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Suju Fanfic : Behind the Closed Door

Title: Behind the Closed Door
Pairing: Hangeng x Heechul
Genre: Comedy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: pure smut, bondage
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: In which Heechul was all tied up in a bed, and Hangeng was content to leave him just like that. Well, at least until he came back and torture him some more. Serves as a companion fic for 'A Thousand Beautiful Things'


Author’s Note: I made this because, quoting Vicky5187 on AFF: “My Hanchul shipping heart” decided to make a little something before posting the eight chapter of ‘A Thousand Beautiful Things’. The time line here is somewhere in chapter six, the reason of Jungsu’s not-so-innocent question.

Warning: Bondage, 3000 words of nothing but pure smut.

Beta-proofed by angelic_0! Thank you so much dear!! *hugs and kisses*

Behind The Closed Door
By: Sharl

Heechul moaned behind the gag on his mouth. He struggled slightly against the bond (leather ropes, of course) that held his arms tied up to the headboard of their bed, hoping he could loosen them just a bit as they started to cut into his wrists. Unfortunately Hangeng had done a very good job in tying the knots earlier so he had no choice but to stay put.

Speaking of Hangeng, where the hell was he?

The man left him in this state, lying on his back (naked, of course) all tied up, complete with a blindfold, ball gag, nipple clamps, a cock ring and of course a vibrator that was slammed in so deep it continuously touched his prostrate with delicious frictions. The toy was set on a pretty low setting so it wasn’t enough for him to come, instead it only left Heechul hornier with each passing second. His cock was hung hot and heavy, pre-cum had leaked and trailed down the cock ring all the way to his balls.

Heechul shifted and unclenched his ass, but he immediately froze when the vibrator slipped out just a tiny bit. He needed to stay still; Hangeng had given him a very specific instruction not to let the toy go no matter what happened and Heechul didn’t want to disobey him. But then again, he moaned again, the thought of Hangeng giving him a punishment was so hot it sent a shudder down his body.

His lover had definitely changed since he first saw him all those years ago. He was still the shy but tough guy everyone knew and loved; however his behavior in the bedroom had progressed nicely thanks to Heechul. And although Hangeng hadn’t lost all of his shyness, he sometimes gave in to Heechul’s demand of pure kinky sex and when he did, oh man, he really, really gave it damn good. And tonight was one of those nights.

Heechul didn’t know how much time had passed, but it felt like hours and hours to him and now he was so aroused it hurt. He whimpered as he heard the door open and his head turned towards the approaching footsteps. There was only one person whom he thought it could be and Heechul prayed to all deities that he was right.

A hand caressed his cheek; leaving Heechul unconsciously leaning towards it, looking for the touch. The hand continued its way down, to his jaw, his collarbone, all the way down a teasing trail and finally stopping on his chest. He shifted again, desperate for friction and the person chuckled.

“Why are you so impatient?”

The beautiful man could only whimper as those hands moved towards his left nipple, giving it a slight squeeze and tugging slightly on the clamps. A lick complete with a soft kiss was placed on his jaw before the gag in his mouth was removed. Immediately after that a mouth covered his; the kiss was nothing soft, however, it was demanding and hard. A tongue pushed between his lips and Heechul gladly granted it full access, his own tongue battling with it and the two playing. Heechul tugged at the leather ropes again, he wanted to touch the other so badly but soon a hand covered the knots in a tight grip, adding pressure to his already cut up wrists.

The tongue finally left his mouth but Heechul could still feel the man’s hot breath on his face. He was panting as well, but he managed to say, “Hangeng, fuck me, please.”

The man, Hangeng, replied disapprovingly, “One second away from the gag and you're already a demanding bitch, aren’t you? I may need to shut you up again.”

Heechul shook his head again, “No, no please, not the gag again. Shut me up with something else.”

The hand caressed his cheek again and Heechul was relieved that his lover was no longer mad at him. “What did you have in mind?”

The feminine man bit his bottom lip and whispered, “Your cock.”

“What? Speak up love, I can’t hear you.”

“Your cock,” he said again, louder this time, “Shut me up with your cock, Geng, let me suck you, please.”

Hangeng laughed lightly, “I know you're such a cock whore, but you're my cock whore, right?” At Heechul’s nod, he continued, “My beautiful cock whore and mine alone.” Hangeng then stood up, slowly removing his pants and boxers while admiring Heechul’s beautiful form, all sprawled on his bed in such a vulnerable position. His own erection sprang free, it was already hard. He wanted nothing more than to just fuck his lover already, but no, he needed to have more patience.

Heechul felt the bed dip and Hangeng soon sat straddling him, his ass touching the nipple clamps leaving him moaning again. A cock grazed his lips and Heechul licked on the pre-come. Hangeng hissed from above him as Heechul continued his ministration on the cock, giving kittenish licks all the time. He opened his mouth wider; wanting to take the head in but Hangeng was faster. The man placed a hand on his neck, practically stopping him from moving any further.


Heechul whined at the firm tone, the command went straight down to his cock and he could feel it grow harder as the pressure on his neck increased. However he didn’t want to piss Hangeng off any further and if his lover wanted him to beg, then beg he would. “Please Hangeng; let me suck your cock. Let me show you how I much I love your big, hard cock.”

He could almost see Hangeng smile despite the blindfold. His lover caressed his cheek again, saying “Good boy.”

The feminine man moaned as the cock was thrust hard into his mouth. His gag-reflex kicked in due to the sudden move and Hangeng growled in warning. Heechul whimpered submissively, he licked the length again and again as an apology. Hangeng moaned from above him and he sucked the cock further. He realized that the hand was no longer on his neck, he could move if he wanted to. He took a lungful of air before taking the length further and further until his lips touched Hangeng’s body.

Hangeng moaned again in appreciation and threw his head back. Fuck, Heechul’s throat felt so good. He touched the smooth cheek again, smirking, “Love, your lips look so good around me. You like this, don’t you?”

Heechul hummed and a shiver traveled up Hangeng’s spine. He grabbed his lover’s neck again and sped up, ignoring Heechul who gagged at the rough thrusts. He pressed deeper, thrust harder, still speeding up more and more. His hands tightened around Heechul’s neck but still he didn’t stop. He was too close.

“Fuck!” An orgasm tore through him and he continued to fuck the others mouth until it passed.

Heechul whined, swallowed everything dutifully, not a single drop leaking from his lips. Hangeng caressed his cheek, “Such a good boy.”

Heechul smiled slightly, feeling euphoria run through his body and his own cock jolted at the pleased and satisfied tone from Hangeng. He licked at the cock again, feeling it twitch in his mouth and he moaned as it grew hard immediately. However Hangeng had different ideas. He drew back and stood up, smirking at Heechul’s disappointed whine. “Patience love, you want to get fucked, don’t you?”

“Turn around,” the command came and Heechul obeyed at once. He knelt on his hands and knees, feeling the leather rope twist and cut even further into his already hurt wrists. He could feel it cut off any circulation but along with the pain came the pleasure and he couldn’t help it when his cock jolted again. Hangeng noticed this and touched Heechul’s erection lightly, making Heechul whimper again.

“Oh god, Hangeng, please fuck me… please…”

“Patience is a virtue, Heechul.”

“Fuck patience!”

Hangeng clicked his tongue disapprovingly making Heechul afraid that he had offended his lover. And apparently, he had. “Who said you can make demands? You are such a naughty boy and naughty boys needs to be punished, don’t you think?”

Hands touched his butt and he gasped at the first slap, the stinging sensation causing his cock to twitch, and the vibrator inside him touched his prostrate. Again and again, the spanks continued until his ass felt like it was on fire and his cock was leaking furiously now. He felt tears pool around his eyes but they were soaked up by the blindfold. Unconsciously he started to cry out with each slap but Hangeng paid it no mind. He watched as those pale cheeks turn bright pink, his own hands began to hurt. Finally he stopped. Heechul moaned and shook his ass, wanting more.

Something wet slithered over the heated skin and Heechul whimpered into a pillow –or at least he thought it was a pillow. Hangeng’s tongue was sinful as it teased his hips, leaving nips and light bites here and there until it finally stopped around his opening. One hand spread his butt and the other touched the vibrator inside.

With a twist, Hangeng pulled out the vibrator slightly and slammed it all the way. Heechul screamed.

He continued to fuck him with the toy for a few minutes, knowing with each thrust Heechul was brought to an orgasm higher and higher. Sure enough, his lover’s body was raked with dry orgasms and the beautiful man sobbed.

“Ssh,” Hangeng cooed, “Don’t cry, pretty. I know you love this.”

“Hangeng please, please… Fuck me please…”

Hangeng only hummed in response. In reality his own cock had grown hard again, but still he wanted to play with Heechul for a little while longer. He touched the others hole before pulling out the vibrator completely.

Heechul sighed in relief when he felt the toy leave his body, thinking that finally he would be fucked. But Hangeng wasn’t finished. He watched as the abused hole tightened and pressed his tongue inside.

The feminine man whimpered as he felt the slick muscle lick and move before pushing slightly into his body. He gasped as Hangeng started to tongue-fuck him until his body started shaking and thighs collapsed, unable to take the pleasure any longer.

His sensitive cock was pressed down into the smooth sheets by his body-weight and he knew Hangeng might be pissed, but Heechul couldn’t move. He could only cry as he pleaded, “Please Geng, please… I can’t take it anymore… please… I…”

“Tch, such a demanding bitch. But you have been a good boy so I guess I can give what you want.” A hand lifted his ass and Heechul moaned into the pillow again; hopefully this time Hangeng would really fuck him and not just give him another series of spanks. He felt the others cock circle his opening a few times and he whimpered.

Hangeng smirked as Heechul’s hole twitched under the teasing touch, a streak of white smearing the perfect skin. His own cock had grown fully hard again despite his orgasm earlier, but then again Heechul always had that effect on him so he shouldn’t be so surprised.

Heechul’s wish was granted as he felt his lover’s cock finally breaching through the ring of muscles and enter him. The blindfold was removed and he blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the sudden light as Hangeng pushed all the way inside him. He gasped as the cock touched his prostrate.

“Does the cock ring feel good, love? Do you like it? Talk to me.”

He nodded, “It feels good, so good, Geng. And I love it, I love it there.” Heechul moved his hips, a sign that he needed Hangeng to move, but he just stayed still.

Heechul turned his head, wanting to look at his lover, but his eyes widened as he saw the little kid, Jungsu peeking in from the doorway. He wanted to tell the other about Jungsu’s presence but Hangeng began to thrust and all thought left his brain as he could only moan again and again.

A few seconds later Hangeng heard retreating footsteps and he realized that he hadn’t closed the door completely when he came in. The footsteps were quick and small and it could only mean one person: Jungsu. He'd noticed Heechul’s slight surprise earlier and he figured that was the reason why.

“Think the kid saw us?” Hangeng asked between thrusts.

“Don’t know, don’t care, move faster.” Heechul couldn’t form a complete sentence anymore. He moaned again as his lover obeyed the command and started to fuck him faster.

Heechul could feel Hangeng’s cock slide deeper and he groaned when it slammed into his abused prostrate. He could feel another orgasm building inside his body but then he remembered the damn cock ring was still firmly in place, thus refusing his release.

“Fuck, Geng! Take it off, please.”

“Hmm? Want me to take the cock ring off you?”

“Oh god yes, please please please... I need to come, I need to…”

“Tch, you are so selfish, only thinking of your own needs again and again. I was about to take it off, but then you had to be a selfish bastard again. Letting it stay there for a bit longer might not be a bad idea. Besides, it feels good, doesn’t it?” Hangeng slowed down, keeping the pace steady as he rocked in and out of him. Heechul whimpered and tears of frustration trailed down from his eyes again, and this time they didn’t have the blindfold to soak them up. He cursed himself internally from being so stupid, he needed to come so badly, why did he say those words again?

Hangeng leaned forward and licked Heechul’s tears away, all the time fucking him in such a slow pace. The beautiful man got a little carried away as he desperately thrust his hips upward, “I…I’m sorry… Geng… please… forgive me…”

A loving hand traced his cheek, “Really? Are you really sorry or is this just pretend?”

Heechul sobbed, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry… forgive me… please…”

“You always say that and yet you will do it again…”

He furiously shook his head, “No! I won’t do it again, I promise… I’m really sorry… please let me come, please… I beg you, Geng, please…”

Hangeng groaned, “You’re so pretty when you beg, love.” He began to thrust harder, deeper and faster. He hugged his lover from behind, placing his sweaty chest on an equally sweaty back and tugging on the nipple clamps. Heechul shuddered as Hangeng twisted the clamps, he could feel blood beginning to drip down his nipples but right now he couldn’t care less because Hangeng fucked him so hard and fuck, it felt so good.

Soon Hangeng felt the familiar feel of orgasm beginning to swirl in his body and he touched Heechul’s cock, tugging off the cock ring before wrapping his hand around the heated flesh.

Two strokes on his cock and Heechul came. White spots burst in his eyes and he collapsed into the mess he'd made on their bed. He could feel Hangengs violent thrusts and Heechul clenched his channel, wanting to make Hangeng orgasm in him as soon as possible.

Hangeng moaned as he felt Heechul tighten even further and after five more thrust he released his seed inside his lover with a shout, coming undone for the second time that night. He stayed there for a few moments because neither could move, but Hangeng finally pulled out and joined Heechul on the bed.

He gathered the beautiful man in his arms and placed a kiss on those enticing lips. They kissed lazily, too tired to move but still content to lay there, enjoying each others' presence. Hangeng removed the nipple clamps and the leather ropes and massaged the cut-up wrists as an apologetic gesture.

Heechul smiled as blood began to flow into his hands again. No words were needed, for he knew Hangeng felt bad for tying him up and all that. But still he did it despite the obvious shyness, and Heechul loved him much more because of it. He looked at Hangeng’s eyes and said, “You know what would totally suck?”


“If one of us got shot and died.”

Hangeng’s hands stopped on his wrists. He stared back into his lover’s eyes intently and said with a firm tone, “Don’t say that. Don’t you ever say that, don’t even think about it.”

Heechul gazed back and shook his head, “Yeah, okay. Sorry I said it. ”

The hands then resumed their stroking. Heechul smiled. Yes, he was a fool for saying that; he should have known that while both of them were afraid, he still shouldn’t speak of it. Talking about it would only jinx it, as his dear old father would have said back when he was still alive.

After a while Heechul began to feel tired, although he thought he shouldn’t be surprised. This was by far their biggest role play sex in a few months and his body still needed to adjust. Hangeng’s comforting touches also made for a pleasant experience to lull him to sleep and soon Heechul began to drift away. His brain reminded him that the door was still opened slightly, but he didn’t want Hangeng to move; the warmth of his lover’s body was too addicting and so he didn’t say anything.

The next morning, Heechul was awoken by the sun streaming from the huge windows. Turning around, he saw his lover’s still sleeping form. He traced the others jaw with his fingertips and thought: this surely was the most precious thing in his life. How could he love the man so much, he didn’t know, and frankly he didn’t bother to find out. The only thing he cared about was that he loved Hangeng and Hangeng loved him back. His light touches apparently woke Hangeng up, as the man’s eyes began to flutter open.

“Morning,” Heechul whispered and saw his lover smile through the obvious sleepiness. Hangeng was still too sleepy to respond and so he just stared lazily at Heechul’s beautiful face. He was one damn lucky bastard to have this gorgeous man loving him.

However, his thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock on the door and Jaejoong’s voice that boomed through it, “Heechul! What have you done to my innocent Jungsu?!”


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