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Suju Fanfic : A Thousand Beautiful Things (Foreword)

Title: A Thousand Beautiful Things
Pairing: Kangin x Leeteuk; Yesung x Ryeowook; Siwon x Kyuhyun; Yunho x Jaejoong
Genre: Romance/Adventure/Angst
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi
Disclaimer: Super Junior belongs to SM Entertainment.
Summary: Mafia AU. Kangin didn't expect to find a child when he led his Family in an assault towards a rival family. He also didn't expect the child to be someone he treasured most of all.


A Thousand Beautiful Things
by: Sharl/zielddhy

1. They are descendants of an immortal race, and have been on earth longer before the first human arrived. All immortals will stop aging at 500 years old, roughly 25-year-old in human appearance; although if they choose, they can appear older in order to look more believable for humans.

2. As they are living side by side with humans, all immortals are divided into smaller clans, with mostly night clubs, hotels, casinos, money laundry, and for some drug trafficking as their main businesses. The strongest clans can be found in Asia, with most residing in South Korea.

3. Just like humans, the clans are always competing against each other. The only time when they were united was when there was a High King who presided in Egypt. But the High King was murdered nearly 2000 years ago; the clans again began to wage war among each other and haven’t stopped since. Several individuals have tried to usurp the position of the High King, but none so far has succeeded.

4. The hierarchy in the clans is similar with that in a Mafia Family, with an alpha (Don) as the leader, and a Consigliere as a second in command. The Don’s position is usually passed down from father to son in the family line. The Consigliere post is typically reserved for close relatives of the boss.

5. Although they are immortal, they still can be killed using normal weapons.

The Kim Family:
Currently the most powerful and one of the oldest Family in the world; controlling largest night clubs and casinos. They strongly refuse to be involved in drug trafficking. Is considered to be a very unique family because majority of the main members has no direct relations to the boss’ family line. Even though they are the most powerful family, the Kim family is still under constant attack from others.

Kangin: Became the Don of the Kim Family when he was eleven years old in human appearance; his father was murdered by rival Family. His mother was also murdered when he was six. Under his leadership, the Kim Family rose into an untouchable position among all Families. He could become very protective when it came to his Family members.

Siwon: The Kim’s Family’s Consigliere. His father, originally from the Choi Family, was betrayed and murdered by his own relatives, leaving Siwon an orphan before Kangin’s father adopted him. Growing up with the heir, he understood Kangin the most and the two of them are best friends. Always supporting Kangin and the Kim Family. His partner was Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun: The brain of the Kim’s Family. A master at gathering information, he quickly gained reputation as a genius. Sarcastic and playful (sometimes), his father used to be Kangin’s father’s right-hand man. He was groomed to be a Consigliere himself, but Kangin found out he was better at technology and information gathering and thus was given a position as he was now. He was the youngest among all the main members.

Hangeng: An orphan from China. Kangin saved him from being killed in a street fight when he visited Beijing one time. As a master in martial arts, he is trusted by Kangin as a ‘front-liner’ fighter and always the first choice in every dangerous mission. His partner was Heechul.

Heechul: A distant cousin of Kangin, and along with Yesung are the only relatives of the alpha family line in Kim Family. Also a ‘front-liner’, but he is mostly sent into undercover missions. Although considered to be the diva in the Family, but he is very loyal when it comes to his friends.

Yesung: A second ‘front-liner’ in the Kim’s family, also a distant cousin of Kangin. Doesn’t like to speak much but his ever watchful eyes always takes care of those close to him. His partner is Ryeowook.

Ryeowook: Although still young, he is one of the top hackers in the underworld. He usually stays at the base line with Kyuhyun, and between the two of them, they make a formidable team when it comes to information and technology. Naturally a caring person, he also takes the role as ‘the mother’ of the group.

Yunho: Used to be the best sniper in the Kim Family and was even called the one Kangin’s father trusted the most. Finally decided to live a somewhat peaceful life, he resigned and became a surgeon in the Kim Family hospital. His partner Jaejoong accompanied him.

Jaejoong: He used to be one of the best hit man in their world gatherer before deciding to resign with his partner Yunho. Jaejoong was an author and together with Yunho they lived in an apartment at downtown Seoul.

The Kang Family

One of the Family in Korea underground world. Together with the Song Family, they were known to be weapon suppliers for other Families. Rumors about the Kim's failed attempt to eradicate the Park Family made them felt confident to gain better place in the mafia world than what they actually deserved for. Unfortunately the Kang Family soon found themselves buried under numerous amount of debts until they had to resort to kidnapping Jungsu and demanding ransom in exchange, which resulted in the death of several members of the Kang Family and even the Don himself.

Kang Ji Heun: The Don of Kang Family. A greedy man who cared about money more than he cared about his families. He died in an explosion set by Yunho after Kangin finished his negotiation to save Jungsu.

Kang Dong-Won: One of the member of Kang Family in the mid circle. He blew up one of the Kim Family ammunition warehouse as a distraction so that his Family could kidnap Jungsu. He also died in the explosion with his Don.

The Choi Family

The second strongest Family in the world and the Kim Family's major opponent. Some of the smaller Families who disagree with the Kims formed alliance with the Choi Family. Siwon's father used to be a member of the Choi Family, but he was betrayed and the Choi slaughtered them all, leaving Siwon as the only survivor. Many people thought Siwon stil had a connection with the Choi Family and secretly passed informations to them.

The Lee Family

The third strongest Family in the world. Refusing to participate in the conflict between the Choi and the Kim, the Lee Family chose to remain neutral.

-End of Foreword-

1. Part One
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