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Suju Fanfic: Loyalty

Title: Loyalty
Pairing: NONE. Kibum centric.
Genre: Suspense
Rating: R for language
Warnings: Mentions of CHILD ABUSE
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Serves as a companion fic for 'A Thousand Beautiful Things'. When Kibum was nine, he knew his mother was a street whore.

Author’s Note: Hi guys, this is yet another one shot companion fic I’ve made for ‘A Thousand Beautiful Things’ which I haven’t abandoned, not at all. Please expect an update in few days :D There was no definite timeline for this because basically this serves as background fic for Kibum.

For those who haven’t read the main story, I suggest you might want to read it first because otherwise some of the references here won't make sense.


By: Sharl

When Kibum was nine, he knew his mother was a street whore.

Prostitute was obviously the better term, but Kibum knew his mother didn’t deserve it. She was a whore. Her brother said so, the neighbors in their shitty apartment said so; Kibum said so. She had no job, no degree, no nothing. She did have some skill in bed, or at least that’s how Kibum thought she had landed his father in the first place.

Why would he bed her anyway?

She might be beautiful once although Kibum wouldn’t know since there were no photographs or pictures. But now she was the face of utter destruction. Combine that with alcohol and drugs, even the most beautiful queen would be hideous. She didn’t take care of herself, let alone taking care of her son.

“If only I chose the abortion instead of keeping you!”

She always said that, constantly, unyieldingly, without any second thought. She said those words when she was sober, and said them again when she was drunk so Kibum knew it must be how she really felt towards him.

The unforgiving words were harsh to an adult; imagine them to be uttered to a child?

He was always alone in that shitty apartment of their since he could remember. Well, he wasn’t really alone. Technically his mother was there with him, but she was always under alcohol influence, or sleeping, or crying or throwing things at him so it felt like he was alone. It didn’t make a difference anyway. She couldn’t do anything to help him.

They needed money to survive and he knew she had some – his father always sent them money every month. They were always delivered by a man wearing a suit whom Kibum thought was his father, but turned out he wasn’t. That man was his father’s assistant or something. His father himself never showed up.

The moment the money was delivered, his mother would immediately use them to buy more alcohols. And then she’d tell Kibum to beg on the street, because apparently pedestrians were more sympathetic towards small, malnourished boy than any other.

So when their neighbors said that she was a street whore, Kibum easily believed that. He didn’t know what it means at first, but one of his friends told him one day, and Kibum thought the term was very fitting. And he knew it was the most insulting word to call to a woman, so he gleefully called his mother that (in his mind of course, since she’d beat the crap out of him if she heard him saying it).


When Kibum was twelve, his mother died.

It was so suddenly. One day he found her lying on her bed (the only bed in the apartment because he always slept on the floor) and she didn’t move anymore. Some said it was suicide; others say it was due to her alcoholism and drugs. Kibum thought it didn’t matter. What matter was that his mother was now dead.

The street whore was dead.

He didn’t know what he was supposed to feel as a son whose mother was found dead in their apartment, but he knew what felt: freedom.

The feeling was addicting, like happiness or joy or those positive emotions he heard his friends talked about since forever. Kibum didn’t want the feeling to end. It seemed like there was nothing that could break his good mood when his mother died, not even when the neighbors shot him odd glance, saying that he was really an ungrateful bastard. They can say anything they want because as long as his mother was dead, Kibum would be free.

The man who always came to give them money visited one week later. He was surprised when Kibum said the street whore was dead. He then gave Kibum the money and Kibum was shocked. He had never seen so much money in his life. Not even a six months worth of begging at the street could amount to that.

To think the street whore always used them to buy alcohol…

Kibum smiled. Thank god she’s dead now.

For a nine months rent in her womb, she was asking too high of a rent price.

The man said that he had to tell Kibum’s father that his mother was no longer alive, and he said that maybe Kibum had to live with his father later. He couldn’t continue living alone in that apartment because sooner or later the social workers would come knocking.

Kibum said alright, as long as he still had the money every month. Those were the only source of income and in his mind, they were the only things that he could use to buy food. The man said he didn’t the money later when he lived with his father, but Kibum insisted that he needed the money. Finally the man relented, saying that he’d speak to Kibum’s father.

One week later the man came again, this time accompanied by another man who introduced himself as Kibum’s father.

Kibum frowned. He didn’t see any resemblance between them but his father said that they had the same eyes and nose so Kibum believed him. It didn’t matter anyway. His father could say anything he wanted because he was the only one who sent Kibum money. It was more than whatever the street whore had ever done.

It turned out that his father was the brother of the Don from some big Family called the Kim Family. Kibum was the result of a one night stand between him and the street whore, and surprisingly Kibum’s father took responsibility. He even apologized for hiding Kibum in the shitty apartment for so long while in fact, he could bring him back home together to live with him.

Kibum only shrugged, understanding that his father was also a man. He had his fair share of shame and apparently the street whore (Kibum included) was one of them.

When his father asked Kibum to live with him, Kibum didn’t need to think twice before accepting the offer. The man seemed nice and he agreed to keep sending him money anyway so Kibum would get free food and free place to live and even allowance.

He agreed to stay with his father at the Kim Family mansion.

He was taught how to handle a gun the next day.


When Kibum was thirteen, he met Kangin for the first time.

Kangin was the son of the Don from Kim Family so it made him the next heir, the next Don. Kangin said that because Kibum’s father was the brother of Kangin’s father; logically that made him and Kangin as cousins. Half-blood cousins, but still cousins.

Kibum frowned, saying that his mother was a street whore, not from a respected Family like Kangin’s mother and would that bring Kangin shame?

Kangin laughed, asking back why it should matter.

Kibum nodded, not wanting to admit how relieve he actually was when Kangin confirmed it didn’t matter. It had bring him his own problems before, because no matter what his father said, his father’s wife still wouldn’t accept a bastard son from a street whore lived with her.

Kangin was few years older than Kibum but not much. He said that Kibum was surprisingly good with guns but Kibum knew that Kangin was more skillful.

They practiced together ever since and after few months Kangin introduced him to another one of their cousins called Heechul. Few days later, Siwon also joined their practice session. There was another teenager called Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun preferred to work at the computer lab instead of practice range so Kibum didn’t see him often.

For the first time in his life Kibum had friends and it was all thanks to Kangin.

He knew then he would do everything, anything, for this man.

If Kangin asked him to jump, Kibum would say how high. If Kangin said to get ten million won, Kibum would get twenty. His life was no longer his own, it was Kangin’s and the next Don could do anything he saw fit with Kibum’s life.


When Kibum was twenty one, he was given the task to infiltrate Choi Family ranks.

Choi Family was a rival family. They were one of the biggest Families, but somehow there was very little information of them. They were a bunch of tight up bastards and even the lowest rank members kept their mouth shut tightly. Espionage and infiltration was the only choice.

Kibum knew the choice would fall on him. Kangin needed someone he can trust and Kibum knew the Don trusted him. Yes, the Don. Kangin’s father had passed away years ago and the position went to Kangin as the heir. It was hard for first few years since Kangin was still young. They couldn’t trust him yet but they did in the end. Respect was earned and leadership was developed.

However there was the issue with the Choi Family and Kangin realized that he needed to get more information on them.

So when Kangin asked him to infiltrate the ranks, Kibum said yes without a moment’s doubt. Whatever Kangin wanted, Kibum would get it for him.

It wasn’t easy trying to infiltrate a rival Family, but Kibum was not known as an active member of Kim Family anyway. He was always stayed hidden, living at the mansions and rarely went out. Only the high ranking members know of him and so there were almost no record of him anywhere.

But still Kibum took precautions. The moment Kangin gave him this task, Kibum knew he had to have new identity. And so he created one. He forged passports, IDs, driving license and undergo plastic surgery so that he would get a perfectly new valid identity.

It took time and a lot of patience, but finally one of the members from Choi Family approached him.

He took Kibum to the Choi Family mansion and Kibum began his days as the lowest rank member of Choi Family. He limited the contact with Kim Family, and sometimes even disappeared for months without any notification because these Chois were not only secretive, but also very suspicious even to their own members. The information stayed within the closest ranks only.

And so Kibum stayed low. He cultivated every single information and data that he could get and passed them to the Kim Family.

Because whatever Kangin wanted, Kibum would get it for him.

They said that the strength of a Family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other. And Kibum was loyal to Kangin, The Don of Kim Family, even if it was the last thing he would do in god’s green earth.

He swore it on his own fucking life, the worthless life of a bastard son from a street whore.

-End of Story-
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