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Suju/DBSK Fanfic : A Little Bit of Hope

Title: A Little Bit of Hope
Pairing: Yunho x Jaejoong; Leeteuk/Jungsu
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: yaoi, implied child abuse
Disclaimer: Super Junior and DBSK/JYJ belong to themselves
Summary: Pieces of Jaejoong and Yunho's experiences as they began to know Jungsu, the abused boy who was treated worse than a dog by his own Family. Serves as a companion fic for A Thousand Beautiful Things.


A Thousand Beautiful Things
A Little bit of Hope
by: zielddhy

Author’s note: Hi all! This is a one-shot I make due to my recent obsession towards Yunjae fandom and serves a companion fic on the main story line ‘A Thousand Beautiful Things.’ For those who haven’t read it, please read it first or otherwise the story won’t make any sense. Here’s the link for the first chapter:

The timeline here is between chapter 3 and 4 and basically it tells the story of Yunho and Jaejoong and their experiences in raising Jungsu (Leeteuk). However, please be prepared for Yunjae fluffy-ness here and there :D

The first time Jaejoong saw Jungsu; to say that he was shocked was an understatement.

Yunho had spoken to him fifteen minutes before, giving explanations on Jungsu’s condition, but it hadn’t prepared Jaejoong on what he would personally experience. He had expected screaming, frantic screech and maybe a little bit of insanity touch. Instead, he saw an empty room with all curtains drawn to a close making a total dark, and if it wasn’t for the bed slightly unmade he wouldn’t have guessed there was a kid in there. A quick scanning across the four-walled space and he found the boy hiding under the desk at one corner.

He stepped into the room cautiously, at first unsure what to do. He didn’t need his training in psychology to know that the best approach right then was to appear as unintimidating as possible. Deliberately clearing his throat to notify the boy that he was in the room, Jaejoong slowly kneeled in front of Jungsu. He licked his lips, a habit whenever he was nervous or in this case, unsure on what to do next.

The boy sat with his knees curled up, fingers locked together in front of it and his face buried. Small sniffles and sobs raked through the small body, even with the hospital’s white gown Jaejoong recognized see all signs of malnutrition. The wrist was too small, the skin color was too pale; Jaejoong wouldn’t be surprised if he could see some ribs sticking out.

“Hey,” he opted to whispering, “my name is Jaejoong.” Immediately he felt foolish after doing so. Jungsu wouldn’t understand what he was saying, not yet anyway, why he had opted to speaking to the boy?

Because you want to treat him as a human, his inner voice provided the answer. Yes, Jaejoong thought, if you want him to behave as a human, then the first thing to do is to treat him like one.

However, Jungsu stayed quiet, he didn’t even look up to see the older man, only pulling his knees and curled in tighter.

Knowing that the boy hadn’t eaten anything, Jaejoong had brought with him a box of take out filled with fried noodles, dumplings and a couple of meat buns. He also brought some chopsticks, paper napkins and several other utensils although Yunho had told him that the kid literally ate using his hands. Taking out the take-out box, he opened the lid, hoping that the delicious smell would somehow coax Jungsu lifted his face up.

He smiled triumphantly inside when –at last- after several minutes Jungsu looked up. The older man could see a pair of tear-stricken brown eyes looking back at him. Ripples of emotions ran across them; fear, confusion, insecurity and unsurprisingly – exhaustion. Gesturing at the take-out box, Jaejoong pushed the box a little bit further into Jungsu. The kid glanced at the food-filled container but still didn’t make any movement to eat them. Understanding what went through Jungsu’s mind, Jaejoong picked up a dumpling and held it in front of the boy.

“It’s for you,” he said with the softest voice he could muster, “eat it. It’s good.” He took a bite of the dumpling to emphasize that he meant no harm and yes – the food was good.

Jungsu hesitantly glanced back at Jaejoong and after an encouraging nod from the older man; a shaking hand darted out and grabbed at the take-out box. Jaejoong released a breath he didn’t realized he was holding at the sight of Jungsu snatching few noodle strands with his bare hands and began to ate. Well, at least he eats something, he thought, that’s sure a good sign.

Jaejoong waited until Jungsu finished all the foods available before taking out a bottle of mineral water. He uncapped the top and made a gesture of drinking; hopefully the kid would understand what he meant by that. He couldn’t suppress a smile when the boy once again darted a shaking hand to reach the bottle. Noting that Jungsu was tired, the older man stood up and took a folded blanket from a cabinet nearby.

He just wanted to put the blanket on Jungsu when the kid flinched and those pair of brown eyes grew suspicious again. Muttered under his breath, Jaejoong cursed at his own stupidity. Yeah right, one meal eaten and you think he would immediately trust you? Idiot.

“I’m sorry,” Jaejoong apologized, “I didn’t mean to surprise you. I will just put this blanket here, okay? I’ll leave now and you can go to sleep, I know you’re tired.” He took the now empty take-out box and stood again, this time making for the door and leave Jungsu behind. He could almost feel those brown eyes watching his every move.

As soon as he stepped out, he saw Yunho standing by the window, undoubtedly watched the interaction between him and Jungsu. He walked towards his partner and together they watched Jungsu took the blanket and wrapped it around himself. Curled up once again, he remained under the desk before finding a good position to sleep in. Jaejoong felt better knowing that although sleeping on the floor couldn’t have been comfortable, at least Jungsu had eaten something.

“I want to help him,” he said quietly, convinced Yunho would be able to hear him, “He has suffered too much.”

Yunho reached for his lover, their hands forming a familiar clasped around each other. “We will help him, don’t worry. He will be alright.” He heard Jaejoong hummed in agreement and asked, “What do you want to do now? Should we take him to our apartment?”

Jaejoong shook his head, “No, let him stay here for a couple of days. At least until he trusted us enough. Too much changing in the environment wouldn’t be good for the child. He’s still hiding under the desk, it means he’s still confused.”

“Alright, if you say so, you’re the mommy here,” the surgeon replied.

The older man rolled his eyes at the soft mocking from his lover’s words. “Are Siwon and Yesung still here?”

Yunho nodded to answer and together they walked towards his office. Few staffs they met didn’t even throw a second glance watching the two men holding hands; they were already accustomed with the way their chief surgeon behaved whenever his lover was around.

Jaejoong walked into Yunho's office and found both Siwon and Yesung were in deep conversation. They both looked up to see Yunho closing the door while Jaejoong took a seat. Soon the author began to speak, “Alright, here’s the deal. We will take care of Jungsu as per your request. But none of you – including Kangin- can see him until I say so. I don’t want him to be intimidated with so many people. He will stay here for a couple of weeks and after that we will take Jungsu to our apartment.”

Siwon stayed silent for a few moments and replied. “I need to talk to the Don about the non-visit arrangement, but I don’t think it will be a problem. However,” he added, “nobody can know that the kid is with you. You both can’t talk about him to anybody else, even to the Kim Family members. And the Don would like to be informed on the boy’s progress; so I would like to request a brief report every quarter. Yesung will come and Yunho can hand it to him personally.”

Jaejoong sneaked a glance at his partner and the surgeon shrugged, “Okay, we can live with that. I work as an author, so I can stay at home most of the time. We might need to make a sound-proof room for Jungsu though; I don’t want our neighbors to hear him screaming if he has a nightmare or something.”

“Consider it done,” the Consigliere answered, “And Jaejoong and you too, Yunho, thank you. It means a lot to all of us.”


The first time Jaejoong realized Jungsu was opening up to him, he almost missed it.

Jaejoong smiled as he opened the door that led to Jungsu’s room. The boy immediately glanced up and a pair of brown eyes filled with inquisitiveness looked back at the author; it had been three weeks since he first visited Jungsu. Daily visits accompanied with foods as peace offering did wonders to his relationship with the abused kid. Although still extremely shy, at least Jungsu didn’t scramble off into his hiding place every time Jaejoong came into the room anymore. Like today, he merely looked up and stared curiously at the older man.

The author sat on one of the chair next to Jungsu’s bed; noting pleasantly that Jungsu was no longer flinching away every time he came close, so that was a good sign. He took out a pack of home-made bulgogi lunch box and placed it in front of the boy.

“I made this for you this morning, I also brought another one for Yunho, but yours is bigger,” he said with a smile, “He can get himself extra snack later on.” Opening the lid, Jaejoong didn’t bother to give Jungsu any chopsticks; the kid wouldn’t use them anyway, at least not yet. The delicious aroma of cooked meat perpetrated the room, and after another slight push from the older man, Jungsu immediately dive in.

Jaejoong tried not to sigh as he watched Jungsu wolfed everything down. He should have got used to this already, but it still saddened him to see how the boy ate, it was so…wild. He grabbed anything his small hands could get into, and only spent few chews on every bite, like he was in hurry in case Jaejoong would take his food away from him anytime soon. But then again, considering how badly he had been treated before, it wasn’t something out of realm of possibility.

Although obviously no longer malnourished, Jungsu was still painfully thin. The skin had some color in them already but he was still too pale to be considered healthy. Jaejoong was sure he could count the ribs sticking out the young boy if he lifted the clothes the kid was wearing.

By now Jungsu had finished everything, not even a single grain of rice was left over and Jaejoong had to smile at that, “I guess you like it then.” He poured some water from the water jugs nearby and set it in front of the Park boy.

He considered leaving in case Jungsu was tired, but after a thought he decided to stay instead. Yunho was still in a meeting and wouldn’t finish for another hour, and so he still had some time to spare. Spending more time with the boy would help to make him feel familiar with the older man and who knows, it might boost Jaejoong’s so-called friendship with the boy.

He took out a notebook he always carried with him and began to write few ideas that kept bugging him for quite some time now. He wasn’t in a hurry to publish another book –his latest book just hit the stores a couple of months ago- but he liked to float some ideas now and then and play with them a little. With all the luck it would end up with something resembling a plot before he began to write seriously.

Twenty minutes passed and Jaejoong could feel Jungsu’s eyes on him the whole time. He fought the urge to smile; he knew Jungsu was curious on what he was doing and that was a good sign. Finally closing his notebook, Jaejoong looked at the boy who stared back at him curiously. At that Jungsu averted his gaze and the author chuckled. Decided not to say anything, Jaejoong pulled out a book he bought on his way to the hospital earlier. Opening the first page, he began to read.

The book was interesting, about a couple of gentleman in Victorian era who lived in upper-class circle. They were business men but had the unfortunate mistake to witness a murder scene in the middle of the night. Feeling superior, they tried to play the role of detectives while the murderer, unknowingly, had chosen the two friends as his new targets.

Jaejoong balanced the novel in one hand and at some point he unconsciously moved the chair closer to Jungsu and placed his left hand on the bed. His right hand held the book down on the table and flipped pages sometime. He was so engrossed with his book that he didn’t notice it at first.

A soft touch on his fingers, almost ghosting along his skin and Jaejoong realized that Jungsu had laid a tiny hand upon his own large one. The author didn’t move, didn’t react in any way towards this unforeseen movement but remained as still as he could as the hand stroked his long fingers, feeling each one carefully.

Jaejoong breathed out a relieved sigh, soft enough to not bother the other. A smile blossomed on his face as he continued reading, trying not to marvel as Jungsu’s small hands assume their soft caressing. Thank you, the author thought as he turned another page, thank you for trusting me.


The first time Jaejoong tried to teach Jungsu on how to use a spoon, it ended in failure and Jungsu injured his hands.

The author hummed under his breath as he walked out of the elevator towards Jungsu’s room. As per usual he brought a box of food container – this time it was cheese burger, fries with chili and a bowl of tomato basil soup with toasts. He also had few chocolate éclairs and lemon pie if Jungsu felt particularly hungry. The author was still trying to determine the boy’s favorite food; the fact that Jungsu wolfed down almost everything Jaejoong gave to him didn’t help either (however he didn’t appreciate it when the boy spit back out a piece of paprika to the older man’s lap few days back). The burgers and fries seemed to be a nice choice; but he wasn’t sure about the soup. He almost always brought handpicked food, but after witnessing Jungsu wolfed down chicken fried steaks with mashed potatoes with bare hands yesterday, he thought it would be a good time to start teaching him a few basic things.

Opening the door, he was glad to see Jungsu sitting up on the bed. He hated it when he had to wake the other boy up, Jungsu could be such a heavy sleeper when he wanted to. Putting the other foods on a nearby table, Jaejoong took out the soup and a couple of spoon. “Hey,” he flashed a winning smile, “I bring you some food. This deli has a pretty good tomato soup; I think you’ll like it. You will need to use a spoon though, it’s still too hot.”

Jungsu sniffed as delicious smell began wafting through the room and Jaejoong smiled again, “Smells good, doesn’t it? It’s the basil.” Picking up a spoon, he held it to Jungsu’s eye line to make sure he had the other’s full attention. “This is a spoon; you can use this to eat, well, basically almost everything. It’s very easy to use as well.” The boy’s brown eyes now followed his every movement and the author slowly lowered the utensil into the soup. Spooning out some soup, he brought it up to his mouth and ate. “You get it? This is how you eat with a spoon.” He picked up another spoon and offered it to Jungsu. However, the boy just stared at the utensil but didn’t move to take it.

Instead Jungsu splashed both his hands into the steaming liquid, practically burned his palms by doing so.

Jaejoong cursed at his own slow response – how could he not see that coming? The soup was now spilled all over the floor; but the older man was focused on Jungsu. The boy now cradled his hand, crying as he curled up into a ball under the desk. Jaejoong ran to the door, yelling at a staff to bring him some salve for burns. There wasn’t much he could do, so he kneeled in front of Jungsu, hoping he could somehow calm the boy down.

“Jaejoong?” he heard Yunho’s voice. Turning around he found the surgeon at the door frame, stood uncertainly as he took account on what happened earlier in the room. It didn’t take him long to conclude from the spilled soup, “I heard your voice yelling earlier.”

“Yeah, he burnt his hands,” Jaejoong replied, not taking his eyes from Jungsu. The boy usually grew frightened whenever Yunho was around, but this time he didn’t register the other man existence and continued to cry instead. A nurse handed him a small salve tube and Yunho stepped into the room.

“Can you hold him down? I need to put this on his hands or they will be very painful later,” Yunho also in front of Jungsu. He took noted on how the boy’s body grew taut as soon as he spoke, but Yunho was determined to apply the medicine first; he was a doctor after all. Jaejoong nodded and began to pry Jungsu’s hands gently; trying to ignore his constant wailing. The surgeon quickly put some of the salve before bandaging the hand, who knows maybe the kid would lick the medicine off.

Jungsu had stopped screaming now, only small sobs and hiccupped raked through the small body, the salve must have had worked. He stared curiously at his now-bandaged hands but fortunately didn’t try to peel the bandages off. His puffed eyes glanced at Yunho, obviously didn’t know what to do with the surgeon kneeled so near. Unconsciously he scooted closer to Jaejoong; and the author threw a pleading glance at his partner.

Yunho nodded, understanding what Jaejoong wanted to say. He stood up and suppressed the urge to ruffle Jungsu’s boy; knowing the boy was still too scared at him. “You want me to bring up some soup again?” the surgeon asked before leaving the room.

“No it’s okay, I brought him other food,” Jaejoong replied, “Please don’t ask the cleaners to come in, I’ll clean it up myself.” After such shocking experience, the last thing he wanted was to surprise Jungsu with another strangers came in and practically trounced around the area he had already feel comfortable living in.

He heard the door closed and focused his attention back to Jungsu. Part of him was glad with the way Jungsu moved closer to him earlier, but he still blamed himself for being so stupid. He should have predicted that Jungsu would automatically put his hand in the hot soup; the kid couldn’t possibly understand how to use utensils with only just one demonstration. He should have thought better than bringing such dangerous sustenance.

Sighing, he stood up and walked towards the table. Taking the burger and fries with him, he kneeled again in front of Jungsu. He opened the burger’s wrapper and held it out towards the boy, “You can’t eat with those hands, so unless you want Yunho to re-bandage them, I have to feed you.” Jungsu tried to move his hand but soon whimpered. Jaejoong huffed, “See? I told you, you can’t use them. Come on eat, this is a really good burger.”

Few moments passed but neither moved. Finally Jungsu leaned forward and took a bite. Jaejoong released a breath he didn’t realize he was holding as the boy took another bite. Chewing on the food, Jungsu threw a glance at the fries. Understanding what he wanted, the author took some fries and also held it out to Jungsu. He watched as Jungsu finished all the food before taking out some water for him to drink. Jungsu let out a small burp and the older man couldn’t help but smile.

“I will leave now so you can get some sleep, okay?” Jaejoong fought the urge to hug Jungsu right there; he didn’t want to push his luck, Jungsu might not be ready for that.

Closing the door behind him, he walked to Yunho’s office. With all the luck, the surgeon would still be there and before making his hospital rounds in twenty minutes. Sure enough, he found his partner sitting behind a desk, stacks of papers scattered across the table.

Yunho looked up to see his partner sauntering in and put his pen down. Although Jaejoong hadn’t said anything, the look on his face clearly told Yunho that his lover was stressed out. He raised an eyebrow as Jaejoong plopped down at a sofa and promptly closed his eyes. Sighing, the author collected his thoughts for a few minutes before started speaking.

“I shouldn’t have brought the soup,” he muttered. He cracked one eye open and stared at Yunho who remained comfortably seated. “Shouldn’t have brought the damn soup. I let him burnt his hands.” He closed his eyes again before covering them with his arm.

The next thing he felt was Yunho tried to remove the said arm. Jaejoong blinked; he didn’t even hear the surgeon moved. Either that he was too deep in thoughts or that Yunho clearly hadn’t lost his touch as top assassin. Or maybe you’re the one who have lost your touch, his inner voice provided.

“I thought you’re crying,” Yunho said.

The author scoffed, “You don’t give me enough credit.” The taller man chuckled before started stroking Jaejoong’s soft black hair. Jaejoong hummed appreciatively, clearly enjoying Yunho’s attention; the surgeon always knew how to calm him down and for that he was forever grateful. “He let me feed him though,” he whispered.

“Well that’s a good sign,” Yunho’s hands didn’t stop their movement.

“I know,” Jaejoong nodded. Sitting up, he looked straight at his partner, “You know what, I think it’s time he moves in with us.”

Yunho raised an eyebrow, “Are you sure? Do you think he’s ready?”

The smaller man shrugged, “I don’t know for sure, but I think he is. It’s better to move him now anyway, before he gets too attached to that room. Besides with him staying so near, I can spend more time with him. Who knows, it might expedite his progress.”

“Yeah, it might.” Yunho leaned in to give his partner a soft kiss, “you’re doing good job, babe, don’t worry about it too much. He’ll move in with us tomorrow.”


The first few weeks Jungsu lived with them, Jaejoong couldn’t be happier.

It had been two months since Jungsu moved in with Yunho and Jaejoong. As per Jaejoong’s request, Siwon had converted one of the spare bedrooms into a sound-proof nursery; although nursery wouldn’t be the right word to describe it considering the child in question wasn’t a baby after all.

Much to Jaejoong’s relief, Jungsu hadn’t gone hysterical when he woke up in a totally different environment the first day. Yunho said that it was because Jaejoong was next to him and the boy had trusted the older man enough. The author hoped it was true, but he didn’t want to get his hopes us; he still hadn’t forgotten the incident with the soup and how the kid immediately went hiding under the desk. Nevertheless, with Jungsu in their apartment now, it made everything easier for Jaejoong. According to Jungsu’s last medical exam, the boy was progressing nicely but he still had much to catch up to his appropriate weight. Of course, Jaejoong was only too happy to provide Jungsu with inexhaustible amount of food –be that healthy or deep fried, junky food.

The surgeon advised to keep Jungsu’s door open; to encourage his curiosity to explore his surroundings and Jaejoong agreed on the condition that the whole apartment had to be baby-proofed first. It meant no dangerous or sharp things lying around, placing every breakable item on top shelves, etc. They even had to lock the fridge, in case Jungsu might bit into eggs or raw meats that would undoubtedly upset this stomach.

Unfortunately, much to the couple dismay, Jungsu remained hidden inside his new room for the first couple of weeks. Jaejoong tried to think positively that it was because Jungsu was too busy playing with the numerous amounts of toys and plush animals he and Yunho placed inside, and not because he was too afraid to go outside. Gradually, every time someone passed by his room though, the boy would stop whatever he was doing at the moment and curiously stared, sometimes even dared peaking to see what’s going on. The first time Yunho caught him doing that, Jungsu immediately bolted and ran inside the safety of his room. But it was enough to give the surgeon and his partner a new hope: Jungsu –slowly but surely- was improving psychologically, he began to wonder at his surroundings. With all the luck, the boy would leave his room soon.

Jaejoong was taking a late shower one day, he was finishing his latest novel for the whole day and soon he had to give it to his editor –who of course would be especially thrilled with the thought of having another best seller book published soon. Yunho had gone to the hospital early morning, there was an accident and the patient needed to have emergency surgery. Now with just him and Jungsu in the apartment, the author wondered what to make for their lunch. He only gave Jungsu a bowl of cereal for breakfast that morning (he was too preoccupied with writing) and thus felt that the boy deserved a better food for lunch. Jungsu liked chickens, and thus grilled chicken with baked potatoes and coleslaw seemed to be a good choice. He still had some leftover rice from last night dinner; Jaejoong might as well make Kimchi Fried Rice topped with eggs as well.

Stepping out the shower cubicle, he grabbed a towel and quickly dried himself off. Only Jungsu was around, so Jaejoong tied the towel around his waist. As soon as he opened the bathroom door, he could hear footsteps inside the apartment. Sure enough, the author caught a glimpse of Jungsu’s retreating figure running back to his room. And he had to smile at that. Jungsu had explored outside his safety zone, and although he ran away the moment he saw Jaejoong, but still. Still smiling with a stupid grin on his face, Jaejoong walked towards the closet he shared with Yunho and put on a comfortable wife beater and sweatpants. Remembering that Jungsu was particularly fond of chocolate, he decided to make a chocolate cream pie as an extra treat.

Later that night, Jaejoong was lounging in the sofa with Yunho as the surgeon laid his head on Jaejoong’s lap. The plasma TV was on, showing some Hollywood movie, but neither man paid much attention to it. The author listened absent-mindedly as Yunho told him about the conversation he had with Kangin that day when the Don visited him at the hospital.

“Kangin said that things have been good in the last few days. All business deals went smoothly, they even have another Family joined allegiance with them yesterday,” the surgeon said as he enjoyed the feeling of Jaejoong’s long feminine finger. The touch was so soft, who would’ve thought that Jaejoong was actually one of the best hit man in the Kim Family during their days. “Of course Siwon, being the paranoia person that he is, said that something ugly bound to happen soon.”

Jaejong chuckled, “Well, the man might be quite paranoid, but he makes one damn good Consigliere.”

“That’s true, especially during times like these where nothing is sure. Yesterday you were with you talked with your ally and the next day they would point a gun to your head,” Yunho nodded in agreement, “He asked about Jungsu by the way.”

“Really?” Jaejoong raised an eyebrow, “I thought he didn’t care about him.”

The taller man sighed, “He cares about Jungsu, trust me. He wants him to grow up in a somewhat ‘safe’ environment, away from guns and all that. Otherwise he could’ve just killed Jungsu right after he found him. This is just Kangin being, well, Kangin.”

Jaejoong stayed quiet before replying, “I hope you’re right. Jungsu is a really nice kid, I hope he doesn’t have to know what kind of world we live in.”

Yunho chose not to say anything, for they both realize it was only a wishful thinking. Jungsu would grow up soon and someday he would know about what the Kim Family did and how violent this war could be. His fate to live a normal life was sealed the moment Kangin found and rescued him that night. Jungsu might not know it yet, but it was impossible not to get involved, especially since the Don himself put so much concern on him. Jaejoong could only hope that day wouldn’t come anywhere in the near future.

The surgeon broke the comfortable silence that had settled between them, “Speaking of which, where’s the kid?”

“I put him to bed just an hour ago,” the other man replied.

A wicked gleam settled on Yunho’s almond shaped eyes. “So we’re the only one who’s awake?”

Jaejoong’s eyes darkened with lust as he stared back at the look Yunho gave him, a gaze that he knew so well and could only meant one thing. His fingers caressed teasingly around his lover’s inviting mouth, “What do you have in mind?”

Yunho could feel his cock hardened at the sound of Jaejoong’s husky voice. A familiar sense of lust rushed through his body and his eyes travelled towards the author’s growing bulge. Slipping a hand inside the loose sweatpants that Jaejoong wore, he whispered back, “Let me show you instead.”


The first time Jungsu spoke, Jaejoong was asleep and didn’t hear him, but Yunho did.

It was mid-July in Seoul and although it was summer, rain clouds grew heavier day by day. It hadn’t rained yet though, as if the sky was biding its time to summon the heaviest clouds around before dropping the first water drop. The weather forecast predicted that the first rain that would come would soon be followed by thunderstorm.

Jaejoong stood in front of the sink one night and was washing the dishes, noting pleasantly that Jungsu had finished his large portion of prawn ravioli with rocket salad, and two generous slices of grasshopper pie. The author chuckled quietly; Jungsu had a really sweet tooth. But it perfectly understandable for a kid his age to like sweet food, especially since the kid himself was so deprived of such things before. He could still remember the first time he brought strawberry shortcake with cream for Jungsu. The boy’s eyes widened considerably at the first bite and Jaejoong swore he saw Jungsu’s bare toes curled in pleasure.

He dried the last plate and put it on the shelf. He could hear the shower running, a sign that Yunho hadn’t come out from the bathroom yet. Deciding to put Jungsu in bed earlier than usual, he walked towards the boy’s room.

He found Jungsu sat on his bed, playing with a new stuffed animal Yunho brought home yesterday and Jaejoong had to smile at that. Yunho might not look like it, but the surgeon totally spoiled Jungsu rotten in his own way. While Jaejoong might indulge the child with ridiculous amount of food, Yunho filled Jungsu’s room with so many toys and plush animals. He even bought him a titanium tricycle which might worth more than average mortgage payment. Jaejoong pointed out to the other man that Jungsu definitely had no idea how to ride a bicycle, in which Yunho lamely replied that Jungsu would definitely learn someday.

“Jungsu,” he called sternly, half hoping he wouldn’t scare the boy who at the moment seemed very determined in disemboweling the lion’s head. “What did I tell you about your toys?”

Jungsu blinked innocently at Jaejoong and stopped what he was doing. The author sighed before sitting on the bed, quickly examining the stuffed animal in question. Well, at least it still resembles the shape of a lion, he breathed in relief. Putting on a stern face, he continued, “You have to take good care of them or Yunho won’t buy you anymore toys.”

The boy only blinked once again at him, definitely not understanding what the other man talked about. Although already recognizing his own name, Jungsu was still oblivious to everything else. Jaejoong tried not to sigh as he stood up. Grabbing a blanket, he motioned at Jungsu to get under the covers. “Come on, it’s time to sleep.” Thankfully Jungsu seemed to get the idea and obediently lie down. Yawning, the boy snuggled further into the warm bed, hugging his previously abused stuffed animal close.

Jaejoong smiled and gave a loving kiss on Jungsu’s head, “Goodnight, sweetie.” He waited until Jungsu was really asleep before leaving the room and left the door opened. He knew this was selfish, but sometimes Jaejoong couldn’t help but wishing that Jungsu’s progress might not be quick enough. That way he might stay with Jaejoong and Yunho longer. Then again, it was purely selfish reason and the author immediately felt bad after thinking about it. No, the sooner Jungsu can act like a normal kid, the better, he decided.

Stepped into his own room, Jaejoong found Yunho comfortably sprawled on the bed while reading a book, hair still wet from his recent shower. The surgeon smiled mischievously at his partner, “Aren’t you going to tuck me in as well mommy?” he asked teasingly.

“I don’t think you need to be tucked in,” Jaejoong replied with a glare, “And don’t call me that.”

Yunho chuckled at his lover’s obvious scowl, “Sorry about that, love, but you’re just too adorable sometimes. You know that you spoil him rotten, you know.”

“Funny; it wasn’t me who bought him a three thousand dollars pure titanium tricycle that’s going to last about what, two years?”

The taller man groaned, “You’re not going to let me live that down, are you?”

Jaejoong laughed, knowing that he had won their latest banter. Getting on the bed as well, he crawled towards the other’s inviting warm body. Yunho pulled the author closer and put a kiss on the soft black hair. Jaejoong hummed appreciatively and the surgeon whispered, “Go to sleep baby, you look tired.”

It didn’t take long for Jaejoong to fall asleep; Yunho had barely finished three pages on his book when he heard the smaller man’s soft snore. Deciding he deserved a good rest as well, he put a bookmark and put the book on the nightstand. Absent-mindedly, he heard a thunder rumbling in a distance and hoped that –finally- it would rain later that night. Laying his now dry hair on the soft pillow, the surgeon went to sleep as well.

He didn’t know how long he had been asleep, but Yunho swore he was dreaming when he heard it, a small voice spoke in the middle of the night. The surgeon tried to clear his sleep-induced mind when the same voice called out again, “Jae?”

Lifting his head, Yunho looked around and saw Jungsu stood uncertainly at the doorway, hugging his stuffed animal. Yunho immediately sat up, “hey kiddo, what’s wrong?”

Jungsu didn’t answer for right at that moment a flash of light illuminated the room followed by a loud thunder rang furiously outside. The kid flinched visibly and Yunho registered as the rain arrived in full storm and that Jungsu must had been scared, this was his first thunderstorm after all. Opening his arms, the surgeon crouched low, “Come here.”

Jungsu immediately bolted towards Yunho as a second thunder followed the first. He buried his small head on the older man’s broad chest as the other whispered soothingly, “It’s okay, you’re safe here. Don’t be scared, it’s just a thunder.”

The child sniffled again and Yunho gently laid him on the bed he shared with Jaejoong. “Sleep with us, okay?” he put a protective arm around the terrified boy. Jungsu snuggled further into Yunho’s warm embrace. The surgeon was grateful that he didn’t have to wake his lover to calm the child down as he rubbed soothingly at Jungsu’s small back. His hand continued its motion as he waited for the child to fall asleep. Moving into a more comfortable position, Yunho’s mind wandered and he realized with a start that Jungsu had spoken his first word that night. The fact that the boy’s first word was Jaejoong’s name brought another smile to Yunho. Closing his eyes, he couldn’t wait for the author to wake up so that he could what just happened, he would be very happy.

Two years later, a bomb went off in Warehouse 87 at the Southeast district.

-End Story-

Author’s note: This was originally intended to be just a short drabble, but somehow it grew into a 6,000 words one-shot. Oh well :D Thank you for reading and please leave a comment! Today is my birthday and your comments will be a very nice birthday present! ^^

4. Part Four

3. Part Three
2. Part Two
1. Part One
0. Foreword
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