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Suju Fanfic : Stick and Stones

Title: Stick and Stones
Pairing: Siwon x Kyuhyun
Genre: Comedy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi
Disclaimer: Super Junior belongs to SM Entertainment.
Summary: Kyuhyun was in a terribly foul mood. Unfortunately Siwon the Consigliere, the only person in the world who could calm him down was on a business trip. Serves as a companion fic for 'A Thousand Beautiful Things'


Author’s note: I blame flying13bear for giving my ideas about aphrodisiac-filled chocolates XD

This serves a companion fic on the main story line ‘A Thousand Beautiful Things.’ For those who haven’t read it, please read it first or otherwise the story won’t make any sense. Here’s the link for the first chapter:

The timeline here is somewhere in Chapter 5

A Thousand Beautiful Things
Stick and Stones
by: Sharl

Kyuhyun growled as he saw the blue screen on his precious laptop. He knew it for sure, he didn’t leave his computer on a blank screen yesterday, he had a program running on. But now the 14-inch device (appropriately named BubbleTea) remained perfectly blank, innocently sitting on the table he left it on. The technical analyst glared at the laptop, as if daring it to tell how it can suddenly turned into this kind of condition. The computer meekly beeped.

As if trying to answer her master, the laptop then beeped once again (much weaker, this time), and Kyuhyun felt his heart melt. His scowl turned into a pitiful smile as he gently patted the device in front of him. After all it wasn’t his precious BubbleTea fault, in fact –his eyes narrowed as this thought came to him– she was a victim!

He couldn’t even turn BubbleTea on; and the laptop had loyally stayed with his side for the last three years. She had been his constant companion, either during the troublesome time or challenging time he faced when Kangin had requested (expected) impossible things from him. She was who had accompanied him during the long nights with/without Siwon by his side. And now she had broken down, couldn’t show anything but a stupid blue screen. Kyuhyun resisted the urge to hug his precious BubbleTea, and he silently vowed he would do whatever it took to make BubbleTea worked as normal again.

BubbleTea’s companion, Xiao Long Bao, fortunately remained hidden in Kyuhyun’s room (under lock and chain) and so whoever the culprit was, he/she couldn’t get their dirty hands on Xiao Long Bao. Unfortunately though, BubbleTea and Xiao Long Bao served different purposes for Kyuhyun. Xiao Long Bao was more of game-like fun-thing laptop while BubbleTea was more on a serious nature. He usually used BubbleTea to do his job as a technical analyst for Kim Family. And now he couldn’t even communicate with BubbleTea.

Part of him felt guilty, realizing he had carelessly left the laptop on the library yesterday. But in his defense, it wasn’t his fault as much as it was Siwon! The damn horny lover of his insisted on having ‘early night’ with Kyuhyun on the pretext that the Consigliere needed to go to Japan in the next morning and wouldn’t come back for two whole weeks. So yeah, in a sense, this was all Siwon’s fault and Kyuhyun felt much better after blaming Siwon.

BubbleTea suddenly changed to a completely black screen, then one word appeared on the display: ERROR.

Kyuhyun growled again, he would catch whoever made BubbleTea like this, and that person(s) would wish they had never been born. His brain already calculating various different ways to make them suffer and would obtain permanent injuries; both physically and mentally, of course.

He dusted for fingerprints, silently praying that perhaps the culprit wasn’t smart enough to had gloves on. Sure enough, as he brushed BubbleTea with fingerprints powder, several marks were on the keyboard. He copied the fingerprints and left the room, determined to find Ryeowook. The giraffe freak had compiled all general information on every single living soul in South Korea into one huge database. Surely he would find the matching fingerprint in one of them.

Ryeowook was nowhere to be found (perhaps he was hiding with Yesung somewhere) and Kyuhyun didn’t bother to find him anyway. He only needed Ryeowook’s laptop. He went down to the lab where he and Ryeowook usually worked together He opened Ryeowook’s laptop and hacked into the system, knowing that Ryeowook would pissed at him later but he couldn’t care less. He needed to find who the culprit was, and immediately! Quickly searching through the database in question, soon he found what he was looking for.

Kyuhyun scowled. Park Jungsu, you’re so dead.


Ryeowook squeaked in surprise when the kitchen’s door slammed open so suddenly, making him nearly dropped a tray full of grilled salmon in the process –Jaejoong had been so kind to teach him a new recipe for lunch today. Determined to yell at whomever that just barged in, the technical analyst turned around. He raised a curious eyebrow seeing a fuming Kyuhyun stood in the doorway, glaring at Jungsu who was currently cuddled with Leon on one of the stool.

Sensing the murderous aura his friend was flaring in, Ryeowook shared a discreet glance at Jaejoong who had just finished plating his spring rolls at the counter. It was definitely a rare occasion to see Kyuhyun in a foul mood. Ryeowook decided to ask before Kyuhyun could do any serious damage towards Jungsu. “What’s wrong?”

“That kid killed BubbleTea.”

Ryeowook blinked. “BubbleTea can’t be killed. You put the craziest security system on her.”

“Who is BubbleTea?” Jaejoong warily interrupted. This conversation was too bizarre for him to follow. Who the hell was BubbleTea and why would she need Kyuhyun to put the one hell of security system on her? And why would Jungsu killed her? The boy could barely harm a fly!

As if sensing Kyuhyun’s dangerous intention, Jungsu scooted closer to Jaejoong, obviously seeking protection and the author automatically wrapped an arm around the boy.

Seeing that his friend was too busy glaring at Jungsu, Ryeowook answered Jaejoong’s question, “BubbleTea is Kyuhyun’s laptop. And you,” he pointed at his fellow technical analyst, “explain what happened.”

After few seconds passed, Kyuhyun finally snapped out of his intense staring and proceeded to tell them what he had discovered. He just realized that he probably shouldn’t told them the whole story in excruciating detail when he saw Ryeowook’s eyes glinted dangerously, “You hacked into my system?”

“I was in a hurry! And how of all things you focused on that one instead of BubbleTea?” Kyuhyun snapped back, “At least yours is safe.”

“What’s in it?” Jaejoong asked cautiously. What if there was an important document in it? What if Jungsu had somehow made the Kim Family lose billions of Won? What if Kangin asked him and Yunho to pay the damage? The author bit his lip as all these thoughts running through him.

Ryeowook threw Kyuhyun a withering look. “There was this nearly-finished-program that we were working on since few days ago. But it’s okay, we can redo the whole thing, no harm’s done,” he waved his hand dismissively.

Kyuhyun’s eyes narrowed at the remark. Redo the whole thing?! Of course it was easy for Ryeowook to say that considering the fact that the giraffe freak had barely written less than twenty lines of binary languages while he Kyuhyun worked the rest gazillion of them.

Jaejoong relaxed visibly, “Oh okay, that’s good.”

“Yeah, so it’s no biggie,” Ryeowook answered with a smile. The smile was so genuine and Kyuhyun was tempted to just rip it off Ryeowook’s face.

He opened his mouth to retort, but suddenly Yesung came into the kitchen, apparently looking for food. “Something smells good here,” the second front-liner said as he sniffed on the delicious aroma wafting through the room.

Jaejoong thought this moment as a perfect opportunity to escape. “Yes, everything’s ready, I’ll call the others and let’s have lunch.” Scooping Jungsu into his arms, he carried the child away into a safer zone. Kyuhyun still looked positively livid and he clearly didn’t agree at what Ryeowook had said. It was a wise choice to stay away from his path for now, perhaps until Siwon got back and hopefully able to calm him down.

Yesung noticed something was wrong. “What’s going on?”

Ryeowook gave a brief review on what just happened. “And you shouldn’t hacked into my system just like that,” he said accusingly to Kyuhyun.

“Can we focus BubbleTea for a moment?” Kyuhyun finally raised his voice. The whole thing was getting on his nerves and Ryeowook could only protest about Kyuhyun touching his system? BubbleTea was the victim here and not that lame laptop!

Ryeowook huffed. “Just reprogram her and transfer your back up data.”

Awkward silence filled the room.

“…you do have a back up right?”

Kyuhyun had the decency to look a bit guilty, “No.”

“You don’t have back up?” Ryeowook’s jaws dropped open.


“Why the hell you didn’t have any back up?”

“It was BubbleTea! She was impossible to break into. I put the most advanced security system on her, no hacker would be able to hack into her!” Ignoring Yesung’s discreet cough (“until now, that is”) Kyuhyun continued ranting, “How the fuck I’m supposed to know that someone would do her harm from outside of the security system?!”

“So you don’t have any back up for that program??” Ryeowook looked panicked now.

“No, damn it! We have to rewrite the whole thing now and you’re going to write more than just twenty lines this time,” Kyuhyun said with a final note.



Kangin only had the basic essence of what happened between Jungsu and Kyuhyun, thankfully he had been wisely informed by Yesung immediately after Ryeowook and Kyuhyun showdown earlier that day. The Don was relieved there was nothing particularly vital that was in Kyuhyun’s now broken laptop, or he would be forced to take some drastic action. And because of that, he decided not to do anything towards Jungsu; merely asking Jaejoong and Yunho to take better precaution as the kid was now proven capable to do hazardous things.

Perhaps it was due to his unwillingness to so-called ‘punish’ Jungsu, but in his defense: the boy barely knew what he was doing. Although according to Kyuhyun, the kid definitely knew what he was doing, if he doesn’t, then why would he hide behind Jaejoong and Yunho and sometimes even Kangin whenever Kyuhyun came within twenty meters of him. But Kangin had dismissed this idea as he thought that his technical analyst quickly becoming a suspicious paranoia like Siwon.

And so Kyuhyun was forced to let his anger shown by other ways and now that Kangin had seen what Kyuhyun had done, he obviously regretted not punishing Jungsu, or at least forced Jaejoong and Yunho to punish the kid.

Four days ago the Seoul National Bank had personally called him asking about a sudden transfer from Kim Family’s account to a software company. The amount was quite big and usually the Family would notify them if there was any big transfer, but this time no one had informed the bank. The transfer had been made via online and a quick check suggested that it had been made by the Kim Family themselves.

Kangin asked his Family and Kyuhyun said it was him who did that, claiming he needed the money to buy necessary things in order to repair BubbleTea. The Don silently wondered why he would need that much money to replace a laptop, but he remained silent knowing that Kyuhyun was still in foul mood. Kangin didn’t mind losing money if it could calm Kyuhyun down, at least until Siwon got back.

Boy, how wrong he was.

Two days ago, Yesung came barging into his office, reporting that the Korean government was pissed at them. Apparently they had a deadly virus in their national system and after a very thorough investigation they believed that the Kim Family were the one who was responsible. Kangin knew there were only two people in his Family who could did that, and neither of them would leave a trail. The fact that the government could find out it was the Kim Family who left the virus there led Kangin to believe that the trail had been left by purpose. And there could only be one person as to by whom. Thankfully, after a few well-placed reassurances and an agreement to pay the fine (bribery always helped when dealing with officials), they were finally willing to let the matter go.

He reprimanded Kyuhyun after that and Kangin was convinced it would put an end to Kyuhyun’s raging temper.

But it was when Hangeng came running into his office that morning, face terrified and stuttered when he told the Don that Kyuhyun had accidentally sent false information to their business partner about an important deal, that Kangin decided it was time to call for help: his Consigliere.

Siwon had left for Japan one week ago; some matters needed his attention in Tokyo before going to Osaka next and lastly to Sapporo. The last time Siwon contacted him was four days ago via encrypted e-mail, confirming that he had finished his business in Tokyo and was on the way to Osaka. He should be done by now and supposed to be in Sapporo if all things went well.

The Consigliere answered at the third ring. A few moments later he found out that Siwon was still in Osaka. “You said the business there will be settled in three days, it’s five days already. Losing your touch, Consigliere?” Kangin said with a hint of sarcasm.

Siwon chuckled in response. “I hope not, it was just things have gotten a bit out of hand here but everything is nearly under control. I’m going to Sapporo tomorrow. I may need more time there though, I heard the situation there is similar with the one in here.”

“Couldn’t you do something about it sooner?”

“Not that I know of. What’s so urgent in Seoul that you need me to come back immediately?”

Gee, I don’t know, something about my technical analyst/your lover that have gone completely mad, and obviously you are the only one who can calm him down, was what Kangin wanted to say. But no, he’s a Don and thus needed to maintain his composure and so he answered instead. “No particular reason.”

“…okay,” Siwon didn’t sound convinced.

They kept talking after that and Kangin updated him about the latest business deal with an ally Family whom he had met last night. It was a good meeting and they planned to do some expansion on one of the hotel chains and they were hoping that the Kim Family would help them with the expansion. A little bit of extra money, no matter how small it was, was always good and Kangin had agreed easily, especially since the latest development with Kyuhyun but of course he didn’t tell Siwon about that.

His mobile phone beeped, signaling it received a text message. Kangin reached for his phone while listening to Siwon’s opinion on the deal. He flipped his phone open and saw that Heechul had sent him an urgent text containing a single word: SOS. Somehow the Don had a bad feeling it would concern Kyuhyun again and he cursed inwardly.

The fuck with his composure, he didn’t give a damn. His own Family’s survival could be obliterated if this kept going. “Siwon, I don’t give a fuck what you do. Drop everything and get your ass back here. I’ll send Yunho to Sapporo tonight.”

That night Siwon came into Kangin’s office, a smirk plastered on his handsome face. The Don scowled as he looked into his Consigliere’s smug expression.

“Yesung told me what happened just now,” Siwon’s voice held a subtle hint of mirth in them and Kangin resisted the urge to growl; how could Siwon find this amusing was beyond him. But for the sake of his Families he would endure whatever necessary to stop Kyuhyun, even if it meant he would beg Siwon for it.

Thankfully, Kangin remembered what he and Siwon had talked about few years back: the only way to subdue Kyuhyun from this kind of mood is through sex –the more the better. And so Kangin had prepared a box of chocolates filled with aphrodisiac for his Consigliere.

He threw the box to Siwon who caught it swiftly and opened it. At first he was confused seeing the chocolates but then his smirk was replaced into a knowing smile, and in the contrary Kangin felt his scowl deepened.

“Get that smile off your face before I send you into an infinite assignment on Africa.”

“Yeah…and how long do you think Kyuhyun needs until he destroys one of your casinos?”

“Damn it!”


“Get out.”

Siwon tried his best to hide his amused expression, knowing perfectly well that it was the last thing he should do if his hot-tempered lover was in one this mood. Instead he tried a different tactic; he walked over to Kyuhyun and handed him the box as peace offering, “I brought you chocolate.”

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes, “Do you think some chocolates would make me feel better? What am I, Jungsu? And what are you doing here anyway, aren’t you supposed to be in Japan?”

“Chocolates have been known to have a calming effect on people and don’t say you don’t need it because you just lost your precious companion. And I’m here because…I care about you?” the Consigliere sent his lover a pleading look, “And I miss you.”

“It was BubbleTea,” Kyuhyun said flatly, but he allowed Siwon to pull him into a hug.

“I understand how much she means to you, babe.”

Apparently it was a wrong thing to say because Kyuhyun pulled away from Siwon’s arms and his eyes narrowed after that, “No, you don’t. No one can understand the connection I have with BubbleTea and Xiao Long Bao.” He stepped away from Siwon and walked towards the chocolate box. As much as he wanted to stay mad at his lover, Kyuhyun was a little bit hungry. “And you don’t miss me, you’re just horny,” he added as he picked up a piece and bit it.

Siwon was almost unable to hide his victorious smile seeing Kyuhyun ate the chocolate, completely oblivious what were in them. Thankfully, years of training and practices as a Consigliere of the most formidable Mafia Family paid off and he successfully kept his face perfectly blank. “That’s not entirely true. I mean, I am horny but I really miss you. I miss your sarcasm, I miss hearing your voice especially because you didn’t bother to pick up my phone since few days ago.”

“I was grieving!” Kyuhyun replied defensively.

“And I understand that.”

The technical analyst huffed and he picked up another chocolate. He nibbled at it and his mind wandered off remembering BubbleTea. Kyuhyun registered Siwon’s arms around him once again and he let the hug stayed long this time. He leaned back and gave in to his lover’s warm body. He had to admit it was really difficult to stay mad at Siwon and it was even harder when he himself missed the other.

Siwon let Kyuhyun ate until he finished nearly third of the box before the Consigliere deemed it was enough. He slowly turned Kyuhyun’s head and their lips met in a familiar touch. It didn’t take long before the kiss deepened; Kyuhyun was more than willing to let Siwon’s tongue in. In mere seconds his body became terribly hot and he blamed it because he hadn’t seen Siwon for nearly two weeks. He moaned feeling his lover’s tongue cunningly explore every single corner in his mouth.

The kiss grew to hot and needy and the need of oxygen forced the pair to break. Siwon trailed butterfly kisses on Kyuhyun’s neck as his finger swiftly undo the jeans his lover wore. His hand easily lowered the zip, and touched him through the thin fabric of his boxer.

Kyuhyun’s fingers curled in pleasure, pulling at Siwon’s hair and he could only gasped in pleasure as he felt the bite; figured Siwon would definitely leave few marks on his neck by the time they were finished. Pleased at finding his lover’s cock hardened under his teasing touch, Siwon slipped his hand inside, lowering the boxers and pants just enough to pull out the other’s cock and touching the hot flesh while Kyuhyun moaned louder.

“Siwon…no…bed…” he managed to say between gasps.

“Patience babe, we have all night,” Siwon answered as he kissed Kyuhyun again; swallowing every protest he might utter.

Kyuhyun groaned. The hand on his cock felt so good and before long he could feel precome glistening at the tip. Fingers teasingly played with the pearly drops and he could only gasp at the kiss. Every touch felt like fire of pleasure burst through him. His hand trailed upwards to Siwon’s body, trying to open the other’s shirt, desperate for skin to skin contact.

But Siwon was stronger than him and obviously still had a clearer mind because somehow Kyuhyun found both of his arms locked by one of Siwon’s hand behind. He tried to protest but his brain refused to work as the hand stroking his cock moved faster. Kyuhyun groaned once again and his body shook, spilling come all over his and the Consigliere’s pants.

“You look so hot when you come,” the words were whispered into his ear making him shuddered. His cock was still hard.

Kyuhyun was still out of breath when Siwon’s fingers probed on his lips. Understanding what his lover wanted to do, Kyuhyun eagerly put them in his mouth, coating every single digit with spit as thoroughly as possible. He could feel the other’s cock hardened and he touched them through the Consigliere’s expensive dress pants.

Siwon groaned and his own cock was straining against his pants so hard it nearly hurt, but no, he wanted to last long as he hadn’t finished playing with Kyuhyun yet. He moved a shaking hand and stopped Kyuhyun’s teasing touch. “No, I want to worship you.”

The technical analyst could only register the word ‘worship’ but then again his brain was so clouded and he couldn’t think straight. “What are you-ah!”

Siwon engulfed him in one go, tongue moving to traced veins underneath Kyuhyun’s cock and when did Siwon pulled down his pants? His brain stopped working completely as Siwon started to move his head, sucking and licking at the same time. Kyuhyun groaned louder and his fingers pulled at Siwon’s hair, urging his lover to move his faster.

Two fingers easily slipped inside while Siwon continued sucking him. They felt rather hurt as spit actually wasn’t the best lube and it had been two weeks since he had anything inside him after all but in his current state Kyuhyun couldn’t care less. His whole body shook as those fingers curled and rubbed his prostrate. He could feel Siwon smirking although how he managed to do that while having Kyuhyun in his mouth was beyond him.

They moved in and out faster now, and Kyuhyun didn’t realize when the third finger slipped in as Siwon chose that moment to finally deep-throat him and Kyuhyun could only screamed in pleasure, hands tightening further around the other’s hair. He unconsciously pushed at Siwon’s head, trying to make him go as deep as possible.

Siwon hummed in pleasure as he felt Kyuhyun’s cock slid further down his throat. His fingers moved furiously now, making sure touching that one spot each time. He felt the hot flesh in his mouth grew bigger, pulsating and he knew Kyuhyun was close. The Consigliere moaned as he felt come spluttering in his mouth and swallowed them while he watched his lover’s body shuddered. Siwon stood and kissed Kyuhyun, forcing his lover to taste his own cum.

“Bed,” he said when they broke for air.

Kyuhyun shook his head, “Too far…”

Siwon chuckled, “But I can fuck you harder when we’re in bed.”

The mere thought sent another shudder on Kyuhyun’s body and he allowed Siwon slowly walked him, although it might be because Siwon’s tongue in his mouth was definitely too distracting. He felt his body being lowered into the soft mattress underneath and the satin sheets felt so good on his skin. He curled a hand around the other’s neck while his other hand unbuttoned the pants. Siwon let him removed it this time and helped removing Kyuhyun’s shirt.

Kyuhyun moaned as the cold air brushed along his skin but Siwon’s warm body provided a source of heat, not that he needed it as his own body still felt so hot. He suspected something strange as he had come twice already and how could his cock still remained so hard?

Siwon removed his pants and shirts and now was as naked as Kyuhyun wanted him to be. Feeling impatient Kyuhyun bit into Siwon’s shoulder and the Consigliere groaned. He reached for the drawer, looking for bottle of lube they always stacked there. Kyuhyun snatched it from his hands and took some out.

Siwon groaned again and although the lube was a bit cold, it was still so hot feeling Kyuhyun’s long fingers on his cock. It felt so good and at this rate Siwon much sooner than he wanted. Stopping Kyuhyun’s moving hands, he turned his lover around so that Kyuhyun was kneeling on the bed now. He grabbed one of his lover’s ass, spreading him open and they both moaned when Siwon finally, finally got inside Kyuhyun.

The pace was hard and fast as neither of them bothered to go slow. Siwon needed release soon; he was already hard for too long and he hadn’t had sex in two weeks. He wrapped an arm around Kyuhyun’s waist, placing his chest on his lover’s sweaty back.

The technical analyst clenched on the sheet and he muffled his cries into a pillow as he felt the hard cock pounded into him, touching his prostate so deliciously with every thrust. A hand yanked on his head and a hot breath whispered, “I want to hear you scream.”

Deprived of any muffled objects now, Kyuhyun couldn’t contain his moans anymore. He moved his hips back desperately, trying to get anything, any kind of friction that might bring him to his pleasure peak and he screamed when Siwon wrapped a hand around his cock. The hand moved just as frantic as the pounding he was receiving. Kyuhyun couldn’t take it anymore. He felt his climax approaching faster and a burst of white spots went across his eyes and when he had shut them?

Siwon moaned as he felt Kyuhyun became impossibly tight around him and after only a few more thrust he released his hot seed inside his lover’s warm body. Without even pulling out he turned Kyuhyun around and placed a kiss on the soft lips.

Kyuhyun kissed back and his brain began to function a little bit. Siwon was still half-hard inside him and he moaned. Feeling that his own cock was still hard even after he came three times that night, Kyuhyun couldn’t help but to wonder “What’s in the chocolate?” But then he changed his mind and gave a strict command, “Don’t answer that, move now.”

Siwon smirk and he began to move slowly. Kyuhyun’s screams went again and the Consigliere was sure they wouldn’t get much sleep that night. The next round lasted longer as he tried to tease his lover by alternating between slow and fast thrusts this time, ignoring Kyuhyun’s protest along the way. And finally after one last round of come spilling from their body Siwon pulled out.

The technical analyst had closed his eyes and Siwon grabbed the covers, ignoring the mess they made as he laid on the bed.

“it was BubbleTea,” Kyuhyun mumbled.

Siwon rolled his eyes, “I know babe, I know.” Thankfully they both were too tired to do anything else and soon fell into a deep sleep. Siwon’s arms wrapped around Kyuhyun possessively and he tucked the other’s head, hopefully he had succeeded in calming his lover down.

The next day, Siwon saw Kyuhyun played an alien computer games with Jungsu sat beside him, staring wide-eyed at the screen.

-End Story-

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