but those are still things I want to do.”

Jaejoong didn’t say anything.

“I know you’re angry Hyung and I’m sorry for making you worry,” Jungsu mumbled again, looking down at the ground. He didn’t mean to make his guardians angry like this and he was pretty sure Yoohwan was getting some trouble from Yunho right now. Then guilty feeling of disappointing the people he loved was too overwhelming. He closed his eyes, willing for the tears to stay at bay. He was a high school student for god’s sake, he couldn’t cry.

“Hey,” a soft whisper made Jungsu looked into his Hyung’s concerned eyes.

Jaejoong kneeled in front of the young male, realizing from Jungsu’s expression that the teenager was already regretting this incident. He wasn’t upset at him anymore. He knew perfectly well what went through the other’s mind and was now more worried about the fact that Jungsu actually remembered those horrible times when he was imprisoned. Jungsu never said anything so Jaejoong had assumed that the boy must’ve forgotten about it.

And those things that Jungsu said made perfect sense. Those are just parts of experience, every high school kid does that. Jungsu just had more special condition compared to the others but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t entitled to experience normal things. However he still needed to understand that his special upbringing might make things even more difficult and those things could be permitted easily if he was just be honest with his guardians. And honestly, that was all Jaejoong asked for.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” Jaejoong said, “I shouldn’t have. But the next time you want to go out, just let us know alright? And tell the truth. Don’t sneak around like this. We’ll give you permission as long as it’s understandable. You have to understand that because you’re living with us, there are dangers everywhere.”

Jungsu remained silent, and the author took that as a good sign. “We want you to grow up like any other kids; that’s why Kangin goes through all the effort to keep you safe. Because he knows it’s more dangerous for you than your friends to go anywhere without proper supervision.”

“You’re right, Hyung,” Jungsu whispered back, “I’m sorry, I really am.” He then bit his lip, “Is Kangin-hyung angry with me?”

“I haven’t spoken to him, but I don’t think he’s angry. He might give you cold shoulder few days though.”

The teenager swallowed. “I understand.”

“Well now,” Jaejoong spoke in lighter tone, “is there anything else I need to know about you? Belly button rings, tattoo, porn?”

At the mention of the word ‘porn’ Jungsu grimaced and it didn’t go unnoticed by Jaejoong. Jungsu shrugged defensively and pouted again. “Don’t look so surprised, Hyung, everybody reads them. Playboys, porn, those kinds of thing.”

Jaejoong looked at the teenager rather mournfully. “Please tell me you don’t do drugs.”


“Oh dear lord.”

“It was only marijuana! And it was only one time, I promise!”

-End Chapter 12-

Author's Note: Teenage!Jungsu ^^ He's much harder to write than kid!Jungsu but I think it's worth the trouble. I want to show what's been going through in his mind, he's the main character in the whole story after all alongside with Kangin. Hopefully this is interesting enough, he's much normal now, no longer the crying/scared child we all know and secretly loved :)

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