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Suju Fanfic : A Thousand Beautiful Things (4/?)

Title: A Thousand Beautiful Things
Pairing: Kangin x Leeteuk
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi
Disclaimer: Super Junior belongs to SM Entertainment.
Summary: Mafia AU. Kangin didn't expect to find a child when he led his Family in an assault towards a rival family. He also didn't expect the child to be someone he treasured most of all.


A Thousand Beautiful Things
Chapter 4
by: Sharl/zielddhy

Kangin narrowed his eyes at the stack of reports Siwon had just given him that morning and let out a frustrated sigh. He had stayed there for five hours doing nothing but reading but the damn stack was still as high as ever. He grabbed another piece of reports as he mentally cursed his Consigliere. Don’t get him wrong, he was thankful Siwon was there, especially during war times like these.

It had been two years since the Kim Family so-called-failure-assault to the Parks, two years since he found Jungsu and gave him to Yunho and Jaejong. A lot of things happened in the past two years. The whole underground world was now divided between three major forces. The Kim Family and their alliances remained as the most powerful family, but they were soon followed by the Choi Family. Many of the smaller Families had made alliances with the Choi, and now they became a major force that could have done the Kim Family severe damage. The third one is the Lee Family who chose to remained neutral and not be involved in any of the war.

The Choi Family hadn’t given a direct challenge or anything, but every time there was an attack all evidences would lead back to the Choi Family. The fact that Kangin’s own Consigliere also came from that particular Family didn’t help either. Some smaller Families felt that Siwon could not be trusted; few even suggested that the Consigliere would betray the Kim Family some day and joined back with Choi Family. Thankfully Siwon knew better than to give the Don his resignation letter or something equally stupid, instead he used it as a motivation to prove them that they were wrong. He would never betray the Kim, and Kangin was forever thankful that Siwon did that.

Kangin heaved out another sigh, his mind –as per usual- wandered to Park Jungsu. It had been two years since he saw the boy last. Yunho and Jaejoong kept the kid under key and lock so tight they didn’t allow the Don or even anyone in that matter to visit Jungsu, claiming that he wasn’t ready to meet anyone else aside the two of them. From what Yunho told him, the first six months were a nightmare. They had to literally convert one room into a soundproof studio due to Jungsu’s incessant screaming every night.

But the Don knew he left Jungsu to the right people. So far Yunho and Jaejoong kept their words true, and Jungsu seemed to be in good hands. The most recent update from Jaejoong told him that Jungsu now had a fair amount of vocabulary (although nothing much complicated), and able to communicate with Yunho and Jaejoong in few simple words. The boy had also developed healthy appetite complete with good usage of spoon and seemed to be in excellent condition, obviously no longer malnourished. He still had a difficulty in socializing though, and often seemed withdrawn, doing nothing but curled up into a ball. Nevertheless, both the surgeon and his partner had done a very good job in turning Jungsu from an animal-like state into one extremely normal although a bit shy kid.

“You’re supposed to be working, you know, instead of day dreaming,” Heechul’s voice suddenly snapped Kangin out of his musings.

“When did you get here?” The Don asked; he didn’t hear the other opened the door, much less came inside. Moreover, Heechul was supposed to be in Japan, negotiating a possible acquisition of night club franchise in Tokyo.

The diva merely raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow, “By ‘here’ I’m assuming Seoul, I landed this morning. My flight was fine, thank you very much.”

Grumbling under his breath, Kangin growled, “I don’t give a damn about your flight.”

Heechul huffed and sat down across the Don. “We got the deal, although I have to offer them a bit extra for the price. It was worth it though; these new clubs would bring us good money. Although… there’s something you should know.” He stopped for a moment and bit his lip while contemplating on what to say next. “There was a rumor going around about Jungsu. They know that he stayed in Seoul, although the exact location remained hidden. ”

Kangin’s eyes narrowed, “There’s somebody inside leaking the information.”

Heechul shrugged, “It’s too soon to say that. It might be one of the hospital staff from two years ago say something, doesn’t necessarily mean one of our Family members who leaked it.”

The Don nodded in approval, “You’re right. But I want Kyuhyun to dig into it, just to make sure though. We can’t afford to have someone in the Family who can’t keep his mouth shut, especially during times like these. Who knows they might say something to Choi.”

“I agree. By the way, how’s Kibum doing? Last time I heard of him, he’s now in the mid-circle,” Heechul played with his bangs; he would need to cut it soon, it began to obstruct his view.

“Still the same, I guess. These Choi bastards are pretty tight with their higher ups. They still haven’t suspected a thing with Kibum though, so that’s a good sign.” The Don took another piece of report from their stacks, not bothering to hide his scowl at the thought of doing paperwork again. Ignoring Heechul who snickered, he began to read. Nobody spoke for few moments; Kangin had finished reading the first page and was about to turn it when the door opened once again.

Siwon came into the room and he looked grim, “There’s a bomb blown up at Warehouse 87 in the Southeast district seven minutes ago. All arsenal stored there are most likely gone now, the fire is still burning. Eleven people injured and nine are still inside.”

The Don immediately stood up, “I’m going there now.”

“You can’t, it’s too dangerous.” Siwon reprimanded.

Kangin walked until he stood in front of the Consigliere, “My warehouse is just being blown up by god-knows-who. Nearly 30% of my ammunitions are now gone. I lost eleven, maybe twenty of my Family members. I’ll be damned if the first thing I need to do is to be tucked safely in bed.”

Siwon squared his shoulders, and calmly replied, “We can’t afford you to get hurt. You going there won’t make any difference, the fire won’t magically disappear. There’s nothing you can do.”

“So you want me to be a good dog and hide with tails between my legs,” the Don growled.

“No, I want you to be a smart and act self-less for once. What would happen if you got shot and has to be hospitalized? Or worse, you’re dead? Whom we will look up to? We haven’t been in this kind of situation in the last thirty years, hell nobody dared to attack our property in the last fifty.” Taking a deep breath, Siwon continued, “I know it looks bad, but it’s a smart thing to do.”

Kangin closed his eyes, obvious attempt to calm himself. Releasing a heavy sigh, he agreed, “Fine, but I want full report. I want to know who’s behind this in three hours. When’s the last time Kyuhyun and Ryeowook sleep; I don’t care. I want a name by two o’clock.”

“Yes boss,” the Consigliere curtly nodded. Walking down the hallway, he silently gave an apology to Kyuhyun, sorry babe, looks like you can’t rest just yet.


“By two o’clock? It’s now 11:30,” Kyuhyun repeated in disbelief, “By two o’clock?”

Siwon smiled grimly, “Yes, that’s what he said.” His lover began to curse and from the corner of his eyes, the Consigliere could see Ryeowook started to bump his head on a nearby wall over and over again. He winced on the thought having to explain to Yesung why his partner suddenly got a concussion; the other man could be very protective sometimes. The fact that Yesung couldn’t take it out on their boss – who actually gave Ryeowook an assignment – just made it better; it meant Siwon would be the one on the receiving end later.

He turned his best pleading eyes at Kyuhyun – who in the meantime looked very intimidating – hoping the other man would take the hint and somehow able to stopped Ryeowook hurting himself, but Kyuhyun only scoffed and said, “I will blame this on you.”

The Consigliere groaned, “Why is it my fault?”

“Because I can’t get angry at Kangin, that’s why. Now get me coffees and donuts.” Kyuhyun turned around and took a sit in front of his laptop.

Rolling his eyes at his lover’s behavior, Siwon turned around and began to search for the snacks in questions, “Sometimes I wonder if you love food more than you love me,” he muttered. “And some muffins too!” he heard Ryeowook called out. The Consigliere could only shake his head, taking a mental note to send someone over to deliver the requested items later. He himself needed to go to the Kim Hospital, making sure the injured members were being treated right way. Although with Yunho there, he was almost sure they were given the top priority; but it was his job as a Consigliere to double-check that.

After Siwon left, Kyuhyun began to hack into the Southeast district surveillance systems. The fire had been put out now, the team managed to control it before it spread to other warehouses. Ryeowook – thankfully – had stopped banging his head and now was on the phone, talking with the one of the member in the warehouse area if they find something out, or if there’s anything that struck them odd.

Few minutes passed before Kyuhyun started to think to take some coffee himself, and a knock on the door revealed Yesung – who hold a tray filled with donuts and muffins - and Hangeng with four steaming mugs of coffee followed closely behind. Praising whatever deity Siwon believed in, the hacker stood and grabbed one of the mugs, inhaled in satisfaction as the fragrance tickled his nostrils. Yesung put his tray on one of the few available surfaces, waiting patiently for Ryeowook to finish his phone call. He didn’t have to wait long when Ryeowook wrapped up the conversation and throw himself onto Yesung’s awaiting arms.

Placing a soft kiss on top of his lover’s head, the second front-liner whispered, “Hanging in there, babe?” He could feel Ryeowook muttered something unintelligible, but nodded nonetheless. Chuckled a bit, he hugged him tighter before releasing Ryeowook, giving the other a chance to get some sustenance into his system.

Munching on a piece of donut, Ryeowook gave a brief summary on what he had heard. “The fire burnt nearly everything, the other four who were trapped inside are now on their way to the hospital, they inhaled too many smokes but it seems like they are gonna be okay. There’s one interesting thing though,” he stopped for a moment to swallow, “One of Jaejoong’s best-seller book, ‘Entangled Lives’ was found in a dump trash nearby. The novel was about a boy who keeps dreaming about his previous lives, so it’s an odd choice to read it when you’re in a warehouse full of guns and ammos.”

“The book has Jaejoong’s signature in it, the men asked him to come to see if he can recognize something from the book.” Ryeowook continued, “He said that he signed it on an autograph session few weeks back, but he couldn’t remember anything else.”

Right that time, Hangeng’s phone rang. The first front-liner flipped it open, the other three politely stopped the discussion and waited. Soon Hangeng ended the call, his face grave. “That was Jaejoong. He said Jungsu is kidnapped. The apartment was broke into and there was a ransom note. They’re willing to give Jungsu back in exchange with five billion won.”

Yesung cursed, “Damn it. The warehouse thing was a ruse. They wanted to make Jaejoong leave Jungsu alone so that they could get to the boy.”

Hangeng immediately instructed Ryeowook, “Ask the men to take that novel to the forensic team, maybe we can find fingerprints.”

“Nah, we don’t have time for that, by the time they came up with something, Kangin will have our heads on a silver plate. Let me check the surveillance camera once again,” Kyuhyun immediately turned in his seat, fingers typing furiously. Soon after that, he caught a frame of a man who dropped the book into trash can. “Wookie, I’m going to send this to you. See if you can enhance it and get a clear shot, I will cross-check the face with our rival Families database.”

Nodded in agreement, Ryeowook began to work. “Okay, I got a clear picture. I’m sending it to you back.”

“Check into Kang Family first,” Yesung advised, “I think I’ve seen this guy with them before.”

Quick typing on his laptops and Kyuhyun whistled, “You’re right. His name is Kang Dong-Won, he’s part of their mid-level. Highly trained in assassination attempts so it explains how he can slip in through warehouse’s security unnoticed.”

“Can we tie this to Choi? Or this is just Kang?” Hangeng asked.

“I think we have to get through Kang if we want to get to Choi. Not enough evidence that says those Choi bastards are involved, at least not directly,” countered Yesung.

The Chinese man released a heavy sigh. “Keep digging,” he said to Ryeowook who nodded in affirmative. Pulling out his phone again, he punched in a speed dial number. Mouthing a ‘wish me luck’ to Yesung, he waited as the other line picked up on the third ring, “Boss? We have a problem.”


Later that day, Heechul found himself standing inside Kangin’s office. All the main members were there and Hangeng had updated them all about Jungsu’s situation and the Kang Family involvement. Heechul had to give it up to Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s ability to gain that much information in such short time. But then again, with this kind of situation they all had to act better and faster. Now the whole Family waited in silence as their boss figured out what to do next. Usually when there was an attack to a member of Family, they wouldn’t have a second thought before going to revenge; but Jungsu wasn’t a family, or at least not yet.

Heechul could see that his cousin was frustrated as he watched the man paced back and forth and Heechul wouldn’t blame him. This all happened too fast, just this morning he told Kangin about the rumor regarding Jungsu’s whereabouts might have been leaked, and now the kid was gone. He shifted his gaze to the couple who seated across him. Jungsu’s location was treated with utmost secrecy and there’s no way Yunho and Jaejoong would betray them, they knew better than that. Plus the author looked genuinely worried; it suggested that he had grown attached to the boy.

At Kangin’s order, Yunho and Jaejoong were summoned into the mansion to fill in what had happened. They also brought an envelope with them; apparently it was thrown into their apartment window soon after Jaejoong found out that Jungsu was gone. Inside it was a ransom note, demanding the Kim Family to pay eight billion won in cash if they want to see the Park boy again. Eight billion was a lot of money, even for the infamous Kim Family. Although they could easily get it, the question would be whether Kangin was willing enough to spend that much on an orphaned boy who basically posed no threat at all. The Park Family was history now and their allies were busy saving their own pathetic asses, what could possibly the Kang Family want to achieve by kidnapping Jungsu? Maybe it was just easy money after all but with this type of people you could never be too cautious.

The Don was the one who broke the silence. Looking at his trusted Consigliere, he asked, “What do you think?”

Siwon contemplated his answer for a moment before replying, “They’re requesting cash, not night-clubs or casinos that can in fact give them more than that in long term. This suggests that they need money now. We can play it to our advantage if we know why.”

Kangin nodded at Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, “Start digging to their financial status. Look for any debts, money or even payment deals they make in the last six months. Search for any kind of situation that might force them to have hard cash immediately.” Shifting his gaze to Yesung, the Don continued giving instructions, “Go to the bank and take out eight billion won cash from our account; put them in briefcases as per request.”

Jaejoong visibly sagged in his seat out of relief. It seemed that Kangin would save Jungsu after all and for that the author couldn’t be more thankful.

Without another word Yesung, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook all took their leave. Yesung called the bank before hand and asked them to prepare the money immediately as he was on his way there; eight billion cash wasn’t something you have lying around and so the bank might need some time to collect that much amount. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook went back to their so-called ‘playroom’ and began to work.

The rest of them stayed in the room, waiting for their boss’ further instructions. But the Don didn’t say anything; he merely poured few glasses of whiskey and handed them to his Family members. “Did they mention where to meet them later?” Heechul asked as Kangin gave him his glass.

It was Yunho who answered, “Yeah. They picked a nightclub in the East district. It was their area now; but it used to be the Park’s. There are few alleyways and a couple of buildings in the neighborhood, but not much of anything else.”

Kangin looked at the surgeon and asked, “Are you familiar with the area?”

Yunho shrugged, “I can set up a few spots for sharpshooters to settle in, if that’s what you’re asking me.”

“It is,” the Don nodded, “Bring some of the men with you; we must have them ready before the sun sets.” Yunho nodded back and quickly finished his drink. Putting the now-empty glass on nearby stand, the surgeon stood up. Sharing a quick reassuring kiss at Jaejoong, he left the room with Heechul to pick up the guns and sharpshooters he needed.

Inside the room, silence settled among them once again. Sipping on his whiskey, the Don pondered about the whole situation; just when he thought things had gotten better, they went downhill once again. Never in his life would he had thought that Kang Family would dare to do something like this. Siding with the Choi was one thing, but by blowing up the warehouses and practically killed twenty of his men had crossed the line. Not to mention they also kidnapped Jungsu for no good reason other than money.

The Don laughed a little as his thought wandered to the Park boy. He hadn’t seen the boy in two years –Jaejoong could be such a bitch sometimes- but those big brown eyes still haunted Kangin’s mind every day. He knew it was stupid for him to spend that much money on the scrawny kid who practically worth nothing in their world. He was the Don of Kim Family for fuck sake and he was supposed to spend eight billion won on better things, re-building their blown up warehouse for example.

But Jungsu is ours, his inner voice contradicted, and nobody hurts what’s ours.

Kangin still remembered the day he found Jungsu as if it was yesterday, how those eyes widened in fear and how the kid practically crawled to get away from him. The bite mark Jungsu left him was long gone, but his skin still burned every time he thought about it.

He sipped more on his drink; Jungsu had suffered enough. What the boy needed now was protection. Kangin may not be able to hold his hand and patted his back if there was a nightmare –he had been missing for the last two years of the kid’s life after all- but he at least could make sure that Jungsu would come home to Jaejoong safely tonight.

The author mentioned that although the boy was progressing well enough, he was still easily scared. The Don tightened his fist at the thought of Jungsu was locked up somewhere and some thugs terrified him shitless. They maybe even beat him for fun. He felt the familiar adrenaline rush flowed through his vein and Kangin looked at his first front liner, “Hangeng, I want you to take the Don Kang’s daughter and keep her somewhere only you can find. Figure out how and where, I don’t care.”

Hangeng frowned but nodded nonetheless, “what do you want me to do with her?”

The boss shook his head, “Scared her a little. For every wound these bastards put on Jungsu’s body, I want her to pay twice as much.” Kangin chugged his drink down before walking to his desk. “And Siwon, I don’t care what you want me to do. This time, I’m acting selfish; I’ll personally meet with this guy. Nobody hurts what’s mine and got away without me landing a fist on the bastard’s face. I’m going, deal with it,” he opened the drawer and grabbed his gun.


Exactly at one A.M that night, a couple of black SUVs pulled in front of an almost deserted nightclub. It was weekend, and by this time the club should’ve been packed with people. But aside from the bouncer who stood at the entrance, there was no one around. Four men stepped outside from the car and three of them carried briefcases. Nobody would’ve thought that they carried eight billion won of pure cash with them, but then again nobody in their right mind would dare to attack a Don of prominent Family, especially is said Don was accompanied with his Consigliere, the second front-liner, and one of the best hit man-turned-author ever walked the planet. At Siwon’s request, Jaejoong had also come to the meeting, saying that on top of his skill as one of the best hit man, his presence would be useful in case they see Jungsu immediately.

Siwon frowned at the obviously empty surroundings as he walked towards the bouncer who immediately stepped aside to let them through. Obviously he had been notified about their arrival otherwise he would’ve asked. A quick check on the neighborhood and the Consigliere’s sharp eyes noticed that there weren’t many guards posted nearby. Either the Kang Family didn’t have sufficient man power left or –hopefully- Yunho and his men had already taken them down.

The music thumped loudly inside the club where it was almost equally deserted. Only a few men lounged here and there, a couple of strippers danced erotically on their lap. Three girls were working on the pole in the middle of the room but Kangin and his Family paid them no mind. A scantily dressed hooker walked towards them and smiled invitingly at Kangin, “You must be the Don of Kim Family.”

Kangin nodded, “where’s your boss?”

The woman giggled before answering, “Follow me,” her hips swayed the whole time as she walked towards the back room. Few girls whistled lewdly as the four men followed and Yesung had to fight not to roll his eyes. It was very understandable why this nightclub was empty; nobody except few dirty old men would want to spend their time with this kind of crowd, this was supposed to be a nightclub, not a whorehouse. No wonder Kang Family had to resort to kidnapping to get some hard cash.

They came into a dark-lit room and immediately assaulted with a heavy scent of cigarettes. A dozen or so men –who Yesung assumed were the Kang’s Family inner circle- stood scarcely across room and one of the man was seated in a big chair. This must be the bastard Kang Ji Heun, the Don of Kang Family, Siwon thought.

The man stood up and drawled, “Welcome, welcome. I had assumed that one of the lackeys would come to negotiate. Had I known that the Don himself would come, I would’ve chosen a more…
respectable place.” He gestured on the chair in front of him. “Please, take a seat.”

Kangin snorted, “Cut the crap, Ji Heun. You must’ve known that I will personally come, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.” Sending the man a glare, he continued, “Let’s get straight down to business. Where is he?”

Ji Heun smirked, “Why so impatient? So eager to see your boy toy again? Why Kangin, I didn’t know you were a pedophile.”

Yesung growled at the insult the man sent to his boss, but Siwon put a calming hand on the second front-liner shoulder. He gave Yesung a warning look before averted his focus towards the conversation between the two leaders again.

“You know, you’re not going to get anywhere in here by insulting me,” Kangin muttered absent mindedly, “after all, a dog can’t turn into a wolf in mere two years time.”

Ji Heun’s eyes darkened and his men stood straighter, obviously angered by the other Don’s mockery. Some of them even pulled out their guns, but neither pointed them at the Kims. Jaejoong rolled his eyes, these bastards are so easy to provoke, no wonder they keep losing money.

“I have to wonder,” Kangin continued, “what are you doing with the Choi, hmm? It must’ve been quiet a debt you owe them so that you must resort into kidnapping to gain some hard cash. It’s such a pity, your Family is an excellent weapons provider. I may need to buy some of them in the near future.”

“Of course you do,” a voice in the corner spat, “I’ve just blown up your ammunition warehouse.” The man who spoke walked and stood besides Ji Heun, it was Kang Dong Wok.

“Ah yes, that one is apparently quite successful” Siwon scoffed and joined the conversation, “I must thank you though, you give a good learning to all of us. I have to say, that little trick with Jaejoong’s book is very…unique.”

Dong Wok’s eyes narrowed as he stared hard at the Consigliere’s black eyes. He opened his mouth to retort something back but his Don beat him to it, “Easy now Dong Wok, play nice. These men are here to bring us money.” Ji Heun let out a greedy smile, “show me my eight billion won first, and then I’ll tell you where to find him, hopefully the kid is still alive.”

Everyone in the room noticed the implied threat: Jungsu might not be alive. But Kangin didn’t come here to negotiate, he came to win and of course he had a few tricks up his sleeve. “You better hope he is,” he said, “I only bring five billion here.”

Ji Heun’s face scowled. “The deal was eight billion,” he growled.

“Don’t worry, I’m not like you. I will wire the rest of them as soon as I see Jungsu arrived safely in my house,” Kangin answered smoothly.

The Don Kang replied, “I want eight billion now, or I will tell my Consigliere to kill that kid right away.”

Yesung watched as his boss’ eyes turned darker, “Listen asshole, I’m done playing nice. Right now, I’m the only one standing between you and a bullet. That’s right; we have placed sharpshooters everywhere around this pathetic club. Now you either tell me where he is, or I will let them put a bullet not just in your head, but also in your daughter’s head.”

Siwon threw some pictures and the Kang Family grew pale as they watched their boss’ daughter; her figure tied up, tears flowing down her face with a gag placed securely around her mouth. Her hair was all messed up and some of her clothes were torn. A man stood behind her and they recognized him as Hangeng, the first front-liner of the Kim Family. Dong Wok growled, “Damn you bastard.”

Kangin merely smiled politely, “Now. Where is he?”

Ji Heun stayed silent for a few moments before gestured at one of his men, “Bring him here.” The man left the room and soon returned with Jungsu. The boy obviously had been drugged as he was unconscious right now; he was also tied up and gagged, but otherwise he seemed fine. Jaejoong let out a small sigh of relief at seeing the boy again. He stepped forward to take Jungsu away and immediately checked for any injuries.

“Well then,” Kangin said pleasantly, “I think we’re done here. Thank you for your cooperation.” He motioned at Yesung who placed the three briefcases near the Ji Heun’s feet who immediately scrambled to check that the briefcases did contain money.

“Good day gentleman, have a good night,” Kangin bid his goodbye before leading his Family out of the club. Once outside, they were greeted by the bouncer’s corpse laid in his own pool of blood at the entrance. Yunho stood over the body, a gun with silencer on it was in his hand. He turned around and relaxed his body a little as he saw Jungsu was safely tucked in Jaejoong’s arms.

Kangin looked at Siwon, “He didn’t even ask about his daughter, can you believe it? He cares about money more than he cares for her.”

The Consigliere shrugged, “Some men can turn incredibly stupid with money, you know this.”

The Don thought for a moment and said, “Tell Hangeng to kill her and send the body to that bastard’s mansion.” Siwon nodded and pulled out his phone while he followed his Family toward their cars were. Not one minute later, Kangin gave out another instruction at Yesung who was driving, “Blow it off.”

The second front-liner fished out a small device and pushed the red button on it. Immediately the club they were in earlier was engulfed in fire, Yunho had done a good job covering the building with denotation and oil; the fire was big enough to make sure it burned everyone inside. Yunho whistled, “You do realize that you just blow off five billion worth of cash, don’t you?”

Kangin snorted, “I would pay ten billion to watch that man died.” The bastard killed twenty of my men after all

Siwon chuckled but didn’t say anything. His gaze moved towards the kid who was still sleeping on the author’s lap. “What do you want to do with him?”

His boss looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, “He will stay with us. And you two,” he gestured at Yunho and Jaejoong, “sorry, but you can’t stay retired anymore. You have to come back. We just killed Choi Family’s close ally, things are bound to get uglier.”

-End of Chapter Four-

Author’s Note: I’m drowning deeper and deeper into the pool of Yunjae…… >_______< I just HAD TO include and get them back as active members, cannot resist the temptation to make more of Yunjae scenes. This is a very dangerous fandom indeed XD. For those who wait for KangTeuk action, it might not be here for few more chapters. Please bear with me! I haven’t forgotten that this is a KangTeuk fic :D Another ninja!Wonkyu moment for Jusrecht! ^^ Please leave comment dear readers, don’t be a silent reader! Your comments are what make my day better every day.

Oh, and I’ve made a one-shot piece of Yunjae and Jungsu as a side companion to this fic. It has a lot of Yunjae fluffy-ness inside, I can’t resist the temptation XD Please check it out! Here’s the link:

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