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Suju Fanfic : A Thousand Beautiful Things (3/?)

Title: A Thousand Beautiful Things
Pairing: Kangin x Leeteuk
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi
Disclaimer: Super Junior belongs to SM Entertainment.
Summary: Mafia AU. Kangin didn't expect to find a child when he led his Family in an assault towards a rival family. He also didn't expect the child to be someone he treasured most of all.


A Thousand Beautiful Things
Chapter 3
by: Sharl/zielddhy

The first time Kyuhyun met him, the young Cho was not in a good mood.

Kyuhyun grumbled under his breath as he sat next to his father during a meeting one day. As the Consigliere of the Kim Family, Kyuhyun’s father had to attend a lot of business meetings, but this one was definitely one of the longest. It had been six hours and there was still no sign that this meeting would end soon. He hated this. He hated not being able to do anything but sit and listen like a good dog. He wasn’t permitted to do or say anything; he wasn’t old enough and thus according to his father, ‘hasn’t possessed the necessary skills and knowledge’.

Finally after another three gruesome hours, the meeting was over and the client was escorted outside. Kyuhyun stretched his legs in relief and decided to go to the front porch, the weather was a bit cloudy but it hadn’t rained yet. It suited his gloomy mood just fine.

That was when he saw him.

A young boy, not much older than he was, was walking down besides Kangin’s father. His eyes were solemn and a little bit puffy as if he had been crying not too long ago. Being able to walk side by side with the Don, he must be somewhat important. Kyuhyun bowed down as a respect for the Don and he noted that the boy was taller than him.

His name was Siwon, and his father had been the Consigliere for an allied family, but unfortunately that Family had been attacked one week ago and this boy was the only survival. His father had been shot dead two nights ago and Don Kim arrived just in time to find Siwon when the boy was just about to be killed. Now orphaned, the young boy had no other relatives where he could go to and thus the Don took him under his wing. He would join the Kim Family and receive educations as a Consigliere candidate, a fact that made Kyuhyun’s father angry. Traditionally, the Consigliere post was inherited from father to son and by asking Siwon to be educated as a candidate meant that the Don hadn’t decided on Kyuhyun as the next one to follow his father. Kyuhyun himself didn’t want to be Consigliere if he was given a choice, but he wasn’t one to talk, since his father was very determined.

The Don said that Siwon had potentials, and although Kyuhyun’s father tried to persuade him otherwise, the Don wouldn’t budge. And what the Don said had to be obeyed. Soon Siwon was initiated into the Kim Family and a private tutor was assigned to oversee his education.

Kyuhyun thought that Siwon was like the sun. Although he was new in the Family, in just few weeks he was already popular; even some of the main members started to joke around with him. Kyuhyun understood why. Siwon had a naturally cheerful disposition, and despite his recent tragedy, he always tried to smile. Every time he did, a pair of dimples would show up, and everybody else couldn’t help but smile back at him. The fact that Siwon was nice also helped him to get along with the rest of the Family. He was so nice that Kyuhyun thought that if it was possible, Siwon would try to put an end to the entire world’s hunger problem and adopted all orphaned children. He wondered how Siwon would survive later in a world full of wars such as theirs.

Kyuhyun also thought that Siwon was weird. He would say random things like that time when he commented at how the moon was very beautiful when they had just purchased 500 new guns under the Don’s orders. He was also a bit of busybody. Unlike Kyuhyun who preferred to mind his own business, Siwon would put his nose into everybody’s business. Strangely nobody except Kyuhyun thought that it was a bit infuriating.

Soon the young heir of the Kim Family also noticed Siwon. At first, Kangin talked to Siwon only about formal business things, but soon they began to practice shooting together. Kyuhyun himself didn’t like shooting much—don’t get him wrong, he was perfectly able to defend himself and use a gun if necessary—but he preferred to play with laptops rather than guns. Siwon, on the other hand, liked both just fine. He was good with computers, but he was even better with guns. Kyuhyun thought Siwon would make an excellent addition to the front-liner team later.

They were practicing negotiation skills together one day when Kyuhyun’s father popped into the classroom. They were doing role-play that day and they had to persuade the teacher to agree selling a new casino at the price the Kim Family wanted to. Noticing his father, Kyuhyun immediately put up his best—he wanted to impress him after all. Kyuhyun thought he did pretty well as he managed to get the teacher agreeing to a sum quite close with the intended goal. But Siwon did better. He used plenty of tactics that Kyuhyun had never thought of. He knew which button to push and when to step back. His tone was quiet, polite, yet demanding at the same time. And finally the teacher agreed on the price that Siwon requested—a price even lower than what was originally wanted. Kyuhyun was still staring in wonder at Siwon—who seemed to think that what he had just done was not a big deal—when he suddenly noticed his father standing next to him.

“That is what a Consigliere candidate should be,” his father said in a low voice.

And Kyuhyun grew to hate those twin dimples which immediately showed when Siwon smiled as the teacher praised him yet again.


Siwon rubbed his eyes tiredly, trying his best to suppress a yawn which threatened to escape. He had just finished the daunting task of integrating the Park Family’s assets into the Kim Family’s, an act which was best be done soon before other Families began to scavenge on the remnants of the Park Family’s lands. Under the Kim Family’s protection, at least both their enemies and allies would think twice before venturing into it. The door of his office creaked open, and Siwon knew there was only one person who dared to open his door without knocking at 2 A.M in the morning.

“Is that for me?” the Consigliere asked, gesturing at the cup of steaming hot coffee the intruder brought in with him.

“Of course not, this one is for me,” Kyuhyun answered. “Besides, you need to have some sleep.”

Siwon snorted. “Like you don’t.”

The other shook his head as he walked toward where the taller man was sitting. “You need it more than I do. I didn’t actually participate in the raid—you did. Plus I still need to find out which other Families have formed a pact against us. Kangin needs to see it first thing in the morning.”

Siwon smiled. “Sometimes I wonder if you’d make the better Consigliere between the two of us.” His arms formed a familiar embrace around the other’s smaller waist.

Kyuhyun scowled. “If we must have this discussion again, I swear I’ll pour this coffee on you before shooting your fucking balls off.” At this, Siwon chuckled, burying his face onto Kyuhyun’s abdomen while deeply breathing in a scent he knew so well.

“Okay, point taken,” the Consigliere conceded.


Kyuhyun’s father died one week ago, and after endless expressions of condolences offered from both Kim Family members and other Families as well, Kyuhyun finally could cope up alone inside his room. His father was buried this morning at the Kim Family’s cemeteries, with a burial ceremony so grand it would suitable for the late Don’s himself few years back. Kangin was now in charge of Kim Family and so far he had done a good job.

Kyuhyun himself had done his part of mourning, and now it was time to decide what he wanted to do with his life. He knew what he wanted and what he didn’t want, but thinking about them in his head was utterly different with saying them out loud.

Eventually Kangin beat him into it. The Don summoned Kyuhyun into his office one day and told him that he wanted Siwon to be the next Consigliere. Kyuhyun didn’t mind that, he never wanted to be a Consigliere and he never thought much of what people said with him being the one who ended the tradition. Besides, the only person he would seek approval from was now dead. His father would be rolling in his grave if he knew that Kangin wouldn’t choose Kyuhyun over Siwon.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why Kangin did that,” Siwon said to him that day, brows furrowing and the face was all regret. If he didn’t know Siwon any better, he would think that the other man was mocking him. Kyuhyun knew better though; Siwon never mocked anyone, when he regretted something, he meant it. And although Kyuhyun no longer hated Siwon (it was hard to hate someone whom you spend almost every day for lessons with), he still disliked him. And so in response for Siwon’s apology, Kyuhyun merely shrugged and left the room.

Siwon as a Consigliere had rocky starts in his early days, he was still very young after all. Having an equally young Don also didn’t provide any help; they were constantly looked down upon although everyone still being polite, particularly during business deals and negotiations. Kyuhyun himself had been given a job from Kangin as information gatherer, the Don found out that he was especially fond of computers and technology.

He was hacking into one of the biggest bank’s online system at one night when the door of his office knocked and opened, revealing Siwon who looked tired and later claimed how he was finishing a report which due tomorrow, but because of his exhausted state he needed some company in order not to fall asleep and Kyuhyun was the only one left awake. Kyuhyun was alright with that (maybe it was the tired look on Siwon’s face that made him pity the other man) as long as Siwon didn’t bother him. And so it began as a tradition for them to work together during long nights, both just sat in silent completely focused on whatever work laid in front of them.

Kyuhyun didn’t mind Siwon too much since then.


The morning after the assault to the Park Family was a nightmare for Heechul and Ryeowook. It all started with Ryeowook knocking on Heechul and Hangeng’s room. The door opened, revealing a very sleepy-looking Heechul and Ryeowook could see Hangeng lying on the bed behind him.

“Hyung, I’m sorry to bother you so early. But I don’t know who else to go to, the others are going with the boss to Seoul downtown this morning.” Ryeowook bit his bottom lip. “I went to check on Jungsu to bring him some breakfast, but Jungsu is hiding under the bed and he doesn’t want to come out.”

“Maybe he’s not hungry?”

“No, it’s as if… he’s afraid or something.” Ryeowook sounded increasingly worried.

Heaving a deep sigh, Heechul motioned at the younger man to wait before closing the door. Ryeowook could hear some rustles and a few minutes later, the door was opened again, Heechul now properly dressed and Hangeng obviously in the shower judging by the sound of water running. Together, the pair went to the guest room where Jungsu was. Without bothering to knock, Heechul pushed open the door and what he saw was a clean, neat-looking room. If he hadn’t known any better, he wouldn’t have thought that there could be a child in it.

It was morning and sunlight was streaming in from a pair of sliding glass doors that led to a balcony. Although the windows were not open, nobody had shut the curtains the night before and now the morning sun was painting the room in bright lights. The bed where Jungsu chose to hide under was a typical Victorian bed, but both the bedcover and the sheets had been pulled down to both sides of the bed so that they could provide total darkness to anyone hiding under the bed.

He is terrified of sunlight, Heechul realized, because he never saw it before.

“Wookie, close the curtains and cover that door as well. This kid isn’t used to so much light,” the Kim stated.

Ryeowook’s eyes widened in realization—why hadn’t he thought of that before? He walked to a desk located near the bed and opened one of the cabinets. Taking out a remote control, he pushed one of the buttons. A mechanical sound was heard and Heechul turned to see dark screens descending down on all windows and doors, effectively covering the room in total darkness. As if sensing Heechul’s surprise, the younger said, “What? Kyuhyun had them installed two months ago. You spent too much in China, hyung. You should get back here more often.”

“Shut up.” Rolling his eyes, Heechul walked toward the direction of the nightstand and switched the lamp on. Soft lights were now illuminating the room, enough for both of the main members to look around.

Okay, now how to lure him out, they both wondered.

It took two hours of coaxing and persuading until both men realized that they weren’t making any progress. All Jungsu had done so far was wailing every time any of them tried to open the covers. Even the tempting smell of delicious breakfast didn’t do the trick, and soon a pair of exhausted Ryeowook and Heechul both sat down on nearby couches.

They heard footsteps coming, then the door was opened from the other side, revealing Kangin followed by Hangeng and Yesung. The Don was clearly in a bad mood, and both the front-liners wore exhausted looks on their faces. Sensing that something was wrong, Heechul shot a questioning look at Hangeng, who shook his head in return, warning his partner not to say anything.

“Where the hell is he?” muttered Kangin.

Ryeowook swallowed audibly, knowing his answer wouldn’t please the boss. “Under the bed.”

Kangin scowled. “Why? He doesn’t want to come out?” he gruffly asked. Ryeowook nodded, and Kangin let out an annoyed growl. He then took several long steps and crouched down next to the bed, flipping the covers open and forcibly dragging Jungsu out by the leg. Jungsu immediately wailed and screamed, legs flailing around as if he was attempting to kick Kangin in the process. Seeing him struggling seemed to only anger the Don more and before any of the members could react, Kangin raised his clenched fist.

The fist landed on the floor beside Jungsu, making the boy jump. He stopped crying at once and looked at Kangin silently, brown eyes once again shining with fear. Tears welled up in his eyes and soon they started rolling down the gaunt cheeks. Jungsu began to hiccup, his sobs now the only sound in the otherwise silent room.

Drawing in a deep breath to calm himself, Kangin stood up. The action brought another flinch to Jungsu, but the boy remained where he was. He’s too afraid to move, Kangin realized. Running a frustrated hand through his head, the Don gestured at Hangeng to update Heechul and Ryeowook.

Hangeng nodded. “The meeting this morning was a disaster. Both the Kang and Song Families refused to cooperate. On top of the price we had agreed on, they also demanded control on four other casinos and two nightclubs. Said that there was a change in the government policy which made it harder to smuggle in the weapons we requested. It was tough, but we agreed on one casino and one nightclub. We need those weapons. On our way back, however, we were attacked by a street gang. They don’t have much and so we can subdue them immediately.”

Heechul’s eyes narrowed. No one had tried to attack the Kim Family in the last thirty years unless they wanted a full-blown war. The fact that a mere street-gang had tried to attack them most likely meant that they had been paid by another Mafia Family. And if it was true, then this attack could be the beginning of what would be a long fight between major Families. Moreover, the Kang and Song Families had begun to re-negotiate now. They had never done that before; it meant that they had heard of what happened with the Park Family just the night before and sensed that something was wrong; after all, why hadn’t the Kim Family declared the annihilation of Park Family? It wouldn’t be long before the news would spread even further.

Ryeowook darted a quick glance to Jungsu who was still sobbing. The Kim Family would need all their manpower and they couldn’t afford for anyone to grow slack. But somebody obviously needed to take care of Jungsu.

As if sensing Ryeowook’s unspoken question, Kangin made his decision. “He can’t stay. Most likely, we will have another assault soon. I’m not going to have a fucking deadweight slow us down. He will stay with Yunho and Jaejoong.”


Jaejoong parked his car and walked into the hospital. Humming softly, he pushed the elevator button to the floor where Yunho’s office was located. Yunho had texted him twenty minutes ago, asking him to come to the hospital. This wasn’t a rare occurrence; his partner sometimes did that whenever he wasn’t busy with patients and could spare the time to have lunch with Jaejoong. Yunho was the head surgeon in Seoul Royal Hospital. Not many people knew the truth, but this hospital actually served more as the Kim Family’s hospital rather than a hospital for other people in general. Most of the patients here were members or the relatives of members of the Kim Family.

Yunho used to be one of the main members, but he grew tired of all the wars and decided to retire early. Jaejoong had already been in a steady relationship with Yunho at the time and he supported the other’s decision to become a surgeon instead. Kangin’s father had been the Don back then and he had decided to grant Yunho’s wish on one condition: that after he graduated from medical school, Yunho could only work at the Seoul Royal Hospital, which Yunho had immediately agreed upon.

The elevator dinged and Jaejoong stepped into the corridor that would lead to the office he was looking for. Not bothering to knock, he opened the door and raised an eyebrow when he saw Siwon with Yesung seated on the couches. Yunho himself was nowhere to be found.

Siwon greeted him, “Hey there, Jae. How are you?”

Jaejoong answered with a smile, “I’m good. Can’t say the same about you though, you look like just came back from the dead. Is everything okay?”

The Consigliere grimaced. “Well, I can’t say it is. Listen, Kangin needs a favor.” Before he could explain further, the door opened again, revealing an exhausted Yunho. Greeting his lover with a quick smile, the surgeon whirled around to face Siwon, who seemed completely unperturbed by the frustrated look on Yunho’s face.

“You want me to raise a fucking animal?” Yunho growled in low voice.

“Funny, Heechul said the same thing last night,” Siwon calmly replied. “Technically, Jaejoong will be the one raising him as I imagine you would be busy with your work here.”

Jaejoong was confused. “What’s going on here?” He darted a glance at Yesung who was now standing at one corner, hiding a smile and somehow was looking quite comfortable to back off from the impending argument in the room. Yesung threw an amused glance at Jaejoong but otherwise remained silent.

Taking a deep breath, Yunho looked at his partner and said, “Kangin wanted us to raise a psychiatric animal case.”

“A traumatic child case,” Siwon corrected.

The surgeon shot another annoyed look at the sitting man. “He can’t speak and is even fucking terrified of sunlight.”

“Which makes it more challenging, don’t you think?” the Consigliere said.

Yunho opened his mouth to give another retort, but Yesung beat him into it. “Yunho, please.” Now that he fully had everybody’s attention in the room, Yesung walked to stand closer tp Siwon. “This kid was the only survivor from the Park Family. His own father locked him up in a bunker with no sunlight, very little food and water, and he had to use a bucket for privy. He is obviously malnourished, as I’m sure you have noticed. Kangin took pity on him and decided not to kill the child.” Yesung stopped for a moment before continuing, “We had an attack this morning from a street gang.”

At this Yunho cursed. Both he and Jaejoong knew what that meant—an imminent, out-and-out war between the Families. Seeing that Yunho was wavering, Siwon stood up. “Jaejoong had a background in psychology. It might be able to help to make the kid trust him.”

“Is Jungsu the kid’s name?” Jaejoong quietly asked. He placed a hand on Yunho’s arm, hoping that it would calm the other man. Yesung nodded as an answer to Jaejoong’s question and added, “Kangin trusted you and Jaejoong with this. Don’t betray that trust.”

After a moment Yunho nodded and Siwon smiled. “Thanks, Yunho. We really appreciate this. You guys up for lunch? My treat.”

-End Chapter Three-

Author’s Note: Whew! Finally this chapter is out, and Yunjae makes appearance ^^ Don’t hate Kangin, he just did what he thought was good for his Family and to guarantee Jungsu’s safety. Thank you for reading and please leave comment!

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