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Suju Fanfic: Waiting on the Broken Glass

Title: Waiting on the Broken Glass
Main pairing: Siwon x Kyuhyun
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Warnings: boy x boy relationship, angst
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: The invitation came in traditional way.

Author’s Note:I don't know what happened. This idea just came by and refused to leave until I write them all ORZ. Very short though, only 1200 words. And very general. This was written in a rush, so definitely unbeta-ed and please excuse the grammar mistakes.
There will be no sequel for this, kindly help not to ask :)


Waiting on the Broken Glass
By: Sharl

The invitation came in traditional way.

For someone as technology adapt as Kyuhyun, Siwon thought the man would sent him an email. Or perhaps a text message, over an online chat or something. But he hadn’t spoken with him over seven years now so they’ve lost every communication method except each other’s mail address. Besides this was not an ordinary event.

This was Kyuhyun’s wedding.


He wasn’t exactly clear on what had happened between them. They used to be so happy. Their friends used to joke that they were a match made in heaven, a joke that would make Siwon smile goofily and Kyuhyun roll his eyes.

But then college ended and the reality happened. They quickly realized that not all dreams came true. Siwon was forced to look for work downtown while Kyuhyun chose to stay in their small town. He said he couldn’t leave his parents alone. They both promised things wouldn’t change.

Reality was a bastard, unyielding cold-blooded jackass. Siwon’s job as a stock broker was demanding. His clients were hard to pleased, while Kyuhyun was more forgiving. In the end he had to prioritize. Things changed. Their communication was reduced from everyday to once a week, maybe two weeks. There were no more phone calls, only short text messages and voicemail.

The last time they did meet each other face to face, it was seven years ago. They were both in bad mood. Kyuhyun didn’t understand while Siwon didn’t want to explain. The once easy going relationship became so taxing, so demanding.

They were shouting at each other and by the end of the day, Siwon had slammed the door of Kyuhyun’s house and walked away.


He tried to repair the damage once.

Siwon had gone back to their small town that day. He had missed Kyuhyun, he still did. He brought plenty of gifts from the city, gadgets he knew Kyuhyun loved to use but were hard to find in their small town. Some might not even be functioning, 4G connection was only in big cities after all but perhaps one day it would be available there. Kyuhyun could brag to his friends that he had owned the hardware even before the software was introduced.

He had just stepped off the train when he recognized him. He couldn’t forget that silhouette; he had seen it far too many times as they lay on the same bed. What he didn’t recognize however, was the girl who held hand with Kyuhyun.

She was pretty, not all touched-up and expensive like city girls, but natural and refreshing.

He had stood dumbly at the railway. His heart was breaking into tiny little pieces like little pebbles as Kyuhyun smiled at the girl before hugging her. That smiled used to be directed at him, the same beautiful smile when Siwon said or did something stupid.

But the smile wasn’t his anymore.

Still, he refused to give up.

He just chose to turn around and boarded the next train, leaving their small town and his heart behind.


The phone rang, the unfamiliar ringtone sounded very shrill amidst the sacred silence of his apartment. It took Siwon almost ten seconds to recognize that it was his phone that was ringing. He looked at the display; the name he hadn’t seen for a long time appeared.

It took him an embarrassingly fifteen seconds to consider picking up. And another five until he finally did.


…hey,” the voice from the other line was hesitant; as if it wasn’t sure it did the right thing by contacting Siwon.

“How are you?” Siwon asked after a brief awkward –agonizing– silence.

The other line didn’t answer immediately. Both realized the same thing: it wasn’t the question you’re supposed to ask towards someone whom you used to be very close with. It was distant, uncaring that almost bordering on disrespectful.

Siwon’s mind whirled with thousands questions. When did they fell apart like this? When things had become so awkward?

I’m fine, thank you.

“Good.” He didn’t know what else he’s supposed to say. They were back to silent after that.

…have you received the invitation?

There it was, the question he had been dreading to hear. The one which made him hesitant to pick up in the first place. Siwon didn’t know –but maybe he didn’t want to either, to answer that. Because he knew it would lead to another question and another and another. Siwon knew how stubborn the other man could be.

“Yes I have. It’s a beautiful invitation.” The answer was general, a mere politeness because they both knew he didn’t really mean it.

Changmin is the best man.

“Oh,” Siwon said. That was expected though, he knew Changmin was a very good friend. What was embarrassing for him was that he needed to be told about this information. They had joked around back then, guessing which amongst their friends would be each other’s best man if one day they wed. They were very close friends after all, the eight friends weren’t nicknamed ‘The Secret Society’ by their professors for no reason.

Siwon still had their graduation pictures, him with Donghae, Eunhyuk, Henry, Changmin, Yunho, Minho and Kyuhyun. They were all wearing their fraternity jackets, big smiles on their faces as they finally took one step on the real world. It was the last picture of the group as a whole.

Siwon, are you still there?

He refrained himself from walking down the precious memory lane. That was the past, this was now. “Yes I’m here. Sorry, I was just spacing out a bit.”

Oh. Okay.” The reply was short. Siwon remembered the time when they would tease him if he was spacing out, calling him names and joking around with smiles and laughter. But now? Look at what seven years did to their friendship. This was his own doing however. He had made the bed and he had to lie in it.

Are you going to… the wedding?

It took Siwon nearly one full minute, with the other line waited patiently knowing this was a painful question for Siwon to answer. At the end though, he still didn’t know the answer. His mind told him he should go, but could he? “I don’t know,” he heard himself answering truthfully.

The reply again didn’t come immediately. “I would say that you should go, you owe him that much at least. But then again I can’t force you knowing how painful it must be. I’ll make up some excuses if you don’t come so don’t worry about that.

Siwon never felt more thankful. He knew he could always trust Donghae, even when they hadn’t seen each other in long time. “Thank you,” he said gratefully. “Thank you, Hae.”


At the end, he came to the wedding. Donghae was right, Siwon owed Kyuhyun that much at least.

As Siwon watched the love of his life waited for his beautiful bride at the aisle, he tried to smile, he really did. He wasn’t surprised though when ultimately he failed in the end. She was breathtaking in her wedding gown; he was dashing in his white suit, happiness shone from those features Siwon still loved.

It sucked when you know that you needed to let go but you couldn’t because you’re still waiting for the impossible to happen.

-End of Story-
Tags: fandom: suju, pairing: siwon x kyuhyun

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