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DBSK Fic: Mansions Built Upon Sand (03/??)

Title: Mansions Built Upon Sand
Main Pairing: Changmin x Junsu, Yunho x Yoochun
Rating: PG-13 for now
Warnings: male x male relationship, lots of spells and magical references
Disclaimer: I do not own either Super Junior/DBSK/JYJ
Summary: Harry Potter!AU. All Slytherin wore masks, Changmin and Junsu were no exception. One step outside their dungeon and the masks would be in place.

Unbeta-ed. All mistakes are mine.

Original Junsu fan-edit is not mine.

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Chapter One
Chapter Two

Mansions Built Upon Sand
Chapter Three
By: Sharl

Yoochun sighed internally as he trudged unwillingly through the snowy path alone. He hated snow. He hated the cold, he hated the frosty air and he hated the fact that Jung bloody Yunho was walking merrily with his Gryffindor so-called-friends in front of him without noticing the half-Veela at all. The-Boy-Who-Lived was obviously very happy right now, the gangly redhead Lee Hyukjae was saying something funny and of course it brought a chorus of laughter amongst the Gryffindors.

Changmin once again had emphasized to him the importance of telling Jung Yunho the whole Veela business, even so much putting The Vacillate Veela, How To Tell Your Mate by Fleur Delacour on Yoochun’s desk that morning. Changmin should mind his own business, but Yoochun knew he was worried more than anything. And Changmin was right, as usual. Yoochun ought to tell Jung Yunho about this, but it was easier said than done.

He himself was horrified the moment he realized that the Boy-Who-Lived was his mate, and Jung Yunho’s hatred towards Slytherins was notorious. He thought all Slytherins were supporters of You-Know-Who, unaware that some of them were only doing because they had no other choice. They were only doing their parents’ bidding.

Majority of Slytherin families were old families and of course pureblooded, Yoochun himself wasn’t one of them but even his wizard of a father came from prestigious family. It was unfortunate that most of their parents chose to fall in the footsteps’ of You-Know-Who. And after the great Jung Yunho finally killed him, the Aurors wanted to tear down on the supporting families; and dip their hands on the fortunes of course.

But Slytherins were nothing if not cunning. They had tied all fortunes to the estates and unless the Aurors could change the law (only the Minister of Magic could do that and Yoochun sincerely doubted that Changmin’s father would agree to it), the fortunes remained with the family.

Yoochun was one of the lucky ones, as his Veela mother disliked You-Know-Who very much; she had called him ‘unpleasant to look at’. And because his father was truly enchanted with his mother’s charms, he couldn’t actively support You-Know-Who and magically You-Know-Who had believed it.

Other children, however, were not so fortunate. They were forced to join with the Death Eaters, otherwise they would be disowned. Yoochun knew that Jaejoong was one of those and he had suffered greatly because of it. Thankfully it didn’t last long before Jung Yunho finally killed You-Know-Who.

In a way, of course Yoochun was thankful towards the Boy-Who-Lived. Things had been back to normal since then. Well, as normal as a half-Veela who didn’t dare to tell on his mate could be. Why, oh why did it have to be Jung bloody Yunho?

Suddenly someone called him. “Yoochun!”

Yoochun cursed everything under You-Know-Who’s name when he heard Jaejoong’s voice. The prefect didn’t only blow Yoochun’s presence to all the bloody Gryffindors, but also made Jung Yunho turned around, and Yoochun watched how the merriment on Jung Yunho’s face dwindled until it was nonexistent.

Jaejoong was running towards him, his perfect complexion (sometimes he wondered if Jaejoong was the Veela instead of him, the man was just too pretty) was slightly out of breath. “A couple of second years were suddenly ill and I have to take them back to the castle. I’m sorry; I’ll see you later at dinner!”

And just like that Jaejoong was gone. Yoochun scowled at his friend’s back. Why did Jaejoong has to be such a perfect prefect? This was Hogsmeade’s week for Merlin’s sake! Jaejoong was supposed to accompany him especially since Changmin and Junsu were gone home; not abandoning him in the middle of hostile Gryffindors like this.

Lee Hyukjae’s annoying voice broke the silence. “All alone there, Park?” he asked snidely.

“Aww, the poor little Death Eater is all by himself?” taunted another bloody Gryffindor, Lee Donghae. “What will your Daddy say?”

His familiar haughty mask settled first before Yoochun turned around to face the others. “If you must know, Lee,” Yoochun arched an eyebrow, “Father would tell me to lay a hex on you good and proper for trying to intervene with something that is obviously not your business.”

Lee Donghae seemed more than irritated but soon he recovered and continued to taunt. “Are you going to throw Unforgivable Curses at us now? Go on Park, go on.”

Yoochun pretended to gasp and be confused for a second, before an intentional pity expression settled on his face. “It is illegal to do Unforgiveables, Lee, or do you not know? My, what on Merlin’s name have you learned during your five years at Hogwarts?”

Lee Hyukjae turned bright red. “Now see here-“

“Enough,” Yoochun cut him off, “I can see that we will not get anywhere if this keeps up. I can do better things with my time.” With that he turned around and walked away, ignoring the way Jung bloody Yunho frowned at him. Something deep inside Yoochun screamed at him, because he was not supposed to leave his mate like that but Yoochun would be damned if he had anything to do with it. He still had his pride, and thank Merlin the urge was not yet strong.

“Oy! Don’t run now, Park!” Lee Donghae shouted after him.

“Stop it, ‘Hae,” Yoochun could hear Jung Yunho’s voice, “let him go. He’s not worth it.”

Yoochun bit his lip. Those words hurt, and the hurt quadrupled by the fact that his mate was the one who said it. Quietly he made his way to the castle, knowing that even though Jaejoong was a perfect prefect who took his duties very seriously, he’d need only one look to know that Yoochun needed comfort.

Hidden in the dungeon walls, Slytherins stuck to each other after all.


It was late at night when his father finally reached home. Changmin was ready to give up on him, so to speak, but Junsu seemed to enjoy the conversation thoroughly. He answered every question Changmin’s mother asked him with enthusiasm, and he became more and more of himself as time passed by. Junsu laughed a lot, and when Junsu was happy, Changmin was happy.

He took a sip on his warm milk tea, which somehow tasted different than the one in Hogwarts. Their tea was supposed to be long cold, but good Dobby enchanted the tea with warming spells so that it would stay warm. If his mother hadn’t stopped the house elf, it would have put a refilling charm with the sandwiches and tea.

The conversation topic had turned from O.W.L to lessons and now to Quidditch when Changmin’s father walked into the sun room.

“My dear,” his father came up behind his mother and kissed her tenderly, “I’m sorry for being late.”

Changmin rolled his eyes. It had years and years since his parents got married, but they still acted like newlyweds. But then Junsu giggled, his eyes twinkled at Changmin’s direction and Changmin patted his boyfriend’s head affectionately.

“How was your day?” his mother asked.

The Minister of Magic grimaced in a very non-Slytherin fashion. “Terrible. The Wizengamot are being terribly difficult today, it grows worse it seems every month. Few of them have even mentioned that there should be some new laws to exile purebloods from wizarding society.”

“And I suppose so that the purebloods’ fortunes will no longer be theirs as well?” Changmin jumped in to the conversation. He had long heard of the situation now that Voldemort had been killed. Since some of the pureblood were Death Eaters, or at least supporters of Voldemort’s, they now took the end of a stick. Many of discontent wizards and witches, particularly those who came from muggle-born bore contempt against them.

Changmin realized the purebloods were to blame too, after all it was their choice to support Voldemort. But he also understood that not all of them could be as fortunate as his father, who had been a spy in the Dark Lord’s inner circle and thus played a part to Voldemort’s diminishing power. They even made him Ministry of Magic so that he could play the part better. And after the Dark Lord was gone, it only took Changmin’s father few well-placed words and briberies to keep his position in place.

What was the most disturbing of all however, was the fact that the purebloods’ children were also forced to pay for their parents’ foolishness. They now faced prejudice and disdain from the society, when as a matter of fact it was their parents’ who forced them to join Death Eater ranks. Changmin knew this to be true, particularly those in Slytherin.

The three other houses looked down their noses at them. They felt that purebloods should be held responsible, especially the Gryffindors since the Boy-Who-Lived was in their house. It didn’t matter that when Jung Yunho needed his friends the most, they probably had turned their backs at him the moment something went wrong.

It made things worse that Dumbledore did nothing whenever he witnessed any of this so-called-bullying. Any Slytherin who had ventured in the castle on his or her own was to be a victim of pranks, taunts and harmless hexes. Granted, Madame Pomfrey could fix any of resulting effects soon after, but it was not supposed to be that way.

All of Slytherin, save for a few, came from wealth beyond the wildest imagination. They had been brought up as cunning heirs earlier than they were taught to walk. While other children had played around during childhood, most Slytherins were learning spells and maintaining their façade. And so it was humiliating beyond count to go from the top of the world to the very bottom of it. More so with the fact that the world itself was against them.

But it was not the shame that made Changmin and the rest of Slytherin nuts. It was the fact that they, not even legal of age, must pay a heavy price for things that were not their own fault. It was hardly fair, and whoever thought that muggle-born wizards and witches were not jealous of pureblood’s fortunes are clearly mad.

“Yes, I suppose it is their goal after all,” his father replied, “these bloody leeches just can’t get enough, can they? It is good to see you again, my son, and you too, Junsu.”

Junsu smiled brightly, and Changmin was glad that his boyfriend didn’t have to pretend, none of them did, when they were at the safety of their own houses. Junsu seemed much better and none of the trace of Forgetfulness Potion was on him.

“Let us have dinner, now that we are all here,” his mother stood up. She took Junsu’s hand and together they made their way to the dining room, laughing as they went. His mother gave him a knowing smile when Junsu was not looking. Changmin knew what it meant: his father had something to say to him.

True enough, as soon as they were alone, his father bore a serious look on his face. “How is Junsu?” He knew all the business with the headmaster; since Changmin was very angry that one time when Dumbledore fucked him and had to tell his father how the old man had treated Junsu.

“Same as usual. Today is the usual ‘catch up’ day.” Changmin replied bitterly. “What do you want to speak about, father?”

His father took a deep breath. “Hang on to your horses, but I think we can kill two birds with one stone. Don’t tell Junsu yet, but perhaps we can free him from Dumbledore’s grasp, and we can make things better for pureblood soon enough.”

It was the best news Changmin’s had in years. “What do you want me to do?”

His father didn’t answer and merely gave him a calculating look, the one he usually gave when he wanted Changmin to think by himself and find the answer. “What is the thing that matter the most to Dumbledore?”

The answer dawned to Changmin then. “The Golden Boy.” Of course, the Boy-Who-Lived would be the perfect answer. Jung Yunho swayed a lot of power, he himself perhaps hadn’t realized it yet. It was time somebody told him. Dumbledore wouldn’t dare to do it, he’d prefer to have the savior under his thumb after all. If Jung Yunho was on the pureblood’s side, they could enact more laws, and even reveal Dumbledore’s true nature.

And his father didn’t know this, but instead of two birds, they could kill three birds.


-End of Chapter Three-

Author's Note: :D
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